Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a week

Despite the fact that I am at church every day, I don't feel like I have been there to worship in ages. It has only been two weeks. Both of those weeks we worshiped at the ridge. Worship there was great, but just not home.

The weather man predicted cold weather for the early part of the week. Our heater had been acting up for a few weeks, so I called early on Monday to tell them. The secretary never gave him the message. On Tuesday,the temps dropped. On Wednesday, I woke up to a really cold house and a scratchy throat.

I called back and he said he would send someone. He got there about 4:30 and couldn't fix it. Of course by that time it was too late to get a repairman. Wednesday night was quite a night for sleeping- but not a quiet night. We had one space heater. Joy Anna decided to sleep with us and brought in her sleeping bag and blankets and made a pallet on the floor beside Ranger's bed. Raz and Daz were in their kennel. I was trying to be really nice and brought the cat in to our room, too. Not a smart thing. Just as we would get everyone settled, the cat would do something to make Dazzle bark. After a few incidents, I got up to put the cat into the hall. At least she would be warmer than her regular home in the garage. Of course, I can't pick her up, so I have to shoo her out to the hall. Success! Sleep, right?


The girls have a water bottle on their kennel. It is the kind they lick and get a drink. For some reason, maybe all the barking at the cat, Dazzle was thirsty. I mean THIRSTY. She licked and licked and licked. Joy Anna had to get up and take it off the kennel. Poor thirsty Dazzle.

Finally we got to sleep. Only to wake up on Thursday morning with bronchitis. I knew immediately what it was. I got to the office and called the doctor. I went and sounding horrible. Since I am so prone to pneumonia, she sent me for a chest xray.

Now it is Saturday night and I am still so sick despite so many meds. Please pray I get well soon. We are supposed to go on the mission trip next Saturday. Going while really sick is not going to be a good thing.