Saturday, January 31, 2009

bad cast

last night i could not sleep well- the cast was really hurting my hand. i got up and used tweezers and a knife and took a bunch of junk out of it. that gave my hand more room and i finally got to sleep.

this morning i sat with jw. smart boy said my cast was bad- i agree.

Friday, January 30, 2009

friday, finally

this has been a long week. i am avoiding capital letters because my arm is elevated and it is too hard to use the shift key one handed. on wednesday my hand hurt so bad, i callef the dr, he wrote orders for a cast to immobilize 3 fingers. i nearly fainted while they were doing it. not a nice feeling.

thursday we went to the al. it was the last time this year to dress kids. we had a nice lunch afterwards. it was bbq- not bad either, but i sure would have liked sauce from bodacious or big dave's.

today was a long, long, long day. we went to college, then lunch and rest with uncle jiggs and anne, then yearbook, then prom dressing- which almost made us late for play practice, then dinner with the extended family.

tommorrow i am getting up way too early to go do joyanna's babysitting job.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Madness

I guess part of today's madness goes back to Friday night. We had our extended family here (Megan, MaeMae, and Kali). They brought a wonderful chicken dish. Yummy. After dinner we hung out and watched Monk. Fun. Well, it was fun until I sat down on the sofa and scooted myself back on the couch using my hands. The pain was awful. I told them I thought I broke something. None of us really believed it since I was just sitting down. We put ice on it and tried to get my ring off. No luck.

It didn't hurt so bad the next day til later in the day. I tried to grate cheese, but that really hurt. On Sunday I felt a lot better unitl I drov Dean's car. That hurt really, really bad.

After school today I brought ja home to do chemistry then I went to the doctor. My hand is broken in the palm. Now it hurts really, really bad from the splint. He said it was a very odd injury. I had to go get my wedding ring taken off. I hate having to have it cut off.
hurts my heart.

I am so tired tonight. Discouraged, too. I thought I was losing some weight but not by that scale. My blood pressure was better. I am heading to bed now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Week in Review

I have been busy with so many things, I didn't even stop to write about a few big things.

On Wednesday Joy Anna started school at El Paso Community College. She is taking English and Modern Dance. She could have taken two academic classes, but she needs a fine art and she loves dance. I thought one class would be good to get her started.

I went to the library and hung out and worked on photos. It was great to have some time just for me to do photography. I got a lot done on Friday during my two hours.

Thursday we did School Bell again. We really enjoy the opportunity to do that. There is only one more week for this year. That is a good thing since we are running out of clothes.

Dean is still job hunting. We have sent out so many applications and resumes. He did get an email back from a job with the city. Hopefullys omething will come of that or the government one. EIther one would be good pay and nice benefits.

We are getting quite a few calls on the house now that we have it for sale by owner. I hope that someone buys it soon. If they did that I could not be so worried about the bills. I wish the government would bail out the people- then we could pay our bills which in turn would bail out the big companies. Seems simple to me.

I have been thinking about writing Dean's old boss a letter. Not the angry one I wrote a few weeks ago but didn't mail. I am thinking of writing and apealing to his sense of right (that is assuming he has one) and asking him to pay Dean what he owes him. My sanity needs that to happen so I can catch up on the bills. The stress is eating me alive.

Joy Anna auditioned for the dinner theatre for the church. She got a part. I am going to do props. I am excited. I ahve missed that. Maybe that will help my creativity. I certainly need to be creative. My photography is suffering because I am really struggling with the creative part where I usually can put things together fairly easily.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20

Today was my Papa's birthday. Today Nanny didn't miss him more than normal. She is with him. It did make me miss both of them a whole lot today.

I watched the inauguration today. I think the amount of money spent was slightly obscene especially since so many of us are struggling to pay the bills. Just think how far that could have gone to help the American people- talk about hope.

I do hope one of the first changes would be the realiation that just because our skin is white doesn't mean we are prejudiced. I was greatly insulted by the last prayer of the ceremony. Think of the outrage had a white man made a statement similar to that about a black person. I do believe we have passed a line where the prejudice can not be blamed entirely on the white American. It is very sad.

Joy Anna starts EPCC tomorrow. She is taking 6 hours- English and Modern Dance. I think she is a little nervous. She has everything ready to go. While she does class, I am going to work on photos this week. Maybe next week, I will be able to finish my novel. I am sort of looking forward to a set time 3 days each week where I can devote all my time to photos or writing.

I am really sick at my stomach tonight. Not sure what it is. Maybe a bug. I hope it is over tomorrow. Don't want anything to interrupt my time tomorrow while she is in class.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Window Shopping

When we were kids and just went shopping to look and not buy, we called it window shopping. That is what we did today. JoyAnna and I met her friend Kelley and her mom and dad to look at prom dresses. They tried on at least a dozen dresses each at the first store. Then we moved on to Marshall's and Ross. They had so much fun. When they finally found a dress they liked- they both liked the same one. It was probably a good thing we were not buying today. JoyAnna has made enough money to buy her own -especially because since we were looking in the under $50.00 range. Pretty cool. I found one for me. I am going to be the photographer, so I looked, too. I found one for 16.00. Hopefully, they will still have one in my size in a month or so. If not, I am sure I wil find something.

JoyAnna is losing weight. She looks great. She can wear clothes she hasn't been able to wear in quite a while. I am very proud of her. I am losing some, too. It is not as easy to tell on me.

We are going back to church tomorrow. She really likes the youth. She is going to audition for the youth dinner theatre. If she doesn't get a part, she can always do the tech part. She is used to doing that anyway.

She wants me to rag roll her hair. So, I guess I will go do that now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dean's job or lack there of

He has still not heard anything about the government job except that he is qualified. No date for an interview- nothing.

I am trying to keep the faith. It is very hard. In 5 weeks, this job he has now will be over. I guess then we will have to take the job in Corpus. The pay is not great - we are now on pay cut number two and expenses are not going down. We are sinking. This was not supposed to be this way.

I am not sure what else we can cut out. We don't do anything extra.

We are still praying for the right job at the right time.

Scary and Creepy part 2

Wow, I got more news today about the neighbor who was arrested. It was in the paper yesterday that he was one of the city's most wanted- RIGHT NEXT DOOR! People are trying to talk me into talking Eric out of going on the mission field because it might be dangerous. Here I am in my nice little house in my nice large neighborhood in one of the safest cities in the USA and my next door neighbor is a most wanted. YIKES!

You have to admit that is a little freaky.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creepy and Scary

Yesterday someone rang the doorbell. I peeked out and there were two deputies there. They were asking me about my neighbor. I told them I don't really know any of the neighbors. Later in the day, Dean saw them arresting our next door neighbor. He has been very nice to us. Friendly and helpful whenever we have seen him. When the pups got out one Sunday morning, he helped Dean and JoyAnna catch them. I looked up the charges today on the internet. I must admit I am a tad nervous now. I couldn't understand most of the charges, but the ones I did make me concerned. Should he get out, I will not be leaving JoyAnna home alone. I told Dean maybe we could get out of our lease. He is not a registered sex offender, but I am sure he will be once he gets out.

I wonder if that will get me out of the lease. Since they can't keep our toilets unstopped, I am about ready to get out of here anyway.

Ashley Furniture has lousy customer service

I posted this this week, but I just htought I would post it again. Ashley Furniture does not care about customer service. They hung up on Dean. They would only judge by the photos sent by a tech- photos taken with a cheapy camera that does not take good pics- believe me- I bought 2 just like it for my kids. So, once again - I DO NOT LIKE ASHLEY FURNITURE

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dean Job update

A few days ago I was really upset because I thought I had done something to mess up his application for the governmnet job. He was not happy with me either. He didn't say anything, but I knew. He would probably say he wasn't, but I could tell from the way he said "I'll call about it Monday."

Well today was Monday. He was going to call today, but before he could call- I checked his email, and there was an email saying he had made the first cut. I was stoked. He was too. His voice sounded so excited. It was awesome.

We understand that a computer picks the initial top cut. Next will be an interview with a group of three. After that, there will hopefully be another interview with the person in charge of hiring. Dean knows this person through the job he has now. We are hoping that is a good thing.

The job would be nice. The minimum pay is slightly above what he makes now. The top range is a good deal higher. We shall see. The big thing is benefits! That will rock. JoyAnna doesn't want to leave so she is really praying this works out.

We all believe that God sent us here for a reason. Had he not come and worked with the agencies he has been working with, he would never have applied for a job like this. We are just praying that the right thing happens.

I will never buy from Ashley Furniture again

As most of my friends know, we spend 2007 remodeling the house. We had planned to get new furniture. We searched and looked and shopped for just the right living room furniture. We finally narrowed it down to two different sets from Ashley Furniture. Finally in November of 2007 we placed our order. We bought from a local furniture store instead of Ashley Furniture and in the process saved about $500. The furniture finally came in the first week of December. We were so excited. It looked great.

In March, I started calling the furniture store and Ashley Furniture both because the furniture started looking bad. The fabric was stretching and looking worn. Finally in May and June they came out and replaced the bottom cushion covers and added some of that fiber wrap to make them sink in less. It looked a little better.

By October it looked bad again. I started calling and writing Ashley Furniture. No Response. Finally, in late November, I got information on how to file a complaint with them. I sent it in right before the end of my one year warranty. I received a letter from Ashley Furniture stating thatit was past the warranty time so too bad.

Dean called and they agreed to send someone out to look at it. Ahsley Furniture sent someone out last week. They worked for someone other than Ashely Furniture.

Today, we got a letter stating that it meets their high quality standards, so anything that is done will be on our dime. If that is Ashley Furniture's idea of quality, they have a real issue with what that means.

So, I am suggesting to everyone I know that you do not purchase furniture from Ashely Furniture.

I am going to post my Ashley Furniture here so everyone can see just how wonderful Ashely Furniture looks after one year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blessed Be Your Name - again

Back in June I wrote this song spoke to me. Today it spoke to me again. We went back to the Methodist church again today. We went to the contemporary service instead of the traditional. It was very, very different from the traditional one, but it was much more like we are used to.

Back in June, it was the phrase about the desert. Today, it was so much more.

The sermon today was from Acts 1. You know the verse about going into all the world to tell about Jesus. I just love how God speaks to me through his word and through song. Acts 1:8 talks about recieving the power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and then going to tell about God. That verse was on one of the first t-shirts I designed. It was for a mission trip to Alaska. Eric was 6 and this was going to be his 8-9th mission trip.

How can I say I am hesitant for him now to go the ends of the earth to tell others about God?

When he is walking the walk and not just talking the talk, why am I not rejoicing? I am in one way. In another, I am selfish for wanting him to be here with us.

We went to Sunday School today. It was nice. You know it has been probably 10 years since Dean and I have been in an actual adult Sunday School class. We are so used to being leaders in the youth, that this was nice. Maybe it is our time to be fed. JoyAnna was so excited about her class. They had beanbags and only a couple of boys. Everyone was really nice. She came home much happier.

This afternoon, we had a wonderful lunch and then just hung out. Tonight I went to try ringing the hand bells while Joy Anna went to the youth group. Ringing bells was a tad difficult.Ok, it was more difficult than that. It will certainly take quite a bit of practice.

JoyAnna had a great time at youth group. She has now decided we can not move away from El Paso. She has decided to audition for the youth dinner theatre. She is planning to participate in the annual mission project at the end of the month. She also wants to go to the youth retreat- only it is 100. Yikes! Oh well I am glad she met some nice girls.

Dean and I are filling out more applications.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today was a beautiful day in the city of El Paso. The sky was a wonderful blue and the clouds were huge puffy and white. Very, very pretty.

We didn't do much today. We slept late and then headed out to just visit some local sites. We had planned to go to white sands, but it was supposed to be cold. We decided to wait until another day to do that.

As a mom I am really torn about Eric going on the mission field. This is coming from someone who teared up his freshman and sophomore years in high school because he was going to be moving away from home. I know this is how we raised him, but it doesn't mean I am going to miss him any less.

Dean is not sure we need another dog. If Eric were to move home like we hoped, we would have him here. It is not that much different - only Ranger minds him more than us. I think we will sign all three up for obedience school as soon as possible.

Tomorrow we are going to try the contemporary service at church. JA is going to try the SS class at 11. I hope she likes it. I asked Eric if we needed to find a Southern Baptist Church since he wants to go through their program. He said no. It is a good thing. We did not feel really at home at the SBCs we visitied.

I was hoping we could spend some time in Longview when we go home for Eric's graduation. Because JA is going to college, we won't get to. She is going to probably have to miss 2 days as it is. I don't think we can let her miss more.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I spent hours and hours helping Dean fill out the application for that government job. We went on tonight and it said his application was only started- that I might have not logged out. I am sure I didn't. I just closed out the window. They said they get so many applications that the computer does the top 10. So, I probably messed up his job opportunity.

more stress

love this

I am so stressed out about all of this that I can not even function doing photography.

I have ulcers in my mouth - again. Stress hits my stomach and the ulcers in my mouth are huge.


I think I will go just lay down and listen to the relaxation cd - it is really to help change eating habits, but it relaxes me. If it changes my eating habits, that will just be a bonus.

Talked to Eric today. He filled out his first paperwork on Wednesday. He got an email with the 2nd set today. He filled that in and sent it off. Guess he waits now on Step 3.

Maybe the Lord is trying to teach me patience. I sure seem to be waiting on alot these days.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a week part 2

The post below is how Joy Anna and I spent our week. This one is about Eric. He called me this week just to talk. I always wonder what is up when that happens. After chit chatting for a while, he told me he had really been praying about some things. He thinks instead of going for his Masters in the spring, he will apply to be a journeyman missionary. I was a little surprised only because he has been talking about the other so much.

I know this is how we brought him up. How many kids go on their first mission trip in the womb? He has been on so many mission trips. We talked again today. The three things aside from school that he has given the most time to in his life are swimming, missions, and bike riding. The position he is applying for will include all three of those. The position would be in a pacific rim nation. He would be riding his bike and being involved in other sports- like swimming and surfing.

In one way, it makes me very happy because he is following God in a real way. In another way, I am sad. Two years is a long time not to see him. There is also the issue of safety. I will be on my knees alot over the next two years to give him the prayer support he'll need. I know we serve a mighty God and Eric was his long before he was ours to nurture and love.

What a week!

Is it just Thursday? Feels like maybe next Thursday. :)
JoyAnna had the opportunity to take some free classes at the community college. They are actual college classes that transfer to other colleges. She gets them free because we homeschool. Pretty Cool. But not easy.

We started out on Tuesday morning. We drove out to the local branch- after finding it. We carried what we needed- we thought. No one told us it needed to be notarized. So, we had to come home home and reprint everything, find a notary, fill out all the papers and go back . . .to wait . . .and wait . . .and wait. Then, after we got to the front of the line, we got to wait again.

While waiting we met a lady who goes to the church we have been attending. She was there to take a computer class.

Once we got through with that wait, we were told to go back on Wednesday morning. Okey dokey. Tuesday night JoyAnna made her ritz chicken and some yummy rosemary lemon potatoes.

Wednesday we got up and headed out to the college. We were there a little after 9. We didn't have to wait too long this time. Maybe an hour. I think they just didn't know how to do a homeschool kid at this campus. If they had told us it was going to be such an issue we would have gone across town. The main part of this meeting was getting her acceptance letter and scheduling her placement tests.

Ah, the placement tests. She rocked on the reading and writing tests. She didn't do quite as well on the math. It was ok, because we were not signing up for math classes. She can retest next year if we are still here. That will give her more time with algebra.

This morning we went to the main campus to go through the next steps. Yep, there were more. We went upstairs to the counseling office. Well, we got in line to give her name to the receptionist to be called. That line was an hour. After we sat down, we waited another 30 minutes. Finally a counselor. He signed her up for English and Modern Dance. Half of that, is what she really, really wanted. She was glad for the compostion as she was not crazy about that part of her literature class. You would think we were through, right?

Wrong! After we got the classes she could take, we had to go get another piece of paper notarized. That worked out fine since we thought we were supposed to be at the assistance league to work. Thought was the main word there. We were wrong. We went on in and visited with everyone since it was the day of the meeting and lunch. We had a nice visit, got our paperwork notarized and headed back out to the main campus.

Then we got in yet another line. This one was even longer, but was moving faster. We managed to get done there in about 40 minutes, only to get to the window and them have no idea what to do with her. They sent us back to another lady. She was very, very nice. I get so tickled to hear people here speak. It is part spanish, part english, part I don't know. Crazy. She made some calls, but no luck. Thankfully, I hadn't cleaned out the car and the original unnotarized paperwork was in there. We finally finished and headed out of there with my newly registered college student.

Next we headed over to the aunt and uncle's. They were not there, but she had left her phone bill out for me. We have been checking to see if we can save her some money. Today I called and was able to save her 42 a month. Next, I asked about our bill. I think I have written about it before. They have been charging me for someone else's dish network bill. That means I owe a whole bunch. I have been working on it since July to get it off of it. No luck. After another hour, I still don't have it finished. Hopefully, they are going to get it figured out. Pretty crazy.

We came home and walked and then had grilled cheese, spinach salad and cauliflower with cheese sauce. yummy. Now, JoyAnna is in the dining room working on a cover for the yearbook cover contest. We have been announcing it for weeks. She wasn't going to do one. Last night, she couldn't sleep so she came up with an idea. Now she has to get it ready.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Madness

Why is it that every time I plan to make progress a thousand things come up?
I got up early this morning, did a few things here, and headed across town to pay the rent. I had to pay cash because it was the first time Dean had gotten a check from this company, so they put a hold on the checks. The landlord cashes them instead of depositing. I didn't want it to bounce because of the hold. I drove over there and no one was there. It was nearly 9:30, too.

I went down to the aisan market for some oyster sauce. While I was there I picked up a huge wok like skillet. We have been cooking so much Thia food. It will make it easier to prepare.

Then I went back to the landlord's office. There I paid my rent and left the long list of things that need to be done on the house.

Next I stopped by the relatives. I spent a couple of hours there helping them make airline reservations. Then I worked on a slide proector. I couldn't get it to work.

I came home and did a few more things for the photo biz. I did a few things here, but not much. It is so hard to work after I have already left the house. Tomorrow I will work on it some more.

I did walk tonight. That was good. After that, I came home and settled into working on photos. I did make some progress. I just don't feel creative. Tomorrow I hope it is better. Today was. Maybe I am on the upswing.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I hate making new year's resolutions. I don't like feeling like a failure and that is what usually happens.

I need to make some major life changes in 2009 - mainly for the sake of my health.

I know for a fact that a lot of my health issues are stress related. I get stressed and over eat. I don't walk or work out. I get depressed which makes me eat more and exercise less. Not much fun. Waht is bad is I know this and I still do it.

So, here is my list:

Eat Better
Exercise More
Drink more water and less diet coke
Worry less (this would be easier if Dean had a job)
Work on organization (granted this will take longer than a year, but I mean start)
Work Photography as a business and not as a hobby (set aside time each day for it)
Finish and Polish my novel (guess this needs time set aside each day)
We had so much fun on Friday. Satruday was much more quiet. JoyAnna and I went to a 10th day of Christmas party. One of the days right through here is called Kings' day by some denominations. It honors the wise men arriving to visit Jesus.

I was in Walmart last week and saw a king's cake. Having lived so close to Louisiana for my whole life, my first thought was Mardi Gras. Nope, on this side of the state, it is something entirely different.

We had a really yummy King's cake at the party. After the party, JA went to babysit and Dean and I went grocery shopping. I was really hungry for salad. We had a really great one for dinner. Mae Mae, Megan and Kali came over for dinner. We watched Mama Mia. What a movie- and I don't mean that in the traditional way as in what a great movie.

I love musicals. Well most of them. This one just cracked me up. I am sure they used regular stars to draw people in to the movie. Too bad they couldn't find any who should sing anywhere but the shower.

Today we went to church. Dean and I did. We went back to the Methodist church. I like most everything. We are going to try the contemporary service. I just find it odd that there is no invitation. I really like the readings. To me, it brings even more scripture in to the service.

Tonight I made a chicken casserole. Probably not the best thing I ever made. Tomorrow. I am back on a healthy eating plan. I have to for my BP and my cholestoral. Maybe it will help with stress too. Dean got his first paycheck. It was not what we were expecting. Unless there is a big change, I doubt Corpus is an option.

We are praying he hears from the government job this week. I kow it is a long process, but they said they should have the top 10 applicants this week. If he didnt make that list we will start job hunting all over again. If he didn't make the top 10, it is probably my fault. There were so many papers and so many forms to fill out and submit. I tried my best to do them all. I am just praying I didn't make a mistake.

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2 was a really fun day

December 31 we scheduled to have MaeMae, Megan and Kali come over. JoyAnna was invited to a friends, so she went there. We tried to watch Mama Mia, but the DVD player wouldn't work. We ended up just hanging out. We had a great dinner of white chili and jalepeno cornbread. We watched some football and bits and pieces of the New Year's eve in Times Square. We looked for Eric, but never saw him.

Dean and I got to sleep in on New Year's day. We had the morning to ourselves. We went to eat breakfast and then to best buy to look around. I am working on a business plan. I really want to be successful as a photographer. I need a few things to really make myself productive. Anyway, we looked around some for some ideas.

We drove out to get JoyAnna and her friend Brittany. We had a traditional New Year's meal with Anne and Jiggs. We watched a little more football and just hung out there for a while. We did a little window shopping on the east side of town before going back to Brittany's. There we hung out with her family and had dinner. It was a lot of fun to just hang out. Brittany came back to spend the night to go with us to look for snow today.

Mae Mae, Megan, and Kali came for us and we headed north into New Mexico. We started seeing just a little bit along the road and finally working its way up the mountain. Once we got to Cloudcroft there was quite a bit of snow. There was not enough to open the ski lift, but it we stopped at a park and climbed up the mountain and slid down. We tried to make a snowman, but it was just a foot of powder.

We had so much fun. We really needed more than one sled. We did have fun. I will post photos on my other site.

We slid for a while before we decided we needed to find something to eat. We headed back into the town and decided on the 'best burger in cloudcroft.' Our poor waitress must have been having a really rotten day. The dining room only had 5 tables. There were 2 more tables beside the kitchen in the room with the register and a table for 2 in the hall. We needed a place for 7 of us. We told her we needed a table for 7. She said "it is going to be quite a while. You can go down to the the next cafe to eat." Megan asked her if it was any good. She said "our burgers are better." Well ok, that really makes me want to go somewhere else.

I asked if we could sit at the tables by the register and the one in the hall. That would seat the 7 of us. She didn't act too happy, but she did agree to letting us.
A family of 4 got up and went to the register. That left two tables in the main dining room. There were 6 seats there. We decided we could use it and the table in the hall and not be so squished in the 'register room' Well, she didn't like that at all. We were told we needed to be together. Well, ok. So we moved in there, added a nother chair.

She was not a happy person. It was obvious. We did get our food and it was mostly correct. She did fix the problems. You could just tell she loved her job. My sandwich was great. We got up to pay for lunch. She rang it up. I handed her the debit card. She looked at me and said "cash or check." I was like, Oh, wow. I never saw a sign that said cash only. I had to go borrow money from Mae Mae to pay until we got to the ATM across the street. It was interesting.

We walked around a little bit in the town before heading up to the Inn at Cloudcroft. We went to the tower and looked at the beauty around the inn. We window shopped in the hotel shops. JoyAnna checked out the fudge shop. The lady was nice and told her how they made some of the different fudges.

We decided to go back for some icecream. It was in the same area as those burgers. You guessed it- the happy waitress was also our server for icecream. I wanted chocolate ice cream. I was told it was going to be a while. I decided I could do without.