Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 is Winding Down

Yesterday I decideded I had to get back to being me. I have been really down for too long. I need to have some fun, be creative, enjoy life.

I spent a lot of time working on photos. Not necessarily the ones I needed to work on, but it is getting me back into the swing. I did work on the yearbook- not the actual yearbook - the things I have to do as the teacher. TodayI will work on the photos I need to work on.

I have been writing this week, too. Pretty fun. I am actually making some progress here. I need to finish it so I can read it straight through and see if it is worth polishing.

I was really hoping my mom would be able to come this week, but I don't think she will. It makes me really sad. She says she'll visit us on Spring Break. I have no idea where we will be then.

What a Difference a Year Makes

When I wrote last year’s Christmas/New Year letter, I was snug in my almost finished newly remodeled home in Longview and teaching that wonderful bunch of kids at New Life. Eric was planning a trip across the country, Joy Anna was in Europe with Dean’s mom, and Dean was content in his nice job. This year is a totally different story.
January and February of 2008 saw us finishing up the remodel and adopting two adorable puppies we named Razzle and Dazzle. March is when things started to change. Dean and I came to El Paso for a meeting/retreat for a committee he was on. At that time we were offered a partnership in a company here. After much prayer and thought, we took the job. Dean had to be here May 1 to start a project. Joy Anna and I would stay in Longview to sell the house, pack up, and photograph a couple of weddings.
Dean left the last week of April to move here. He stayed with his aunt and uncle. Eric came out the end of May before he left for his trip. Joy Anna and I flew out in June to find a house to rent. We made the big move on June 22. We arrived to a wind/dust storm so strong we virtually crawled into town. The next day when we unpacked the wind had died down only to be replaced with an unbearable heat. The remainder of June and July saw us settling in to the rental. The beginning of August, we were really struggling. Dean’s partnership had turned into a job and the pay had not been as promised. We had to rent the house in Longview and hoped for a turnaround at the job.
During this time, Eric had been making his way across the USA. He was due to arrive in Seattle on Aug. 11. Dean and I had planned to go, but the move had really hurt us financially. Finally, a couple of weeks before his arrival, we decided we would do it anyway. We got the cheapest flights and a really cheap hotel near the beach where they would arrive and the church where they would stay. We were on a shoestring budget, but it was worth it to get to see him. We surprised him, and he was so excited. He stayed in Seattle a couple of extra days with Dustin, his roommate from Tech, and a friend from the trip. I was really glad when he made it to El Paso to visit a few days.
While we were in Seattle, Joy Anna had gone to Charlotte to visit my dad. When Eric and Dustin drove back to Tech, Joy Anna went with them. She visited Dean’s mom and my mom before flying back to El Paso. While she was gone, we had an exchange student from Thailand move in with us. It was supposed to be temporary- probably a month- it turned into more than two months. It was quite an experience. He was a nice young man, but we were just not set up for another person who was not really related. Plus, we were hoping Eric would move back in March. During the time he was here, Dean’s mom came and stayed three weeks.
Joy Anna is homeschooling. We enjoy being together, and she likes looking at the mountain while she does her school work. We have met some other homeschoolers and she has made some great new friends. I am the yearbook sponsor and she is on the yearbook staff. We are really having fun with that.
In November, Dean decided to go to my mom’s with us. I wanted to go spend some time with my family and visit some friends in Longview, too. We ended up spending most of the time with my mom in Lufkin. My grandmother was living with her. She had become completely bedfast. I was able to spend a lot of time with her. We had so much fun talking and singing. I fed her lots of her meals. She could do it, she just liked the company. I was so thankful for that time, because she passed away a week before Christmas. I didn’t go home for the funeral. I had said my goodbyes. When they had the funeral, I went to the mountains here and had my own memorial service. She loved the mountains. I think she would have liked to have known I did that.
In November, I started writing again. I participated in National Novel Writing Month. I wrote 57,000 words of a novel. Joy Anna and Alycia keep asking me finish it, so I plan to do that soon.
I won’t go into details, but Dean’s job didn’t get better. It deteriorated rapidly from mid-September on. He started job hunting. He gave his notice in December without knowing what he was going to do next. The job was supposed to end on December 31, but ended on the 15th instead. He currently has a temporary job through the end of February. This is very difficult not knowing what we will be doing. We will have to move to Corpus if he stays with this job. He has applied for so many others, but in this economy so many people are applying. We are in limbo.
Because we don’t know what we are doing, Eric is not moving back in March. He will graduate from Tech on March 7. He will begin his Master’s program there. After he graduates from his Master’s, he’ll begin a Physical Therapy Doctorate program. If we are still here, maybe he can come to EP. It would be great to have him closer to us.
I had planned to really start a photography business here. Not just word of mouth, but some inexpensive changes like a new website, new business cards, etc. I had made enough money from some graphic design work to be able to do that, but because of Dean’s job not paying, that money had to go into the household fund for regular stuff. Because we don’t know where we are going, we are sort of in a holding pattern. I don’t want to spend money on drumming up business here if we leave.
Living in limbo is not easy. We are not sure why we came to El Paso at all. We know God moved us out of our comfort zone for some reason. We are trying to be positive about the situation. Maybe God used this job as a stepping stone to something better – we are waiting to see what that is going to be. We know had we not come here, there are so many people who would not have touched our lives. We have made some good friends. We have grown close to relatives we only barely knew. We know that there is a reason for it.
It will be interesting to see what 2009 brings. Hopefully a new job for Dean, photo business for me, maybe a new house if our old one sells, new friends and new opportunities. Whatever it is, we’re going to be okay. We are certainly learning to trust God in a whole new way.
We hope you are all blessed, and that you, too, are trusting God for your 2009.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a full day yesterday. Dean had to go to work. The kids and I got up and went to Marshall's. Eric had bought a pair of ski pants and really needed a smaller size. We were able to get him a really nice pair that matched the jacket he bought earlier in the week. He got an entire ski suit for 150 - retail price: 450! He takes after his mom on bargain shopping.

We then headed to target for me to get some shopping done for stockings. I had some coupons including some for free things, so I stuffed them as best I could with minimal amount of cash. JoyAnna likes the stuff from the dollar jewelry store. That made stuffing her stocking easy.

We headed home and made some lasagna and yummy cheese bread. As soon as we got it in the oven, we started on the gumbo for supper. We went to the relatives and helped out with lighting the lumanaries. We took gumbo and enjoyed gumbo with tamales and queso. We are international:)

We headed home after it was pretty dark. We had to wrap the stocking stuffers and finish making a couple of small things. Dean and Eric headed to bed, but JoyAnna and I met our friends at church for the 11 pm service. It was just what I needed. We have attended the methodist church two times now. I will talk later about the similarities and differences, but last night was so good. I needed it. We did communion. That was really great. I needed to clear the air between me and God. Funny thing - despite how slim the material part of Christmas was today- I didn't think of that jerk boss until just now. I had a delightful day. The serevice lasted til after midnight. When we got home, I wasn't sleepy, so I did a few things around the house. I got to bed about one thirty.

We got up bright and early and started on the house and the food. Dean's mom had sent us a gift card to buy a griddle - we miss the one we had in longview and it is not a weekend with Eric without french toast. French toast is much nicer when I can make 8 at a time. We opened gifts and adn then had a nice breakfast.

Eric is traveling, so he didnt get big gifts. He mainly got gift cards. Much easier to pack. He did get a Bible from my sister and a shirt. We got him a fleece along with a few stocking stuffers that were easy to pack.

JoyAnna got curtains for her room. We took advantage of the going out of business sale at Linens N things. She also got a treasure necklace. She had been wanting one since she say them a few months ago. She kept talking about them. Dean went alone and picked it out. He did a really good job.

After breakfast, we got really busy on the lunch. We had ham, dressing, twice stuffed potatoes, rolls, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Marie broght cranberry salad and apple pie. We had plenty of food and I think everyone enjoyed it. It was really nice being together today. It really kept me from being upset.

After lunch, we played the wii and talked and had fun. Now, Eric is packed and ready to go. We have to take him to the airport at 4:30, so I am headed to bed.

Merry Christmas to all- and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

This is certainly turning into a different kind of Christmas. First off, we are in El Paso, not in Longview getting ready to head to Lufkin on Christmas Day. Because of working here for a giant jerk, there was no Christmas bonus which means no Christmas shopping money. We have gotten the kids a couple of small things. Tomorrow we go get some stocking stuffers. That'll be it. We're looking at the big picture of Christmas and being together - not on getting gifts.

We are looking forward to having Dean's great uncle and aunt over on Christmas. We are also having Marie, Megan, and Kali over. It will be fun to have a little one. Megan's husband is station in Japan, so this is an odd Christmas for them, too.

Thankfully, Eric was able to come home. My mom bought his ticket for all of us a Christmas gift. I must say it was a pretty awesome gift.

We thought about going to the mountain today to see the snow. We decided not to spend the money, so we just hung out here. JoyAnna is making more fudge for Christmas gifts tonight.

I was thinking today how much of my everyday as well as my holidays I have gotten from my Nanny. I was buying groceries this week and got the ingredients for dressing. I have made it a lot with Nanny not at my house when I did it, but this will be the first time since she passed away. It made me sad to think about it. So many things make me think about her. this will only be the 2nd Christmas in life that I will not have seen her. Okay, I am stopping now before I start really crying. I have to help JoyAnna and salty fudge will not be good.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Once again I am stunned

Beyond words- Doesn't happen often.
Today Dean goes to the office to get the rest of his belongings and deliver things that belong to the company.

The jerk is there. He tells Dean he has been trying to call him- really? Doubtful, because until 10:45 today Dean has had his Iphone on and has answered numerous calls.

Dean presents him with the letter and statement of monies owed- only to be told that Dean owes him much more than he owes Dean. What?!?!?

Supposedly since the office cost more to build than he wanted to pay, it is Dean's responsibility. I can't even begin to tell you how offbase that is. What a joke. Dean worked up there tons of hours, he did schedules that were scoffed at, the list just goes on and on.

It got so deep in there. The man has no sense what so ever. I am just stunned. He said it was Dean that insisted he be here on May 1- not him. He said Dean was pushing him to do the project that was supposed to start May 1- not sure how that happened since he told Dean in March he would send him the plans so he could be ready to start the project on May 1.

I heard all this- we rode around in a car and talked to him for several hours. I am just amazed that anyone can be like this.

I think what really hurts so much is we liked him so much before this.


Since I did not go to the funeral, I decided to have my own personal goodbye this morning. I stopped and picked up a sausage and biscuit and a diet coke before going to the state park. Nanny loved sausage biscuits. She liked diet coke, but she loved diet pepsi. As much as I loved her, I just couldn't bring myself ot have a diet pepsi.

I tried my best to sing some of the songs we used to sing when we took our road trips. I finally just gave up - the cracking and squeeking was driving me nuts. I finally just started humming them and singing the words in my mind. It was much better that way.

I decided to park at the entrance of the state park on my side of the mountain. There is a really nice view of the mountains. I prayed a little bit and said my goodbyes. Then I sang Papa's favorite song - Unclouded Day. Then I sang Broken Pieces that Nanny liked so much. Then there was Just a little talk with Jesus and Shall we gather at the River. I saved the best for last- it just seemed so appropriate- I'll fly away. It just seemed so right- "Some Glad Morning, when I fly away, I'll fly away."

I missed being there at the funeral only a little bit. More than anything I missed seeing my family. In a way, I thought this was pretty special like this. There was nothing I liked better than just me and Nanny sitting together. Well, there was always this dream I Had about all of us spending the night in one room. But, I loved to just be with Nanny. Today, I really felt like that. Sat right there on the base of mountain and had breakfast and talked and sang with her.

I am at peace and I know for sure she is.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Nanny

Nanny, I am going to miss you so much.

This was the day of JoyAnna's dedication

My Nanny and my Papa with JoyAnna

Four Generations

Easter so many years ago- we were at the "Easter Park" Nanny and Papa had a huge old cedar tree in the front yard. The Easter bunny always left our gifts there. After church we all went to the park to hunt eggs and eat.

My Nanny - Edith Gray

I am going to copy a few things here. First the email I wrote after mom called.

My Nanny woke up in heaven this morning. She'd been wanting to do just that for a very long time. We were selfish to want her here with us, even though she knew it was time.

When I saw her in June, she was unhappy and let everyone know about it. I hated for that to be the last time I saw her and selfishly prayed I would get to see her again. I was so thankful I got that opportunity. In November, I went to see her for ten days. I was with her so much of the time. I cooked her things she wanted, we told stories, we laughed and we sang. We had so much fun. We decorated her Christmas tree. For those ten days she was the Nanny I remembered.

She told me then how much she would like to come see me in El Paso. She always did love a road trip. We both knew it was not likely, but it was fun to talk about it.

In my heart I knew I was actually telling her goodbye. I have such a peace about it now.

I don't think I am going to go home for the funeral. I have said my goodbyes to her. I am so glad I had that time to do that.

For a long time now, she thought she saw Papa, or Aunt Edna, or Aunt Jewell in the room with her. How exciting for her to actually be with them today.

I'll miss her. There is a place in my heart that is just her's, but I know she is no longer and pain and she is singing with the angels.

Now what Dean wrote:
In December 28 years ago I feel head over heels in love with Nanny's oldest Granddaughter Pam and was immediately received by the warmest and closest, ever growing family, anyone to ever wish for. Not only are many wonderful memories kept deep in my heart, but also there are many imaginations, one of which I would like to share:

I have always pictured this family bound together by the four loving arms of Nanny and Papa wrapped tightly around each of us.

Just imagine with me – "Papa and Nanny standing face to face with their arms stretched out, holding hands. In the middle are Gary, LaNell, Glenda, Wanda, Pam, Gary Jr., Carolyn, Steve and Kristen; here I come and they squeeze closer to make room for me into this tightly bound family. Over the years, we have continued to be even more tightly squeezed by adding many more; Ed, Jody, Troy, Becky, John, Heather, Eric, Holli, Zach, Heath, JoyAnna, Josh, Justin, Anna, Wes, Jamie and many, many more friends. Nanny and Papa have and will always have room for family".

Some of this family never knew Papa here on earth, but believe me; he has always remained on the other end of Nanny's two hands. Papa has now pulled Nanny to heaven with him. We are not left behind; we are still a family, still tightly bound by the loving arms of our Nanny and Papa. Let's continue to build wonderful family memories, which Nanny and Papa expect from us.

We all sometime wonder why God will allow situation to happen in our life, not only affecting us, but so many others. In May, of this year, Pam and I relocated our family to El Paso, more than 850 miles away from both sides of our family. We also left Eric at Louisiana Tech, even further away. God will answer your questions – the week prior to Thanksgiving, at the very last minute, I decided to take all my vacation time off and visit family in East Texas, we then pretty much packed up and left. Eric was out of school on Fall Break, so we decided to meet in him in Lufkin and spend some time together. God gave our family eight days to close our earthly time with Nanny. No doubt, if we had remained in Longview we would have spent less than four hours Thanksgiving Day with her, then we would have gone on our merry way. This is now a Thanksgiving that I can thank God for the rest of my life.

And now me again
When I left Nanny in November, I knew in my heart I wouldn’t see her again this side of heaven. We talked about that during my stay. She said she sure did wish she could get strong enough to visit me in El Paso, but we both knew that was not likely. She sang one of her favorite songs about crossing the River, and we talked about seeing each other there if she didn’t make to El Paso or I didn’t make it back to Lufkin before she made that final trip.
So many of my memories of Nanny include a trip. She surely did love a road trip. Most of my life I lived away from Nanny. That meant many, many road trips to Lufkin to see her. There were lots of trips where she would drive us home.
I remember seeing deserted houses along the way. She was always game to stop and rummage through them. We didn’t take anything, but it was fun to walk through and imagine the kind of lives their former inhabitants lived.
On those road trips, Nanny always sang songs. Many of these songs told stories, and they were not always happy stories. I think she knew every sad song ever written. We’d sing those, and then we’d sing those good old gospel songs. She tried her best to teach me to sing the parts, but I just never seemed to manage anything but the melody lines – even if it was the bass part. She’d just laugh and sing it the right way for me again.
When I was young, she and Papa took us to Arkansas on a vacation. It was so much fun. We had one of those little reel to reel recorders and a microphone. We did play by play of everything we saw and did – just like a newscaster. It got pretty silly, but it surely was fun.
When I was six and had my tonsils out, she and Aunt Edna took a road trip to Orange to see me. I probably hurt my mom’s feelings unintentionally, but I didn’t want her to stay with me at the hospital, I wanted Nanny and Aunt Edna. The took turns staying in the room with me. They sang me those songs and told me stories.
When I was in college, money was really tight. I would go to the mail box on campus and find an occasional card from Nanny. Sometimes there would be a dollar or two in the card. Knowing she was taking care of me even from so far away always made me smile.
There are too many memories for me to list, but each one is held in my heart. Not many people have the opportunity to know their grandmother for 45 years. I can say I was truly blessed by having mine for that long.
Since I said my goodbyes to her a few weeks ago, I am not going to go home for the funeral. Instead, I am going to take a road trip. I no longer have to go far to visit the mountains – but, I’m going to go to the mountain – on the way, I’ll sing some songs that tell a story. Then, I’ll sing those songs about crossing the River – and I’ll think about her standing there waiting for me as I cross that River.
I love you, Nanny.

Its me again

I have been a horrible blogger of late. Partially, I can't find anything positive to say. I will try though.

My last post was on the 3rd- Things got progressively worse at Dean's job the rest of that week. Over that weekend, we spent a great deal of time working on his resignation letter.

He had to leave it with the office manager since his boss/partner didn't come in before Dean had to leave to get to the job site. When he got back to the office very late in the day, he was told that every claim Dean made could be disputed with proof. Dean asked to see the proof, but he said he would show him later. Right.

It was very, very scary to give notice and not have any idea what you are going to do. Yes, there are some possiblities but nothing set in stone. We have spent hours and hours typing and sending reusmes and applications for jobs all over everywhere.

Last Thursday, I got a call from him saying it had worked out that he would have a job in January and February with an architect in Corpus- the job would be here finishing up a job he had been working on. After that we really don't know what is going to happen. We keep filling out applications. IN fact, we did it again tonight for several hours.

Today, I got a call that left me speechless- you know it must be big, huh? Today is the 18th, right? Last night his boss/partner/jerk/whatever called the architect from Corpus and told him it would be better for Dean to start working for him effective on the 15th- that was 3 days ago.

Poor Dean- he said he feels like a mortgage - no one wants and he keeps getting passed around. So now, he is working for another architect- we don't know for how much. As of Jan 1, or maybe as of this past Monday, we dont have health insurance. We are living in limbo. It is really making for some interesting feelings.

Just keep praying for us.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Grief

Well, what a day. I had to get a plumber for the house in longview. It was supposed to be about 200.00 BUT because the jerks who did the remodel did not cover the sewer drain and filled it full of octagonal pink tile, it was $450.00. What a way to make my day.

I had to go back to the doctor today. Blood pressure was still way too high. My Cholestorl was high, too. So, I have to go tomorrow for another test. I also have to start on blood pressure medicine. He also gave me something for anxiety. It seems that he believes me that it is a lot related to stress. However, he is concerned because the tests have not been good. After the next test, I may be on a medicine for cholestrol, too. Joy joy.

Now, I am trying to find Eric a ticket to El Paso. The cost of the ticket doubles from Thursday when he cant leave until Friday when he can. one more joy joy.

Dean is trying to tie up some lose ends so he can make a job chnage without being accused of being unethical. Hopefully a change is coming soon.

Tonight I went to walk for 30 minutes. I am not on a diet to get healthier. Since it is 'have to' maybe I will do better at it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have been a bad blogger

But I have writen over 50,000 words in a novel this month. I did not finish the novel, but I did write over 50,000 words. I will be finishing the novel as quickly as I can. I like the story and the characters so much.

I have some photography things to do, so I will be working on this this week instead of the novel at least for the week.

So, since I haven't posted anything since the 17th, I have tons to tell you about. Since I am so negative at the moment, I will not bore you with my whining. You know it is same song second verse.

We did go to my mom's and really enjoyed being with the family for over a week. My grandmother lives with her now. I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with her. We talked about the old days. She even sang songs one night. When she was in the nursing home, she quit eating. She was way too thin. She is still way too thin, but she is looking so much better. She is really eating well.

While we were gone I really felt so much better. I didn't feel stressed. The day before we started home, it hit me. Once again the stress of Dean's job has my blood pressure sky high.

I had some fun photo shoots while we were gone. Some beautiful children. I think I am going to have to learn to shoot in the sports mode because so many kids are in constant motion.

We came home by way of Longvire. It was great to eat at Pizza King and to see some of our friends. We drove to Abeline and found a hotel. It was cheap and allowed dogs- that was about the best you could say about it. We did get a little sleep before we started home.

Just keep praying for Dean. We are overwhelmed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I need a new car- well not a new one, but more than anything a bigger one. When we only made short trips, a car was ok. Now that a trip home is going to be 24 hours of driving round trip, we really need more space and comfort.

We went yesterday to look. Because of not getting paid like we are supposed to and not being caught up from before we rented the house.

We also owe so much on mine. Oh well
It seems that every week it gets harder for Dean at work. He keeps going. He works way over 40 hours a week, but now is told too bad you are on salary. Isn't it great? So many things this guy promised Dean have never happened. I hate the situation. I hate this for Dean. He shouldn't be this miserable.

Today I think I figured it out. This guy is always screwing someone over, so he thinks everyone is out to screw him over. Dean is not like that.

Please just keep praying.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A rat in my room?

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am absolutely, positively terrified of rats. Just the thought can send me over the edge. Seeing one, well, it is not a pretty sight when I see one.

Yesterday I kept hearing this odd noise coming from my room. I walked back there and the floor lamp was tilted over and the noise was coming from that corner. I was not happy. I closed the door and called Dean. He told me to open the door and let the dogs and the cat go in. I did. No more noise. So, I wasn't sure what was going on.

This morning I am sitting her quietly about to work on my novel, which by the way has almost 30,000 words now, and I hear the same noise. So does the cat. Off she goes to check it out.

I look out the back door, thinking I might need an escape. I don't see either dog. Just then, Razzle comes around the house- right from where that noise is coming from. I run out the back door to see. Dazzle has a piece of cable wire in her mouth and is pulling it out of the hole that goes into my room. I cracked up laughing. A 26 pound black and white mouse who moos in her sleep. I feel much better now :)

blah and blah

You know we came here with such high hopes. Life was going to be good. We would have a little extra money that would enable us to go see the area. We weren't planning on exotic vacations in faraway places. No, we just wanted to be able to experience the area around here.

We did at first, then as we got stretched further and further financially, we just sit at home.

I am really having a hard time not hating someone over all this. Not Dean. I know he thought we were doing the right thing.

Dean's tools got stolen this week. The guy has no insurance. So, now we are out about 1000 on tools, we are making so much less than he told us, and he still owes us a lot for the convention.

We just keep kicking. I hope we are like that frog in the bucket and we end up making butter and are able to jump out. Right now, it feels like we are drowning.

So, now, we might have an opportunity for a new job. It would be in even a different town. Another move. We have been weighing the pros and cons. The cons for leaving are leaving Dean's aunt and uncle. That would really be sad. Oh well, we just keep praying.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Catch up

I have been really busy on the novel this week, so not much blogging.

Thursday we volunteered at AL. That was nice, but doing the full day makes you a little tired. We did some around the house on Thursday night and Friday morning because JoyAnna was having a slumber party on Friday night.

She had 3 really sweet friends over. They decided to cook instead of going out, so we made Thi food and brownies and popcorn. We rented movies, so they all piled on the couch and watched movies and munched.

I had stayed right on track on word count until that day. That one, I missed totally. Saturday I tried to catch up, but we were lazy and laid around and watched movies. On Sunday, I made huge progress. I caught up, did Sunday's, Monday's and all but 7 words of Tuesday's! It really helps when the book gets exciting to write faster :)

Today I have a long list of things to do. I will sit down tonight and write some.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ok, today was really odd

I got up this morning and got ready for the AL. Uncle Jiggs took JoyAnna and me to lunch aftwerwards. Then I had to go to the doctor. That was not a good thing. He was really nice. I liked him. I didn't like what I learned there. My blood pressure was really, really bad. So was my pulse. Then my EKG was not right. It was abnormal. Hopefully, this is just stress related. I am back on lexapro to see if that will help with the stress and anxiety.

I know a lot of it is stress from Dean's job and worrying about him and money and everything else. I hope the meds help. I don't want to have to take a ton of other stuff.

so, I need to destress.

I have been writing today, but for the first time, I am behindon my word count. I have too much to do tomorrow to catch up. Maybe I will work a little more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surely it can't be Tueday already

I haven't posted since Saturday- oops. Sunday we headed to NM to visit the Renesaince Fair at the partk. There were lots and lots of booths, but we didn't buy anything. We just walked around and looked. It was a little disapointing since there were so few people in costumes. Joy Anna was hoping it would be more like the one she went to in Houston.

After walking through it, we went to Old Mesilla and walked around the Day of the Dead thing they were having. You sort of hate to call day of the dead a festival. There were lots of alters and some art booths. All the booths centered around skulls, so we didn't buy anything there either.

I did work on my novel some more on Sunday night. 575 words ahead of schedule.

Monday was sort of quiet. I haven't been feeling so hot emotionally, so I finally called and made a dr's appt for this week. My Rx has been out for a while. Hopefully, the new insurance will pay better on it than the last one did.

I did writer more on the novel monday, too.

JoyAnna babysat again and made enough to finish paying for her Wii. She was really in a rotten mood. She was homesick. No fun at all. Dean and I went to the store to get something else and came home and surprised her with the wii. She was already asleep at 7:30. I told her to get up to try the peppermint I had gotten her. She was really excited when she walked in the living room.

Today I am not feeling well. My stomach is not right. Not sure what is up with that. Probably the situation here, the election, all rolled into one.

thankfully, no matter who wins, God is still in control.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Novel Writing has started!

I did not make it to the kick off last night. I had really good intentions. It had been such an emotionally draining day yesterday that I just went to bed. It was just an overwhelming day.

Today I started the novel. I have over 2000 words, so it is a good start. I will keep you updated.

Friday, October 31, 2008

NaNoWriMo is staring soon

really, really soon. I can hardly wait. I am not sure if I am going to go to the kick off. I called the guy planning it. He is really young. I wonder if everyone is. Not sure I want to be the old fogie in the bunch. I do need to work on my story. I need to work on my characters. I have the beginning of a plot. I don't even have names for the characters. I know quite a bit about them. Oh well, will just keep plodding along.

Really good Barbeque in New Mexico - sort of

Dean missed lunch today, so he was really, really hungry. He got on his Iphone and looked up places to eat. We had been hearing of a place called State Line- same people own it that own County Line in Austin area. We decided to try it out. It was really pretty good. Te bread was fab, so we bought a day old loaf for a buck to bring home. It will make wonderful cinnamon toast for breakfast in the morning. yummy

I have really been praying about that deccisin I posted about last night. I do believe God has worked it out :)

Now, we are praying about something else- really, really big. I know the Holy Spirit knows, so just pray for us. I wonder sometimes why God sent us all the way here when it hasn't worked out as planned. Maybe this is God's way of having us here for another opportunity. We are just trusting him for this.


Wow, what a day at the assistance league. There were ample workers, so Kathy and I spent the entire day stocking. We have gone through so very much stuff. It is quite a difference from the end of the summer when every shelf was packed full of boxes. Whole units are now void of the tagged boxes. We have run almost completely out of small jackets and husky pants. Seems like a contridiction doesn't it.

After the AL, JoyAnna and I went over to the Wise house and hung out for the afternoon. We looked at photos, played with the family tree, and signed Uncle Jiggs up to write a novel in the month of November. He is going to write his history for his girls. I think it is pretty cool.

Dean came over a little later and we had dinner. After a little visit we came on home, and Dean went back to work.

I am really feeling torn about a decision right now. I am just praying through it. It will be right in the end I know.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NaNoWriMo is only 2 days away

I am really, really excited. I plan to go to a kick off at 10:30 friday night if Dean doesn't protest too much. We shall see. I am pumped that I have a story line. It is evolving as the time passes. Hopefully by midnight Saturday morning, it will be jelled enough to start writing. I hope my arm and hand hold out That silly arm in the van door episode still causes me greif sometime. I have been doing a lot of typing the last few days for Dean. Speaking of, please be praying. We are being proactive and sending out some feelers. He so hates change, so this is a big deal for him.

Today was a yucky day. I just had a bad case of the blues. Tomorrow we go to the AL so that will make for a better day. It always pumps you up to see the kids getting their new clothes and shoes. Makes me smile.

I did take some fun pics tonight. Kali in her mermaid costume. She is a cutie. I did walk into a cactus, but I think I got most of them out. Megan pulled out some, and I used the tweezers to get the rest. Oh the joy of living in the desert.

Happy 16th Birthday JoyAnna!

Ok, this is really making me feel old and sad. I told Dean last night that she really only has one more birthday 'at home' - I guess that realy depends on what she does for college, but still.

It is really crazy to think that my baby is 16. She is a really beautiul and wonderful person.

We went to dinner with Aunt Anne and Uncle Jiggs - JoyAnna wanted prime rib. She had no eaten much all day long, but then was not extremely hungy. I should have shared with her. She is on ADD meds again and they mess up her appetite. They do seem to have helped her hiccups. She didn't take it on Saturday and had hiccups quite a bit, but she did really enjoy her supper that night. Oh well, she has prime rib for lunch today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday- better than yesterday :)

I had a lot to keep me busy today. I had to go take photos of volleyball again. They were not nearly as good today because the lighting in the gym was awful. We didn't have time to go outside where they would have been much, much better. Oh well. It was the best I could do.

JoyAnna had a bad day. She was really sad that it is her birthday tomorrow, and she is not with her friends. Made it really hard on her.

Anne called today. She and Uncle Jiggs are going to go to dinner tomorrow with us to celebrate JoyAnna's birthday. She is excited about going to have steak for dinner.

Dean's day was not great. Not sure what to do aside from sending out resumes. And pray. I really am praying alot about this.

They called today about showing the house - first time in a really, really long time. If we sell it, there is no going back. Not that we would go back anyway. Just seems too final.

Tomorrow I get to unpack and do house stuff. Fun, fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yucky Sunday

Today was really hard. I knew I had to say goodbye. I also know that I will see him next month and again the next. Then, it might be a long time before I see him again. I know he is going to graduate in March, but then what?

I so wish Dean was happy in his job. Then, Eric would probably try to get into UTEP. As it stands now, none of us are exactly happy here. IF Dean were happy, then JoyAnna and I would be fine. If Dean finds something somewhere else, then Eric wouldn't want to be here.

And so, I pray. Alot.

I was trying to put it in words today why I was so sad. I think it is we moved so very, very far from everything and everyone and things were supposed to be so much better, but they are not. Now, my whole life had been turned upside down and it doesn't seem as if it is for the better.

Ok, my pity party is over. I will go back to praying.

Saturday was sooooo much fun

We had really been glad to see Eric, Dustin, and Kelsey on Friday. We tried to have dinner at Trail Dust, but they had had an electrical issue and the exhaust fans were not working. We decided to go on to papadeaux instead. It was really yummy. We had a lot of fun just being together.

When we got back to the hotel, Dean and I headed to bed like the old people we are and all 4 of the kids went out to go play on the skateboards. They played a little then came back.

We got up early for a Saturday and headed off downtown for them to go to the Tut Exhibit. This was what JoyAnna had been waiting months to see. She was ecstatic. I didn't really care to spend 40 to get in and then have to pay 15 or 20 to park the car, so I decided to drive around downtown and maybe find a place to stop and take some photos. Boy, did I find a photo op.

I was driving down Elm street and see a lot of people standing on the sidewalk with cameras. Hmmm, I think to myself, Is this something I might want to see, too? I drive around a little and finally see a man walking down the street. This one did not look homeless, so I asked him what was going on. He explained that they were filming a commercial with a huge beach ball. Ok, sounds fun, so off I went to see the huge beach ball.

I turned a corner and there it was - it was only half inflated, but it took up the entire street. I found a parking spot and headed off at a fast pace. I caught up to it just as it turned a corner. That was when I ran into the whole commerical set - complete with a director on a fold up bike and all the things you see in the movies when they are filming a commercial or something. It was pretty cool. I walked up and started snappoing photos. No one seemed to notice me. I think the big camera made me look official. It wasn't long before I noticed they were sending people who did not have a blue band back behind the barricade. They didn't send me, but I moved to the outer edges of the crowd to be on the safe side.

After chit chatting with a few folks near me, I found out they were filming a cruise ship commercial that might be shown for the super bowl. I took what I hope are some great shots of the whole thing. They called it a wrap just as Eric called to tell me they were finished.

After I told them I had seen it, they wanted to see too. We headed back down into down town. It was pretty funny since they didn't realize I meant the ball was as big as it really was. It was so funny to watch them. I wish I had had a video of the four of them running down the main streets of dallas chasing a giant beach ball. I will be posting some photos on my other site as soon as possible.

After the ball episode, we went to eat lunch, then to Ikea and to REI. We really enjoyed all just being together. We didn't buy hardly anything, but we did have fun.

We got back to the hotel right after Dean did. We then decided to go on and try the steak house again. It was very good and we really had a great time. Tons of fun. really. Then we checked out the half price book store and had a blast going through old vinyl records. We laughed and laughed. I really hated it for the evening to end since I knew we would be leaving Eric bright and early in the morning.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Fun in Fort Worth

Friday was great. I did not make it to breakfast with Dean. I did drop him off and then drive back to the hotel to sleep some more. I took advantage of the land line phone and made some calls and took care of some things.

JoyAnna and I met my friend Robbin for lunch. It was nice to meet in person. After that, JoyAnna and went to the mall for me to get my hair cut. I LOVED it. She actually cut curls into my hair- amazing.

It was so good to see the kids when they got here. Tons of fun being together.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My, how my perception has changed

When we would drive from Longview to Dallas, I would think how barren it is in the dfw area. Not anymore. Nope, it is a virtual forest here. :0 I guess when you come from the real desert, North Texas is pretty green and woodsy.

It really is a long drive here, though. We left at 7 am mountain time and got here about 5:30 central time. Just think, we get to do it again on Sunday.

Dean is looking forward to the convention. I think he really needs it as a break from stress. Things have been really stressful lately. I am just praying for him and for this to somehow turn out better than it has been.

I am looking forward to seeing Eric, Dustin and Kelsey. We have nice little 2 bedroom hotel suite. One bathroom for 6 of us may not be tons of fun, but we will enjoy being together.

I am worn out. I have to get up really, really early tomorrow and be a good wife and go have breakfast with Dean at the convention center. 7 am is way to early to eat breakfast on holiday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

You know the kind where no matter what you try to do, you can't seem to get it done. I seem to have so many of those lately. Today was another one.

Dean was having a ribbon cutting at a project today. It was a really big deal. I was going to take the photos, but. . . he left his phone at home. Now I know him not having a phone should not have kept me from going, but . . . I didn't have a clue where it was. I tried his office and they didn't know and neither did Larry who works with him. I had gotten dressed in nice clothes and even had on make up.

After that, it didn't seem to get much better. I took photos again of volleyball teams. They were really cute and I think I got some really nice ones- not typical 3 rows, a coach and a ball. One of them was so creative- I had to stand in a chair- and, of course, I fell out of it. Thankfully it is just my arm that is sore and not my camera. That would not have been good.

Larry, a guy that works with Dean, called. He had gotten word his daughter had been in a bus accident today. I looked for him a flight out. She is doing ok, so he is going to leave in the morning.

I just have tomorrow to get everything done before we leave. I was planning to make lasagna so we wouldnt have to eat out as much. Guess I will do that tomorrow after the assistance league and quite a few other things. I need to clean some more around here and mop. Nope, I never got to that today, either. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day, and I can sleep all the way to Ft Worth on Thursday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, this was a different kind of Monday

Honestly, today went pretty well. Dean got up really early to head to work. Billie and I were not far behind him. We got everything loaded and headed to the airport. JoyAnna was snoozing in the backseat.

After we saw her off, we headed home and got busy on house stuff. We sort of let things slide the last few weeks. It was nice to get it back to being tidy. Tomorrow I must mop. I try my best to put it off as much as possible, but with white tile floors it has to be done every so often.

I went to a volleyball practice and took photos of the junior high homeschool team. It was fun. They were really cute.

Since we are going out of town this week, I needed to find a house/pet sitter. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I really like having a college kid or someone in that age group. It just works well for some reason. I thought and thought about a way to find one. I finally looked up the BSM for UTEP. I called and they knew of someone- a journeyman missionary young lady. She came over today. We really liked her. She is going to be great to have as a sitter.

Tonight I am sort of chilling. I am debating updating my website. It would cost a little money, but if it brings in more money, then it would be a good thing. I have been researching sites for photograhers. I would keep my site for galleries and ordering and just have a nice, cool, flash kind of site for the main site. I need to make more money. Maybe if my site looked better, people would actually want me to take their photos. I'll keep thinking about it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lazy, lazy day

Today was the day to see Ake off. We got up early and he was already in the shower. You know he takes really, really long ones. We all got up and got ready. The Thi family came to say good bye. We all piled in the car and took off. He was a little nervous and didn't eat breakfast. I put a couple of apples in his bag for him.

We took a lot of pictures and then they let Dean go up with him to make sure he got through security and found the right gate. He was a little sad. We will miss him. He really was a good kid. I think it was just the stress of no school for so long that really caused the most grief and it magnified everything else.

After we saw him off, we headed to Denny's. After Dean being sick yesterday, he was really hungry. We came back to the house and Dean, Billie and JoyAnna crashed. I had dog patrol so I didn't get to. Dog patrol is letting them in and out and in and out so they don't bark to wake up those sleeping here in the house.

We decided to make a short mall run. Dean needed a battery for his watch and JoyAnna wanted chick-fil-a. We walked around a little, but we were all sort of out of it. We came home and Dean put new spark plugs on my car while I dozed on the sofa. I finally got up and went to bed.

We decided to try a new mexican place tonight. We had heard they had sour cream chicken enchiladas like Dean likes, but that was not the case. They did have the sour cream cheese ones that I like. It was a nice dinner, but the service was really slow.

Ake just called. He said he is really tired and really, really cold. I told him he'll be fine. I hope he will have a good attitude about it.

Oh my what a day

I went to bed at a reasonable time last night. At 1:37 the dogs started barking like crazy. They sleep all night in kennel and never get us up til morning. I jumped up and went to check on them. When I opened the laundry room door I could tell one of them had been really sick. It took me quite a bit to clean it up. Razzle did not want to go back to bed. I finally managed to get them to bed about 2.

Then Dean got sick. Several times. He left for work before 7 even though he felt horrible. I got up and got a shower. I had some things I needed to take care of - most of those never got done today anyway.

Ake was supposed to go to the airport with Connie to see a friend off to OK. He was outside waiting for her at the appointed time. I was in my robe with my hair in a towell working on some things that needed to be done. The phone rang and Connie said that we had an emergency- that Ake was scheduled to leave today. She said she thought it might be a mistake, but to get him packed for the airport. I ran outside to get him and we started packing like crazy people. I made JoyAnna get up and get her clothes on. I hurried to dress as did Billie. We threw everything in the car and flew to the airport.

We got there and once again World Heritage proved what a well run organization they are - NOT. They had made 2 reservations for my student and none for the other Thi student. Granted it could have been a tad confusing. They are both Thi, one going to Fairfax Ok an the other going to Fairbank, Ak, both last names are really long and start with S. It took over 2 hours of hagling and phone calling and such to get the correct one booked on the plane.

It took a good half hour to get his bags in the right weight guidelines. That part was at least entertaining.

By the time we got home it was nearly noon. Dean had come home and crashed. We had to run a couple of errands on the way home. Next we went to the bank. They wouldnt let me deposit my checks from the business in my personal account. I was not happy as I have been doing this. I rushed home and ate half of a chocolate dipped banana. Yummy! What a lunch, huh?

JoyAnna and I barely made it to the yearbook meeting. We felt like we were in a whirlwind today. As soon as the yearbook meeting was over, we had to go downtown to the courthouse. We had never been there and it was quite an ordeal to get to and to find a place to park. I got my dba and then had to go to the bank to get a business account. That took long enough.

We did take Ake out to dinner for his last night here- BBQ from Rudy's. We then had to go to shop for some winter clothes for him. He got a coat, snow pants, boots, sun shades, a hoodie, and a couple of pair of long johns. Oh, and some house shoes. I lost my keys in target, but the Lord answered my prayer and I found them quickly.

We packed all of his things and if the scales are ok here, he did well on his packing. Then we really had a good time seeing our names in Thi and writing his in Calligraphy and Cursive. He got a message tonight that the student who went to OK is already to leave there. I told Ake to have a good attitude and enjoy his visit.

What a birthday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a day

It is probably a darn good thing that the exchange student organization found a place for him this week. Today he left for school at the regular time. Billie and I got out and went to look for coats, boots, gloves, etc. I called the new host mom and talked to her to find out what all he needed to bring. Then I called the Thi friend here to tell her that it all sounded great. I told her I was going to pick him up from school and take him shopping.

I called the school to see what time he got out today since he didn't have a last period class on Thursday. I was told 2. We got there a couple of minutes before and sat and waited and waited and waited. About 2:10 anothe exchange student came out and I talked to him for a couple of minutes. I told him I was about to take him shopping for warm clothes. He told me that he had left at 12 to go to the Thi friend's house. I was livid. Not only had he skipped a class, he had not bothered to even tell me he was going. I have always let him do whatever he wanted when he asked.

He called me and I told him I was very, very upset. I came home and he was here. He told me we had all been invited to eat as a going away party tonight. I had already planned to go do some other things with him tonight, but I let him go. We will go out tomorrow night. He leaves on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

counting down

This morning I was on my way to Assistance League when I realized I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I didn't think I could wait til lunch, so I stopped off at Whataburger for a biscuit. I was waiting for my to go order when I saw a women and her son outside the window. He was a young adult and she was probably older than me. He hugged her goodbye. She dug in her purse and handed him some cash. They hugged again. It really made me miss Eric. Only 9 more days.

JoyAnna felt really bad last night. She was miserable. Crying with her ear hurting. We tried several things including garlic in olive oil. It eased it til she slept for a while. We called the doctor and were able to get her in this afternoon. He was very nice and really payed attention to the million little quirky things we asked him about. He gave her a Rx for an antibiotic and wrote one for Concerta too. Funny thing she hasn't hiccuped in the last couple of days since she got the earache. Joy Anna is counting down to the Tut exhbit. Only 10 more days.

Today I got a call that Ake has a new home- Fairbanks Alaska. I feel bad it is going to be so cold. He does not like cold. I took him to academy to look at coats, boots, and gloves. I don't think what he bought is going to be the best dor that type of cold. We are not sure when he will leave, but it should be soon. Counting down to that, too.

I am worn out emotionally and physically. I never realized what a homebody I am. I would just as soon stay here and chill out. I honestly do not have the desire to go shop or do anything else. I would rather just be here. I suppose the stress has just gotten to me. I think maybe I should see a doctor. Or then again, maybe a hermit's life is not so bad.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

shopping the clearance

Today the temperature dropped- considerably. It was great except for the fact I have only been wearing 2 pairs of capris and an assortment of shorts and sweat capris this summer. Yes, I admit it is because I am too chubby for the others. The last year has been heck on any kind of normal food / exercise plan. First there was the remodel and all the stress from that. I do mean ALL the stress. Then about the time we finish, Dean decides to move to El Paso. That caused major stress and the pounds have packed on.

I got brave and pulled out the basket of clothes I had put up because they are too snug. I have one pair of jeans that will fit and one that is really close. I did have a credit at Ross, so we decided to try it out.

I got two pair of pants and a sweater. That really helped the wardrobe.

We met the extended family for lunch at rancher's grill for chicken fried steak. Billie's cousin wanted to treat us all to lunch since we had cooked a couple of meals for them. Her uncle was not happy that someone else managed to pick up the ticket.

We got to talking about some southern phrases. We were talking about supper. I still call the 3rd meal of the day of supper. Someone asked what you called the time between noon and 6 - we all agreed on afternoon. Then someone asked when was evening. I said evening is after supper. They thought that was so funny. I really do not talk like people here. I say yes ma'am and yes sir. Amazing the difference a few hundred miles makes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mexico :)

We decided to head to Mexico today. It was a crazy morning. JoyAnna was not feeling well and was very cranky over every thing that happened. I sent another letter to world heritage today. I found out this morning that only 3 of the 4 had had information requested on them in order to put them in a school from another country. Mine was not one of those. I was in tears this morning because JoyAnna was. It was not pretty.

But anyway, on to Mexico. We were later than normal getting off. That meant there were more than normal the amount of beggers on the street once we got there. I so hate that. I mean some of them look like they need the money and some look really well off.

We visited the pink store again. We had not seen the owner since the firs time we were there back in July I think. She remembered us. Three different people told us thanks for coming back. They really are nice there.

I had decided I would start collecting some of the Mexican pottery dishes. Since we live near Mexico it is much easier to collect than say something from Europe. My mom had asked JoyAnna to pick me out something there. Dean's mom also picked me out something. I ended up with 4 small sized dinner plates and a spoon rest. Pretty cool. I am going to post photos on my photo blog. All of them are different, but all have a blue line around the edge. Funny that I don't like blue, huh? Dean had picked out these really cool blue bowls at a kitchen store a few weeks back. They were a buck fifty each, so we got several. They will look great with the plates we got. I am going to look for some more solid color pieces at the dollar store to last until I get more of the dishes. It will look better than the yellow things I have now.

Speaking of plates. I read the book Mindless Eating this week. He says we trick ourselves into eating more, so we need to learn to trick ourselves into eating less- that is why I bought the small dinner plates instead of the platter sized ones Dean likes. It is an interesting book. I hope by making a few small changes, I can trick myself into losing some weight.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Dean got up and left early. I slept til the dogs barked. Then I moved JoyAnna to my room. We decided we would take Ake to some of the local shops that have a mexican or indian flair. I woke him up to go, but he told us he had planned to go to the mall with another exchange student to buy a laptop. Believe me, to know we are scrimping to make sure he has things he needs and him go buy a laptop is very irritating to me. He doesn't want to do anything with us anymore.

We decided to go on and head to the shops anyway. JoyAnna was not feeling well. Dean teased her and that started the tears like crazy. We headed to Walgreens and got her some meds and Dean some since he had been sneezing like crazy. She was hungry and cranky. She really, really wanted Chinese. We finally found a Chinese place and made her happy.

When we got to the El Paso Saddle Co, they were having an indian pow wow. It was fun to watch the dancing. We looked at the booths and browsed around in the store for a bit before heading home and Dean headed back to work.

We got a letter from the JP about that silly ticket Eric got. They will not do anything about it without him coming home for a hearing. I decided to go up a step and wrote an email to the county judge. I will take the letter to Uncle Jiggs tomorrow and let him tell me what else I should do.

I am not sure what is wrong with me. I so wish I felt like posting the funny, quirky posts I was posting. I would tell you about the ticket I nearly got, how my car runs like a putt putt car from the old song we used to sing as it putt putts me own the road. That would all be much funnier than how I feel now. I wish I could put my finger on the problem. There seems to be a never-ending feeling of impending doom. I sit here beside the person I love most in this world and still feel a tad lonely and well, I just don't know how to describe it. Now I feel like crying. This is just crazy.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Carlsbad for the 2nd time

Today was another really long day. I got up early so I could get the house tidy. The last few days, we have hurried around so much, it just needed a little help. I was also wanting to get all the laundry done in case Ake got a new home. I got the laundry done, but he didn't get a home.

Dean called early and said they had large plants for 5.00 at home depot. I went to look and Billie bought me some for my birthday. They really brighten up the house.

Then we headed over to the Wise house for lunch and to leave with Aunt Winfred for a quick trip to Carlsbad. Well, the time we were there was quick, the ride was rather long. Aunt Win had lived in Carlsbad for 50 years. She was there before a lot of the nice road was built. It was fun to hear the stories of things they did back then. For a lady who is almost 93, she sure has it all together.

She had not been able to get the lady with whom she was planning to stay. We drove her there, and when the lady finally came to the door, she said it was fine if she stayed. It was rather odd.

We were getting hungry, and since there is nothing between Carlsbad and El Paso, we decided we should find something there. We checked the IPhone to find a place to eat. I decided on a place called Happy's Diner. It had good reviews, and I like something a little out of the ordinary. This was certainly not your typical eatery.

It was in an old Stuckey's - ya know, with the slanted roof? Instead of a gift shop selling pecan rolls and other assorted overpriced snack foods, they had added a lot of extra booths and some display cabinets for a major collection of Beanie Babies and McDonald's Happy Meal toys. There was no aiconditioning either. I figured it had been out for a while, since all the locals came in to get their orders to go.

I ordered a grilled ham and cheese and it was yummy. JoyAnna loved the steak fingers, Dean and Nana were not realenthused about the catfish. Just not like home at all.

We made it home around 9. Dean is so frustrated with so many things at work. I really feel bad for him. Maybe next week will be better for him.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday- busy, busy, busy

It is really cooling down here. It is nice. There are times that the air is still and then it can really feel warm. We are not slowing down because of the cool, that's for sure. Wednesday I worked at the thrift store for half a day. JoyAnna and Nana stayed home and made twice baked potatoes and JoyAnna made an apple pie from scratch- even the crust. I woke up really early and was really sleepy in the afternoon. We went over to the Wise house to have dinner with family from CA and FL. The CA relatives were late getting in to the airport, but it worked well as they came in at the same time as the FL relative. We had a yummy dinner. After visiting for a bit, we headed home.

Dean and I have not been sleeping well. Stress, I guess. Several weeks ago I turned off the alarm. Dean had gotten up before 7 every day since. Last night we actually slept. He didn't even wake up to get ready for work until right before 7. I guess we both really needed it. I had to jump up and head to walmart for some rolls and lemonade for the Assistance League lunch. I hurried home and got everything ready got dressed and ready to head out. JoyAnna woke up feeling bad. She stayed here and worked on school work and studied for the psat. That is one week away.

Last Wed when I worked, there was this really cool table on the dock at the Assistance League. I liked it a lot- it called to me, I guess you could say. It is probably 60s, very nice lines, blonde wood, planters on either end. When I worked this Wednesday it was in the store with no tag. I figured they were using it for display. Today I asked someone who works in the pricing. She said it was $25. I was so excieted. I bought it right there. I called Dean and he came to get it. We have it sitting in the living room for right now. We'll find it a home soon. I will take a photo of it.

I had not heard from the exchange program this week. I called this afternoon. They said they have some possibilities- have heard that before. I told them I really did need him to find a home. She said they couldn't help who was picked and who was not. I called Connie. She said she had talked to them today, too. Supposedly they have some potentials in North Dakota. That should go over well with him- not. He doesn't like cold. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are going to Carlsbad to take Aunt Win to meet her son and daughter in law. I wonder if we will see forests to see the changing colors. If not, there is an apple festival next weekend near Cloudcroft- there are forests there- that should be awesome.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yummy Meals from Chef JoyAnna

Joy Anna loves to cook. We have been experimenting with a variety of different things. Today she made those wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches again. While she was babysitting I made tomato basil soup to go with the ham and tomato pie she was making for supper.

Funny thing, as bad as she wanted to like the pie, she was the only one who just couldn't eat it. It would be good for a brunch. She made 3 pumpkin pies after supper. Tomorrow she is making apple pie and twice baked potatoes to take to the Wise family get together tomorrow night.

We are going to be rolly polly - well even more so- if we aren't careful.

Monday, October 6, 2008

National Novel Writing Month is fast approaching

I am going to spend November writing a novel. I am really looking forward to doing it. I had an idea- in fact I had 2000 words from last year. I didn't get any further because I was helping all the kids at school do it, too. Now, I am not so sure. I really feel compelled to write. I have to keep myself from starting already.

I have 3 novels that I started. One was almost finished, the other about half way and the third is a novella. I just don't know. I thought about writing an elementary level novel. I have some ideas for teen novels, too. So many stories, so little time, I guess.

you just can't please some people

Ake started to school today- at the best private school in El Paso. Was he happy? Nope. Not a bit. Yes, it is better than the charter, but he wants to go to public so he can be on a team and join a music group. Great.

Tonight I cooked a package of steaks I bought a while back. We have been avoiding beef because of him. Today I told him we were having steaks, but I had cooked chicken for him. Go figure- he can now eat beef. I told him that was fine for later, but tonight I had cooked him chicken. Am I mean?

I so wish they would find houses for these last 4. He will be gone everyday from 7 to 4:30 from now on. He was so tired, he is taking a nap.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Dean worked again today. JoyAnna doesn't want to go to church without him, so we didn't go again. We woke up to rain. It has rained the majority of the day. Even had some thunder which is not a common thing here.

We did the grocery shopping today. We are going to be adventurous and try out some new recipes. Three soups -One is from a friend, one from a magazine, one an old favorite. We are going to make twice bakeds for the family get together on Wednesday night. JoyAnna is also going to make an apple pie for then. Tomorrow we are going to try out a ham and tomato pie. Yeah, JoyAnna found it, but I'm game. Maybe we'll have that and tomato basil soup. Sounds pretty yummy. We are trying to not eat out too much. It is just too costly with 5 of us.

Ake was gone til really late last night. He got home at 11:45. Today he slept til nearly one. Tomorrow I will take him to school. That will be a relief for him to be somewhere where he is not just sitting in a room. Maybe this week they will find a house for him. We can hope.

We are going to eat at the Little Diner with the extended family. I know we said we are not going out much, but we are doing this because of the family thing. He doesn't want to go, so I got everything together for him to make fried rice. Dean feels really bad that we don't take him, but he would rather stay here since we are going to eat mexican.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Mexico

Since we were already up really early, we decided to head on up to New Mexico and show Nana B the farmer's market and the mega used book store. We had a lot of fun walking around and looking. I found quite a bargain- the old copies of Emilie Loring and Grace Livingston Hill were only 30 and 37 cents each. I was really excited.

We ran into Uncle Jiggs in the bookstore, so we spent some time browsing around with them. It was a lot of fun just hanging out. Our big purchase of the day was a bag of apples. JoyAnna has been looking for recipes to make an apple dessert for Wednesday when the rest of the family arrives.

After the farmer's market and getting turned around a couple of times, we made it to La Mesilla. We browsed some of the stores before having lunch in La Posta. It is a good place to eat and was the jail where Billy the Kid was housed before he was hung.

Dean felt like he had to go to work, so he did that. We came on and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Billie laid down on my bed to rest. Razzle did not like that at all. Since there is no door, she kept going in there to bark at her.

We had to take the girls to PetSmart for dog food. We so enjoy watching them. We pulled out the harness and of course they go nuts. We had gotten them new ones this week. Razzle had purple and Dazzle had red. We were going to switch them. I don't buy the fact that dogs are color blind because Razzle would not put on the red one. We put the purple one on and she was happy.

We made the mistake of putting them on before we were ready to go. Dazzle kept barking to encourage us to hurry and go.

Oh, before dark, they were out side chasing dragon flies. It was so funny. They were jumping around and trying to catch it. They would not even come in for a treat. Their tongues were dragging the ground.

It was a really laid back type of day.

Locked in the Bedroom

We have been having trouble with the door knobs here in the house. It seems like the doors swell, and then the doors will not open. They do not have round knobs, they have these lever type. The more humid it gets, the more the problem occurs. Usually after a few tries, we can get in or out - whatever the case may be. Last night I got locked in the bedroom. We finally got me out.

This morning, Dean was trying to slip out of the house to go work and let us sleep. That did not work. He was locked in. He finally had to take the door off the hinges to get out. Of course that woke JoyAnna up from her place on the couch.

so much fun- now I dont have a door on my room.

Family Fun

My mother in law is here. We went over to her aunt's and uncle's yesterday afternoon. Their daughters are here, too. Their daughters are the same age as Dean and me, but they are Dean's mom's first cousins.

Dean and Lois played with their IPhones. Dean got a bunch of new applications where he can do tons of fun stuff. We all looked at pics and chatted and really enjoyed being together.

One of my favorite old El Paso homes is across the street from them. The doctor who owns it seldom comes there. It is overgrown and just begging for someone to move in and love it. We went over and walked around and peeked in the windows. There are two mercedes in the garage just sitting there rotting.

They have quite the garden growing. Tomatoes and cantelopes everywhere. She even has cantelopes growing hanging down off the rock wall. I took pics, I hope they do them justice. I'll post them on my 365 if they do well.


Well, I am not sure any one else is leaving. Connie went to Cathedral High School, but they won't take them either. She called late in the day and said she thinks she has them in at another private school. I guess I will have to take him there at 8 on Monday. After that, he gets to ride the bus. I am not sure why in the world they brought them to the USA without knowing they can get them homes.

He was very upset that JoyAnna slept on the sofa. He offered her his bed. I told him she does it often-which she does. He was really upset acting yesterday. He went to the other Thai family's for the day. He is going again today.

We are going to New Mexico today to go shopping. He did not like going when we went before. We will also go to eat Mexican food. He doesn't even pretend to like that.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well I just got a call from another parent. She had called earlier today to see if I knew anything. I told her what all had been going on. She called me back to tell me that what ever I did must have worked. They are now putting them in a private school and the organization is paying the cost. At least they can go to school.

She also told me that two more kids are leaving on Saturday. I guess that is the two Chinese. That leaves 2 Thai. Funny thing is I asked them two weeks ago to find Ake a home because my mother in law was coming for a visit. Now, I guess he will be the last one to find a home. What happened to the squeeking wheel getting the grease?


We are under a great deal of stress. A very small part of it is the exchange student issue. The rest is financial and job related. This is not part of the economic issues facing the country. This is much more personal. I am not going into detail, but just asking you to pray for us.

We moved a long way to undertake a new venture. We prayed about it and felt we were doing the right thing. We just have to trust God to take care of us, butwe are really struggling.

Even Dean who can sleep through anything is not sleeping well. As our friends, I ask you to just pray for guidance and direction.


Last night I found out some inappropriate sites had been visited on my computer. Needless to say, I was not happy. I had to tell him no more computer use for a while. After I talked to him about that, I told him Dean was going to try to get him in a school today. He told me someone else had called his mom and told her that they were going to get him in school and then they would keep him. Ok, then. We won't do it.

This morning I called that person and was told no, that was not the case. His mom had called them and asked her to take him. She is not. So, he slept all day again. I did get him to clean the bathroom and the sliding door.

I called the student exchange program again today. Waited- and no return call. Called back. This time I was told they still do not have a house for him. I was also told that the schools would not take them temporarily. Duh! We have been telling and telling and telling them this. I asked her what I was supposed to do with him. I told them that I was in violation because he has no school. She acted like she had no idea he was not in school. She said he needed to go back to the charter school. I told her I would not take him to a school for him to sit in his room and do nothing.

She told me that she would call someone else and they would call me today. They didn't. Late this afternoon while we were on the way to the airport, someone else called to tell me that they were having a meeting tonight with some people, so hopefully, they would get them in a house soon.

I am tired. This is consuming my life and wearing me out.

I am encouraging everyone who has been effected by this to file a report with the state department as well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A visit to the Vet

Moving to a new city means you need to find lots of new things. One of those is a vet. I called a couple of weeks ago to get heart worm preventative and found out that all three animals needed to be chipped. Great. Another expense I was not expecting.

I made an appointment for the whole herd to go to the vet. Pouncie needed a rabies shot, and the girls needed a parvo shot. Taking Pouncie at anytime is an adventure. Last time was so bad, they had to gas her and clamp her in a pet taco to just give her the rabies vaccine. We have had them use welding gloves to bring her to the car.

I had always thought if we were the only ones in there, she might do better. This afternoon that might have happened, but there were two emergencies. That meant the waiting room was full. There we go - JoyAnna and two bouncing, panting, hyper dogs, Me and a cat in a soft kennel. The Scales are in the waiting room, and we battled to get the dogs weight. Less than 30 pounds each- barely - only 3 times what we were told they would be. Anyway, back to the visit.

They decided to let us go on in since we are sort of taking over the whole joint.

The Doctor was great. He sat down on the floor and both girls climbed in his lap. He examinded right there on the floor. He said they looked great. Just Beautiful.

Then the cat kennel was put on the table. She actually let him touch her in the kennel. Then of course she had to come out. I got her out, and he got to touch her - for about a second. Then the growling started. He told her no, but that didn't help. When she started to attack her, he put her in the kennel where she promptly lashed out at him. They decided it would be better to go ahead and give her some gas and take care of her that way. I agreed completely.

Then came the shots and chips for the girls. It is confusing enough to have their names like they are, but we finally got it all figured out as to who was who and which one got which chip. Dazzle was first. She got a shot and went nuts- and it was the smaller needle. Then came the chip- well she was screaming before they ever got to her-she just saw it coming. I was cracking up, because she is JUST like JoyAnna when it comes to that.

Then it was Razzle's turn. Everytime she squeeked, Dazzle kissed her. It was so sweet. Razzle is usually the sensitvie one.

After the girls were finished, and I filled out enough paperwork to buy a house, I went out to pay. Pouncie had been gone for a while. I saw her kennel sitting down the hall. Then I heard her. She was so not happy- she was growling louder than most big dogs. Way too funny.

We made it home and I put her in my room, so she can relax and chill out some.

We made it though.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rambling on

Yep, that is what it feels like- rambling on and on and on with every imagainable level of the exchange student organization. There are just not words to say how frustrated I am with the whole thing.

Last Thursday I was told that a house was likely in a couple of days. Nope.

I was told that someone was here to get them into school. Did she do that? Nope.

Did she even try to get my student in a real school? Nope.

Did she go to the school that they are attending and find out why in the world they are just sitting them in a room with no books. Nope.

So, today I was told that I had to go get him into school even though the school has denied them access. Yep, I get to fight a school district with which I have no connection. That was what she was supposed to do. She gets paid for this.

Today she said she is doing the best she can since she has no electricity because her house was ruined in Ike. I am really sorry about that, but if she can't do her job, she should pass it on to someone else. This is just nuts. I have no life outside of dealing with this. I have used way too many minutes on my phone talking to them.

Tomorrow we work at the assistance league. That is so much less stressful.

Monday, September 29, 2008

not sure what is up with the way I am feeling

Furstrated- because of Ake and the lack of schooling and the lack of him having a place to call home for the next 10 months.

Sad- not sure why. I hate it when I am feeling like this. I miss Eric, but I don't think that is it.

I am worried about the money situation here at home and in the USA. I am concerned about the election and what that could bring.

I guess I am a little lonely, too. I have met a few people, but it takes time to form a bond. Thankfully, I have the internet and the friends I am attached to through it. It is just not quite the same. Not quite the same as going to McAlister's to split a sandwich. I miss walking into Wal-Mart or Target and actually seeing someone I know.

Wow, for someone who started out writing such funny posts, I have certainly changed my tune.

Charter Schools and Exchange Students Do Not Mix

Poor Ake. Today I picked him up at 3 like normal. When he got in the car he said that the teacher had told them if they didn't want to come to school tomorrow, they didn't have to. Now, I am not sure why they would do this. They are required to go to school. They can't be homeschooled. They are supposed to be auditing a high school. I found out today that today they did nothing. No work at all. Ridiculous.

I called the lady I have been talking to. She said that the kid from south Korea has a potential home. That is good for him, but I was assured Ake would be on the top of the list. She did say that she had several more possibililties. She said we might know something tomorrow. I certainly hope so. I am going to let him stay home tomorrow. I can't imagine why in the world they accepted the kids if they were not going to teach him.

So, tonight we are going to go to PeiWei. He likes it a lot. He was really upset- like tears upset. I thought this might help him feel a tad better. I am going to wash up the rest of his clothes tonight just in case. If he gets a house, I want him to be ready.

What a wild weekend

I finally recruited Dean to helping me hang all my stuff up on the walls. It looks great. He even hung all my photos up in the hall. Some of these never even got hung when we lived in the last house- the whole time. Granted, there was not a lot of wall space in the hall, but it is nice to have them up.

It really does feel more like home with our things on the wall.

We didn't do much else aside from just work on the house. We had intended to go to a festival yesterday, but JoyAnna woke up with a really, really bad headache again. She spent most of the day not moving. We went to a meeting for the yearbook, and she did play there. She really paid for it later when she was crying with it hurting. I guess I need to find a doctor soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Today was another long, long day. I got up early and started working on more unpacking, rearranging, and making this house look more like a home. I suppose I am staying here, I might as well.

JoyAnna had a bad, bad day with the hiccups. Very painful today. It makes me sad.

Ake went to a party after school. I have not heard from him. That is a little frustrating. I had setout everything for him to clean the bathroom when he came home from school. I guess he can do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle more in the garage- fun, fun, not.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok, I am so frustrated. Why in the world did I ever agree to do this. I thought I was being nice. It started out fine, but now I am tired of it. I really tried with him, too.

Today I found out someone else is helping him find a house and a school. That is fine. Only thing they are looking for a Thai Family- he said it will be better for him so he can eat Thai food. If he wanted only Thai food, why did he come to the USA? I told him that sort of defeated the purpose. He was saying he didn't want to go to New Mexico. I told him today he should be glad of anything he gets at this point.

I have begged him to take one shower a day. I found out tonight he is just washing his hair in the mornings. He is using the handheld shower and leaning over the tub- it takes him so long to do that he might as well shower. I am just a little frustrated. I am certain my water bill is going to be outrageous.

Then, there is the cell phone. He talks for hours and hours on end. I do have a lot of minutes. But, never in all the years have I gone over. Now, I am using my rollover minutes. Doesn't make me happy. I have asked him to wait til after 9pm. Tonight I was gone, and he used JoyAnna's phone and talked for an hour and 45 minutes. Again, I am a little ticked off.

ok, I have vented now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Vampires

Where to start? It was a LONG day.

We had to get up early and hurry over to a project of Dean's. He had a blank spot against a black wall and wanted a plant there. You know Dean. It had to be JUST right. I went several places yesterday and couldn't find anything just perfect. Finally we found something at Home Depot. Of course it took work. Nothing is ever simple, right? That took us quite some time last night.

When we were finished, the cat was left outside. I fogot for a while. When I remembered, I couldn't find her. I looked and looked. Usually she comes running when I call. It was after 1 before she came when I called her. That left me really tired this morning.

After we delivered the plant, we went to the assistance league and worked in the thift store. We had tons of fun. The ladies were delightful.

Next we went to a meet a lady and her son to see about JoyAnna babysitting. He is quite the cutie.

We got home and it was time to start supper. Ake was cooking tonight. I cut up the pork and he fixes the fried eggs. I also cut the garlic- over 30 cloves! There will be no vampires here anytime soon. I think my skin smells like garlic. I feel bad for the kids at AL tomorrow when I fit them for clothes. I imagine I will still smell of garlic.

Tonight I got a call from the Exchange Student Organization. They sent someone to El Paso to deal with the issue. They are going to try and get them in a school - a real school. Good luck with that. I told them that Ake is great, but that he needs to get where he is going. Instead of putting him in a school here and having to move him again in a few days. She said they have a few leads on parents. She will try to get these to the top of the list. I told him she is trying to find him a place. They have one place in Las Cruces. We told him that woudl be great because we could still see him while he is in the states. He was sad. He said if he couldnt stay here with us, he would rather go to a different town.

I am praying he finds a place really soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Yep, I still have boxes. Today I emptied quite a few of them. I am not sure I will ever feel like I am not living out of them. I still need a buffet or something similar so I can unpack my china and my Christmas dishes.

I guess one day I will finish- I am thinking of it like eating an elephant- one bite at a time.

Another exchange student got a house today. Not ours. Maybe tomorrow.

Was it Monday again?

We had an odd weekend. It just sort of went off in a blur. Dean worked real physical labor this weekend, so he was pretty tired. He wanted Chicken Enchiladas for super last night. You would think in a town that sells millions of enchiladas a day, you could find chicken ones with sour cream sauce. Nope. Haven't yet.

He invited Larry for dinner. He is living here without his family. He is also of Mexican descent. Dean forgot to tell me he doesn't like cheese or sour cream- two major ingredients in the enchiladas. He was very gracious and ate some anyway. I did offer to cook something else.

Today, we started over on the 'looking for a school' thing. So irritating. Poor Connie has been working like crazy to find them a school. Tonight Ake's mom called and wants to know why he cant go to school like another student can. Seems like a local World Heritage person has told her she can go to school. Connie tried again today. I guess he can work magic.

Tonight I wrote a letter and emailed it to the state department. I think they need to know how these kids are being treated.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

another oops- posted to the wrong blog

Wow, I am not sure what was going on with that lady that gave us the free phones that day. I have about decided it was her last day at work and she wanted to go out with a bang. She gave us such high priced phones- and at no cost. AND she didn't do them where we had to redo our contract. Of course, today I had to redo our contracts when I added the insurance. This has been quite an ordeal

I think I did order my new phone today. I am not exactly sure since I didn't get anything on the email like I did last week when we ordered. If I don't get something tomorrow, I will call again.

Hopefully, I will soon have a new phone with decent reception.

oops- this is from Tursday- posted on the wrong blog

Poor Ake. He is miserable at school. It really frustrates me. Today he said he was sorry he didn't like school. I told him that was ok, and he said he knew it made me feel bad that he didn't. I told him I just didn't like him to be unhappy.

He is not feeling well today physically either. He dozed a lot. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

Today I sent an email to the organization who runs the exchange program. There are 8 kids here who still need a house for 10 months. Because the schools here will not allow them to attend the regular schools, I asked if they could be pushed to the front of the lines. I tried to explain to them that a charter school is not necessarily a high school as we all think of a high school. The kids are remedial and as a last resort for at risk kids. That is not these kids.

Two of the kids did get houses today, so we can only hope that the others will be getting one soon. I feel bad for the ones who are still here and are waiting. If they could go to high school, it would be different.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I just love the internet

Tonight I was cleaning out my email and saw an old email from a dear friend that I know only through the internet. I emailed her and she responded right away. I called her back and we had the most delightful visit. We had fun talking about people we used to 'know' over the internt. It was good to reconnect. I have missed her.

Ake still doesn't have a new home. His mom is calling everyday to the people there in Thailand. I have been emailing and calling from here. Tonight I saw an add in the local paper for host homes here in in El Paso. Not sure why that want anymore here since they can't go to to school. Very odd.

He told us on Thursday that they don't even have a teacher that explains anything. They have books and they get a worksheets- they look in the book and find the answer. What a great impression they must have of schools in America. Tonight he said how much he loved us and loved being here, but he knew he had to go so he could find a real school. I really hate this for him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blood from a Turnip

I have always heard that expression when it comes to paying out what you don't have. That is exactly the way I feel right now.

This move was supposed to change that. I guess it might have if the house had sold and we hadn't had those months of two of everything. Now, I feel like I am in quicksand. The harder I try, the deeper I get.

Ok, I am whining, I admit it. We are really trying so hard. Everyone knows how much I like to eat out. We are not even doing that more than once a week. For us, that is HUGE. Especially with no air conditioning. Can you imagine how hot it gets cooking in a house with no a/c?

I have spent the day on the phone trying to refinance/refigure all the bills so we can afford to catch up. I am frustrated and tired.

Please pray we can work this out and get back on our feet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Insurance and a Doctor Visit all in one day

On Monday night, JoyAnna was looking under the couch when her knee did something crazy and she started shreiking. Great. She used her crutches and wrapped her knee, but it hurt all day. Today was even worse. I called the office and yes, we did have insurance now. What is really bad is we had already met her deductible several times over on the old one, but now we are starting over.

I called the ortho hospital/clinic about an appointment. They did have an opening, so we made the appointment. I looked online and read the directions. We headed that way and followed the directions exactly. We parked as close as we could and went in. Nope- wrong place. The guy gave 'sort of' directions - ya know, the kind with a shrug and says "in the building behind us." Great. Off we went to what we thought was the building behind. Nope- it was the front side of the building. They don't look alike and have different names, but yeah wrong one again. This time the directions were a little better. We finally got there only a few minutes after our scheduled time. I am not sure why we felt the need to hurry to get there. They surely did not resond in kind. It was over an hour and a half before we were called back to xray. The another hour before we saw the doctor. We were with him long enough for an exam, some notes and a couple of Rx- one for meds and one for a brace. The brace helped immediately.

We then headed over to visit with Anne and family for a bit. She had had another stint yesterday, but she is home recovering very nicely. We saw enjoy them. Their daughter from NC was there, too. It was a nice visit.

Ake is sick- well I guess he was but is better now. He said last night his stomach hurt. He had a bag full of meds and asked me which of two he should take. I looked them up on the internet and told him one was better for stomachs. I wasn't sure if he needed anything that strong, though. This morning, he turnedoff is alarm and kept sleeping. I waited a bit and then woke him up. He was still feeling horrible. I told him just to go back to sleep. I had to go to walmart and run a few errands, so I picked up some good old Pepto in the pill form. I had him take that. It seemed a much safer option than the heavy duty stuff he had. He slept til noon when I woke him up for more pepto. This time he was a little hungry so I made him some toast and scambled 2 eggs. He went back to sleep right after.

He was awake when we got home a little after 5. I didnt think he should have anything heavy or spicy for dinner, so I fixed him some good old fashioned campbell's chicken noodle and some toast. That did not go over too well. He said he needed more. I tried to talk him into waiting and eating something after we were sure that settled.

I fixed some rice for him and he made an omelet with just eggs- and oil. He ate so much. I really hope he is not sick in the night.

Tomorrow JoyAnna and I go to assistance league to help clothe kids for operation school bell. After that, we are going to go help Dean work. He keeps firing the contractors because they wont keep to the schedule. Maybe we can help him out and take some stress off. maybe.

Finally a phone

Yep, I got the phone today. It works fine in the house for phone - HOORAY!! Thankfully, I have internet and am not relying on it for internet as I have not been able to connect. It is amazing to have a phone I can use in the house. I talked on it in the kitchen tonight while I cooked dinner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AT&T - again

I woke up early this morning and called AT&T. I figured that no one was going to follow up on that last call since it had been way past 2 hours. After about an hour of being on hold with 2 different people and being told basically 'too bad,' I tried again for about the 1452nd time - only this time I called the department to close my service. She seemed to try. No one can tell why the lady gave us such nice phones. Neither could we, but hey we needed them and they were free :) I sent my phone back today. Hopefully, tomorrow they will mail me the new one. Of course it is doubtful since they said I needed to give them the tracking number which you cant get on a package like that. We will see.

Then I had to call the OTHER AT&T - you know the one for the house phone and internet? They have been billing someone else's dish network on my phone bill- to the tune of about 500! I have called several times to try and work it out, but hadn't happened. I think I finally have that worked out.

I have spent so much time on dealing with AT&T they should give me a free month of both. This has turned into something that is just crazy.