Friday, June 26, 2009

almost another week has flown by

It is friday night - the end of a long week. Work this week was busy busy as I was trying to get everything ready to be able to be gone a week. Dean was busy tying up loose ends at the old job so he can start the new one on monday. He is going to work at home to finish out the project.

This has been a sad sort of week.on tuesday we had lunch with kim and bailey. They will be moved before ja gets back. Marie left on Thursday. That was really hard. She has really made it like we had family in El paso. My friend debra came by on thursday to say goodbye. All of us had been in EP about the same length of time. It was hard to say goodbye.

Today eric got his travel info for his departure. I was driving and trying not to cry. He will be with us until july 28. Then he will only be home 10 days between the training and his departure. Just as I was trying not to cry, we passed on of those black and white billboard that are signed "God". It said don't worry about the future, I am already there. Guess he really does talk thru billboards.

Monday, June 22, 2009

How did so much time pass without an entry?

I guess there has just been so much going on.
JoyAnna loved DisneyLand. Clay was very sweet and stood in line with her for 30 minutes to see Tinkerbell. He said she was the only one over age 4 in the line. He was a good sport about it. She did lots of fun things there that day.

The next day they went to the beach before heading to Pheonix. The following day they headed home. We were very, very glad to have her home on Sunday night.

The last week has been a blur. We had VBS at church. Eric ended up quitting his job, so he got to work in VBS Tuesday thru Friday. Joy Anna was the puppet for all the assemblies. She had fun doing it. Friday afternoon there was a swim party for the youth that helped. She enjoyed that too. Friday night we went to the ball game. There were 26 of us from church. It was so much fun. We really enjoy this group of people.

Saturday morning we had planned a trip to Silver City. We want to pack as much fun into the time Eric has left here in Texas as possible. Lauren and Clay joined us for the day. We walked around the town before having a good lunch in a soup, salad, and sandwich place. I had a cheese and mushroom sandwich. It was wonderful. After that, we decided to go to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. It was quite a rough ride out there. The winding road went up and down. I was miserable. Usually if I am in the front seat, I am ok. There was just no place to focus. It was awful. We finally stopped at a vista and let me stand on solid ground for a bit. We finally made it to the monument. That meant a one mile hike up to the cliffs and back down. Joy Anna, my graceful child, fell down as we were making our way down.

We really had a lot of fun for the day. When we got back to town, the kids decided to go to a movie.

Today was a busy fathers day. We had church, which was really good. Then we went to our friends' for lunch. Marie and Peggy are both moving this week. It was so good to be with them. Tonight, all the guys from lunch went to the ball game. JoyAnna and I went to Target for a new hair color. It has been kind of odd that Clay's previous girlfriend was a redhead, too. After quite a few comments, Joy Anna decided to try a new color. It was such a pain because we tried to do highlights. I don't think it was what she had in mind, but she says she likes it. I hope so.

We are planning to take her Senior portraits in Shrevport next week. Dean is not going to get to go with us. I am so sad. I hate being apart from him for so long. I am finally getting sleepy. It is hot tonight which makes sleeping hard.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fun fun fun for Joy Anna

Today was day 4 if the mystery trip.After a stop in Vegas, they headed to CA. I wish I had copy of the texts that went back and forth. Suffice it to say that she was reallu excited about the trip to disney land planned for tomorrow.

Dean and I had a very nice evening with our friends. Good food and wonderful company. The people we have met here have really just been amazing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Fun

Today was a long day at work. Yesterday was longer by hours because I went in after the group left on the trip. Today was just busy. Our media guy came in and helped me figure out how to turn my graphics for the sermons into actual videos that can be used in the service. I am super excited. I just pray they look great on the big screen.

Joy Anna and the youth group went to an indian reservation today and did mission work. She said the day was awesome. Tonight her group (the juniors who are now officially seniors) have the devotion. She called me last night getting me to help her look up scriptures for her for that.

Before they left, I had written devotions for every day of the week for Joy Anna, Lauren and Clay. Every other day, there is a goofy little gift in there. Junk really, but hopefully something to make them smile. It was hard writing for them. I didn't want to be preachy. I have heard from Joy Anna and Lauren both days that they really liked them.

Dean has to make a decision about a job soon. Like this week. We really wish he would hear from the other one. It just seems more along the lines of things he would enjoy doing. We are just still praying.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The last few days have been a blur

Thursday was a fairly regular day until about 4:45. Joy Anna sent a text the littel girl she was babysitting for had been stung. I went over after work. JA wanted to come home and work on cleaning her room. The plan was for me to stay with the kids. When I got there we decided we would bring them here. She pushed them down in the stroller.

Having two little ones was crazy. Lauren came over. I think she must believe we live in a zoo. It seems so chaotic here.

Marie was out of town, so later that night, we went and got Maddie. That went well for a few minutes. Then there was a dog fight. Then the cat got in the middle. Craziness.

Friday was a half day at work. Afterwards, the kids and I went to the Bible book stores. Eric has a list he needs before he leaves on the big adventure. Of course those books were not found in El Paso. Friday was also our 27th anniversary. We went to dinner at Landry's. It was good. Not like home, but a fair substitute. Eric went with us. It was a nice evening.

Saturday, we got up and went to Las Cruces with Marie and her friends. We went to the farmer's market. Joy Anna got a true love waits ring for 7.00. Much better than the 42.00 one she wanted at the store. I had to have my camera sensor cleaned. No one in EP can do it, so I had it done while we were there.

Saturday night, we went to Lauren's graduation party. It was a very nice evening with lots of our new friends here in EP.

Sunday Joy Anna and I both felt bad. We napped and finished packing her things for the music, missions and mystery trip. We had worked on getting everything ready for over a week. Thankfully she was able to buy all the things she needed. It was very hard to pack with her not knowing where she was going. I did know, but I couldn't even give a clue. We finally finished late on Sunday morning. We got to the church this morning 5 minutes late at 5 after 6. A few minutes later we realized we had fogetten to pack her work shoes for the mission part of the trip. Thankfully we live 6 minutes round trip. We got her back and on the van shortly after everyone else.

The kids have no idea where they are going or what they are doing. I love texting. I have heard from JA and Lauren several times today. About 2:45 today I got a message from JA asking "what the heck is in Gallup, NM???" LOL not much :)

Today Dean got a letter offering him a job - the first job he applied for. Oh, I forgot to put that on Friday, he went for a 2nd interview that week. It was with the housing authority and he really liked it better. Today he got the letter from the first one. We are just praying for the right thing- the right time, etc.

We appreciate everyone praying with us.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For more than 7 months Dean has been job hunting. Tonight at the interview they pretty much said he has a job, but he has to make a decision fast. They want him to start in 2 weeks. Aside from the nearly 25 percent pay increase, the benefits are wonderful. All kinds of insurance and retirement.

He does have another interview on Friday. It is a job with the city. I am not sure they can match the benefits.

This job would be with a huge company. They will pay for him to finish his tests. That would be awesome to have that done.

Just pray for wise desicions not just for the money or so joy anna can stay in el paso.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In all the time Dean has been job hunting (since October) he has not had a call to set up an interview. That changed today as he got not one, but two!!!

The calls come to my cell.the first call was with local government. He called back, but got voice mail. He didn't get a return call. A couple of hours later my cell rang again. I just about had a stroke when it was another company calling about a job.he has an actual interview tomorrow night

I know this is in God's hands. I know his timing is not mine. A friend reminded me today that God doesn't do things early or late but right on time.

I got new awesome software at work today. New software and two job calls. Pretty awesome day for me.