Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, I am not sure any one else is leaving. Connie went to Cathedral High School, but they won't take them either. She called late in the day and said she thinks she has them in at another private school. I guess I will have to take him there at 8 on Monday. After that, he gets to ride the bus. I am not sure why in the world they brought them to the USA without knowing they can get them homes.

He was very upset that JoyAnna slept on the sofa. He offered her his bed. I told him she does it often-which she does. He was really upset acting yesterday. He went to the other Thai family's for the day. He is going again today.

We are going to New Mexico today to go shopping. He did not like going when we went before. We will also go to eat Mexican food. He doesn't even pretend to like that.

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