Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

This is certainly turning into a different kind of Christmas. First off, we are in El Paso, not in Longview getting ready to head to Lufkin on Christmas Day. Because of working here for a giant jerk, there was no Christmas bonus which means no Christmas shopping money. We have gotten the kids a couple of small things. Tomorrow we go get some stocking stuffers. That'll be it. We're looking at the big picture of Christmas and being together - not on getting gifts.

We are looking forward to having Dean's great uncle and aunt over on Christmas. We are also having Marie, Megan, and Kali over. It will be fun to have a little one. Megan's husband is station in Japan, so this is an odd Christmas for them, too.

Thankfully, Eric was able to come home. My mom bought his ticket for all of us a Christmas gift. I must say it was a pretty awesome gift.

We thought about going to the mountain today to see the snow. We decided not to spend the money, so we just hung out here. JoyAnna is making more fudge for Christmas gifts tonight.

I was thinking today how much of my everyday as well as my holidays I have gotten from my Nanny. I was buying groceries this week and got the ingredients for dressing. I have made it a lot with Nanny not at my house when I did it, but this will be the first time since she passed away. It made me sad to think about it. So many things make me think about her. this will only be the 2nd Christmas in life that I will not have seen her. Okay, I am stopping now before I start really crying. I have to help JoyAnna and salty fudge will not be good.

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