Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house

We had such a nice last few days. On Christmas eve, I stayed in my pajamas all day long until it was time to dress for the 11:00 pm service. We were the advent readers for that service and lit the candles. It was something new for us and something we really enjoyed doing.

Let's go back a couple of days, though.
Tuesday was a wonderful day for me. I got to finally skype with Eric and hear his voice. That was wonderful. I got one brief glance of him before the computer crashed. We did get to talk though.

On Wednesday, it snowed again. Not much, but we were hoping for a white Christmas. That was not to be. Wednesday was a quiet day. The snow seems to make it that way. I finished shopping at lunch time except for groceries. Dean and I did that in the evening.

As I said Thursday was a nice day. I cooked and cleaned, but it was so nice to be home. Joy Anna got out and visited her friends off and on during the day. She and Clay went to a party in the evening and met us at the church. Last year, Joy Anna and I went to the Christmas eve service at Western Hills. We only knew Marie, Megan, and Kali then. This year, it was sad they were not with us, but we knew so many people. It has become our home church. Leaving the church in the crisp, cool stillness of the midnight hour is just so awesome after the service. Makes you so aware of the meaning of the night.

We had communion at the service. After a lifetime of the Lord's Supper in a baptist church, communion is so different. At first it was awkward. I have always been taught that you only take the Lord's supper after your heart has been made right with Lord. You pray and confess your sins, get things right with Him. The way we had always done it - pass the bread, pass the cups, etc- gave you plenty of time to pray and get things right. At first, I felt hurried to get things right before going up front for communion. Now, I prepare ahead of time. When you get to the front of the church and are handed the bread, they say "Jesus' body broken for you" when you dip it in the cup, you are told "Jesus' blood spilled for you." It is so personal. When you know the person who is doing it- Christmas eve it was the pastor and his wife - they put your name in front. Talk about personal. It was for me. It is for me.

Christmas morning we got up early- not too early, though. We stayed in our pajamas and got breakfast in the oven before we opened gifts. It was odd to just have three stockings and three piles of gifts. There have not been just three of us at home for Christmas since 1991 and I think we had grandparents with us. It was okay, though. We had a good time opening presents and enjoying one another.

The Richkoskis came down in their pajamas to open gifts and have brunch. We had a lot of fun having little ones here for Christmas. Aunt Anne and Uncle Jiggs came a little later to have brunch with us. We all got in the den and called Eric on Skype. he couldn't see us, but we got to see him. We all were excited. Olivia asked him lots of questions. She has been concerned that he didn't have a place to sleep since he left his bed here. It was fun to hear him chat with all of us and to actually see him. He looks good.

We had a nice brunch and enjoyed the company so much. After everyone left, we got dressed and ready to go to the Wallace's for lunch. We enjoyed lunch with them, the Richkowskis and Amy & Katie, and a coworker of Andi who just moved to El Paso. Having us all together was a lot of fun. After a while, Joy Anna took the little ones home so they could nap. We were all lazy after that. We took naps, watched tv, and just chilled. Clay came over late and hung out for a bit. Over all, a really nice day.

Today we went to the outlet mall. It was too crowded to shop. Joy Anna needed a smaller wallet. We basically did that and headed home. A very quiet day. I decided today that I am bored. I have never been one to sit and watch tv without doing something else. Since we don't have a working laptop, I cant haul a computer in there to sit with Dean and me work on photos or something. I get so bored while he watches football or those dumb cop shows. I need something to keep my busy. Tonight I have hung out in the den where the computer is, but I don't like being in here and him in there. I don't have photoshop at home either. I hate spending money on books. I miss the Library at MBC. I went to buy yarn, but it was not on sale, and I refuse to pay full price. So, I guess for a while I will just have to be bored.

Tomorrow we are going to the movies and see Avatar. Joy Anna saw it twice, so hopefully it will be a good movie.

Monday, December 21, 2009

3 months and so much has happened

When I posted last we really didn't know what was wrong with Joy Anna. We were waiting to see Eric in the brief time he would be here before leaving. We were struggling along.

Since then, Joy Anna had two more tests and ended up having her gall bladder out in late October. She turned 17 the next week. She is still very thin despite being able to eat.

Eric came home for about 10 days. They were good. They seem so long ago now. We have not heard his voice in 2 and half months. Despite him having very nice housing, they just don't have internet. We are so excited that we are going to actually get to skype with him this week.

Dean is working. His job is a just a job. He is still keeping an eye out for something else. We are torn as to whether we actually want to stay here in El Paso. Joy Anna was a main reason we stayed, and she plans to leave in the fall for school. But for now, we are here and making the best of it.

I am still working. It is very different. I seem to be tired a lot of the time. I like what I am doing. I like the people. I just really miss being at home. Dream job for me would actually be doing photos and graphics all day. I get to do it alot, but it is not for me. I am very thankful I do get to be creative. I would just wither if that were not the case.

Christmas is upon us. Last week was hard. It marked a year of Nanny being gone. Add to that Eric being on his mission, and well things have just been different. Joy Anna tried to decorate the tree. She kept crying so she quit. I finally did it yesterday, but I cried too. I hope next year will be easier.

I mailed Eric's Christmas gifts on Dec. 2. He still didn't have them before he left on a 2 week trek to another part of the country. I guess they can have Christmas again when they get back to their city.

Well, I must sleep. Tomorrow is going to be full.

I will try to do better at blogging and being positive when I do