Friday, October 31, 2008

Really good Barbeque in New Mexico - sort of

Dean missed lunch today, so he was really, really hungry. He got on his Iphone and looked up places to eat. We had been hearing of a place called State Line- same people own it that own County Line in Austin area. We decided to try it out. It was really pretty good. Te bread was fab, so we bought a day old loaf for a buck to bring home. It will make wonderful cinnamon toast for breakfast in the morning. yummy

I have really been praying about that deccisin I posted about last night. I do believe God has worked it out :)

Now, we are praying about something else- really, really big. I know the Holy Spirit knows, so just pray for us. I wonder sometimes why God sent us all the way here when it hasn't worked out as planned. Maybe this is God's way of having us here for another opportunity. We are just trusting him for this.

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