Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Fun

My mother in law is here. We went over to her aunt's and uncle's yesterday afternoon. Their daughters are here, too. Their daughters are the same age as Dean and me, but they are Dean's mom's first cousins.

Dean and Lois played with their IPhones. Dean got a bunch of new applications where he can do tons of fun stuff. We all looked at pics and chatted and really enjoyed being together.

One of my favorite old El Paso homes is across the street from them. The doctor who owns it seldom comes there. It is overgrown and just begging for someone to move in and love it. We went over and walked around and peeked in the windows. There are two mercedes in the garage just sitting there rotting.

They have quite the garden growing. Tomatoes and cantelopes everywhere. She even has cantelopes growing hanging down off the rock wall. I took pics, I hope they do them justice. I'll post them on my 365 if they do well.

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