Friday, February 27, 2009

I feel a little better today. The hand is not quite as bad. Dean and Joy Anna have been having to so all the heavy moving. We finally got the living room moved into the front room. It is taking some time, but we will get it.

Nothing is going as planned to go to graduation. We can not get a truck to move him home in. We were just going to rent from enterprise becuase the moving vans are so expensive. They will not let us take it into Louisiana. It will work out.

Joy Anna babysits tomorrow. Dean and I will probably be working on the house.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I can't even think of a catchy title. I reinjured my hand. The delightful part of no insurance is now I can not go to the doctor. I will just have to deal with it.

I am exhausted- physically, emotionally, mentally, financially- what else is there? Spiritually, I have been, but I think that is improving.

I am trying so hard to catch us up- since the ex boss/partner owes us 10,000 you can only imagine how tight it is for us. I am doing the best I can. I am down to being only about one month behind on the big stuff. Keeping the house out of foreclosure and the cars from being repossesed are the big deals right now. Of course I have to pay utilities and car insurance. Health insurance is a thing of the past. That means I now have to pay the full amount for Dean's meds. That is not cheap at all. He has to have them. If he doesn't, there is no way I can sleep and he doesn't sleep well. Neuropothy is no fun for either of us.

There are other smaller bills that I can not even make a dent in at the moment. I would if I could.

We can't even afford for Joy Anna to get her driver's lisence because the insurance will go up. I feel bad that I can not buy her anything these days. If she gets something new, she buys it with her babysitting money. She bought a new top today. The first new clothing item she has had in months. Oh wait, there was a dress she paid 6.00 for to wear to the Christmas dance.

Eric is having to pay to move himself here.

This is so not what we planned when we moved here. Things were supposed to be so much better financially for us. Didn't happen.

Grocery shopping has turned into an adventure. I had to give up Charmin toilet paper. I can not ever remember not buying it. It no longer fits the budget. Suave shampoo is doing the best it can to replace the matrix that really makes my hair look nice. Hair cuts are a thing of the past- had it not been for sweet friends who have me a gift of a trip to the salon, it would not have happened any time soon. I must confess that I do still pay $7.00 for a box of hair color every 8 weeks. A girl can not have gray hair.

I think the benedryl is kicking in- did I forget to mention I have hives? Gotta love stress. My right hand is tired of all the typing anyway. I apologize for all the whining.

Monday, February 23, 2009

February is almost gone

I have been very lax on posting- in that time I have gone thru 2 casts and am back to the splint. The casts were very painful, but so is going with out. I have taken a lot of photos, but it is much easier without a cast.

Eric has finished all of his paperwork to go and in les than 2 weeks he will be living with us. We have been trying to get the house ready to add another person and a dog. Dean and I cleaned out the garage Saturday. It was a bad day- kept thinking about Nanny. Today Megan came over and we stocked her up with Tupperware to take to Japan.

We went to White sands yesterday. It was Mae Mae's birthday. We had tons and tons of fun. We are really, really going to miss them. I can't even think about that right now.

Joy Anna is doing great in school. She is excelling in her english class. She is enjoying the dance class, too.

My hand is starting to hurt- will post more later. Oh, Dean's job has extended til the end of April, but he is still looking. We are still praying for the right job.