Monday, February 27, 2012

I have a new blog

I decided this blog was too negative! So, I have switched to

I am blogging about life, job hunting, and the 17 day diet. Join me there!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laptop City in El Paso offers poor customer service

I called Laptop City this morning to see about them repairing my computer. I told them I was sure it was the hard drive and asked how much to repair it. He told me they couldn't give me an amount, but that they would charge me 19.95 to look at it and that would go toward the repair price. I asked for just a ball park figure. They said they couldn't do that, but if it was a hard drive, it would not be too much. He said it could be fixed within the day.

When I dropped the computer off, the lady told me it would be 39.95. I told her I had been told 19.95. She said ok. She said I would get a call some time today. I got the call at 7 pm. I was told that it was going to be 269.00. I can buy a new computer for not much more than that. I told them they had said it was not going to be much. He asked how much I wanted to spend. I told him 100. If they had given me some idea - which they could know- I had already had Office Depot look at it and knew it needed a hard drive. If I had been told it was going to be over 200 I would never have taken it in. Of course they would not have gotten the 19.95 from me.

Office Depot false advertising

Have you ever seen the sign at Office Depot that says "We fix Computers"
That statement is a lie - oh wait - I was just told that is a broad term - it doesn't cover hard drives. Way to go Office Depot - not only do you offer crappy customer service - you also practice false advertising!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Office Depot equals major customer service fail!

In January of 2010 I needed a new computer. I shopped at Office Depot and Best Buy comparing the different laptops along with their extended warranties. I visited with several employees at both stores. I asked specifically at both stores what the process would be if I had computer issues. At both stores, I was told I would bring it to them. Because Office depot had the same laptop with a larger battery for the same price, I went with Office Depot. I purchased the longest and best extended warranty. I was told that it would cover physical damage as well as other things. I was also told it did not cover anything related to a virus.

At the end of 2010, my adapter went out. I called the tech number. I was informed that since my computer was still under warranty by HP, the tech people could not help me. I had to talk to HP. I called HP. It was going to take several days to get an adapter, so I had to go in and purchase one for 90.00. Yep, after spending over 200 on an extended warranty that covered adapter replacement, I had to spend 90 more dollars. I am really turning into a fan of the extended warranty at Office Depot.

A few weeks ago, I started having trouble with my laptop. It would not stay logged into the internet. I called the tech department. They are so clever, they told me to reset the modem- something I was having to do every few minutes. It had to be my computer since both  JA and the television were accessing the internet just fine. They refused to do anything - just told me to keep resetting the modem. Yep. I am a fan of Office Depot's Tech.

3 weeks ago, I started getting a message that my laptop did not have windows installed correctly. I took the laptop to Office Depot. They tried to run their scans on it. No luck. Said it must be a bad virus and it would be a minimum of 160.00 to have them redo. I thanked them but said no thank you. Mcafee is cheaper. I went home and worked with McAfee and a representative from Microsoft. I was told there was nothing they could do for me. I took it to a local tech. He said it was no virus, but it did have something to do with Windows. Fine. I got that fixed.

Today, more trouble. My hard drive went out. I know it was my fault. I set it down and my hand was shaky and it slipped. It was sitting vertical and fell onto the floor. My mistake, but it is covered under my warranty. Yep, it is,  but I have to send it in. It will take a minimum of two weeks! What about the fix it in the store that I was promised. They don't do anything with hardware- only software. So, in fact they lied to me the day I bought the computer. I should have bought the one at best buy.

I called the support number for my paid protection plan. 2 weeks is what they tell me.

I called Office Depot Customer Care - told my complaints- too bad nothing they can do. I asked for a supervisor. Too bad, they are busy but they will tell me the same thing.

So, I have come to realize that Office Depot really doesn't need a customer care department as they really don't care about their customers.

it is really sad to me when large companies hold all the power over you. I would have been better off not purchasing the extended warranty. It was a waste of money.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank You Southwest!

Thank you Southwest for providing great customer service! I appreciate it more than you know. I am so happy my entire family will be reunited. We are losing 60.00, but that is a small price to pay for getting everyone together! I am super excited.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Soutwest Airlines is really disappointing me!

I am very disappointed with southwest airlines! I cancelled 2 tickets on April 25th because of a weather issue at the destination. (Dean and Rick were going fishing with our friends from Tyler and the river was flooded!)

I was told that I could use the amount for any traveler, not just the ticketed ones. Supposedly on April 29th, Southwest Airlines decided to enforce the policy said to have been in place for 10 months and no longer will allow it.

Eric has been out of the country for nearly 2 years. We were trying to book tickets for Joy Anna and Jeremy to meet Eric and Ashley in Dallas. Joy Anna has school every day (including weekends) the week Eric is in El Paso and can not come down from Santa Fe. This was going to be her opportunity to see him before he moves to North Carolina. It is also her opportunity to get to meet Ashley and Eric to get to meet Jeremy.

We have planned an entire week of family/friends reunion based on the fact that we had these funds to purchase tickets. Now, Southwest Airlines is refusing to let me use the funds.

It is too far for my daughter and her boyfriend to drive because of their commitments at school. If we don't get this worked out, it will be 6 more months before they see each other as he is moving to North Carolina that week!

This is very upsetting! If that was Southwest Airline's policy on April 25th yet not being enforced, why was I not told that it couldn't be done?

Southwest Airlines has a very unhappy customer today. I was promised a call back and all I got was an email! So much for customer LUV!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days 5-7

Oops! I got a little busy. I have had so many photo shoots! I am super excited about that, but I slipped up on posting on my blog. So . . . . . .I am going to go back to Sunday, Day 5.

We were planning to meet our friends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. To allow me to eat what I wanted, I had grapefruit for breakfast. I had planned on having fajitas or something grilled. Didn't work. We found out that they did not allow ordering off the menu until after 12. That meant my only option was the brunch buffet. Yeah. Not the best situation. I managed to get some eggs, a little bbq style shredded chicken, and a tortilla. Thankfully, they had lots of yummy fruit. I did splurge on a piece of toast. I only had half- really was probably like a 1/4 of a hamburger bun size (just the top) but it had butter on it. I survived. I did another aerobic photoshoot in the late afternoon and then for dinner, we met Rick and Suzy at Road house. I had salad, kbobs, and a dry baked potato. I know it is weird, but I like them that way.

Monday, day 6. I started the Made to crave Bible study with three friends. We met at 9,. I needed to go to walmart before the class, so I spent 8 points on a burrito from McDonald's. I also had a diet coke. I try so hard not to have them, but they feel so good on my throat. My throat has been really hurting the last couple of weeks. For lunch, I enjoyed another piece of the cabbage casserole. Yummy. Dinner was grilled chicken and veggies, a salad, and some refried beans. Overall, it was a good food day for me. I had another photoshoot, too!

Tuesday, day 7. Breakfast was my usual egg, canadian bacon and ff cheese. I really enjoyed the 2 cups of chai that was only 1 point. It was grand. I went to work at the office. I started training my replacement. She is going to be great. I am so excited that I have the opportunity to actually do photography. I am also going to really work hard on Zizi Jewelery. Hopefully, that will really make a financial difference for me. Lunch was at Ripe. I had the grilled veggie sandwich without bread and a salad. I did eat two tiny little shortbread cookies. It was minimal in points. I said 10 to be on the safe side. We were rushing like crazy for dinner because there were so many meetings tonight. We went to eat Mexican. I enjoyed my enchiladas. The book says 10 points for chicken enchiladas. Again, it seems like the book over does the points. But, I use it anyway.

Tonight I placed a great order from my shoot on Saturday night. I also ordered some photos of Joy Anna and Jeremy. Really cute.

Made it through week one! Score! I did well, I think. I hope the scale shows it tomorrow, but even if it doesn't, I am excited that I am making changes for me. Healthier eating, moving more . . . . . . . . . .