Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, this was a different kind of Monday

Honestly, today went pretty well. Dean got up really early to head to work. Billie and I were not far behind him. We got everything loaded and headed to the airport. JoyAnna was snoozing in the backseat.

After we saw her off, we headed home and got busy on house stuff. We sort of let things slide the last few weeks. It was nice to get it back to being tidy. Tomorrow I must mop. I try my best to put it off as much as possible, but with white tile floors it has to be done every so often.

I went to a volleyball practice and took photos of the junior high homeschool team. It was fun. They were really cute.

Since we are going out of town this week, I needed to find a house/pet sitter. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I really like having a college kid or someone in that age group. It just works well for some reason. I thought and thought about a way to find one. I finally looked up the BSM for UTEP. I called and they knew of someone- a journeyman missionary young lady. She came over today. We really liked her. She is going to be great to have as a sitter.

Tonight I am sort of chilling. I am debating updating my website. It would cost a little money, but if it brings in more money, then it would be a good thing. I have been researching sites for photograhers. I would keep my site for galleries and ordering and just have a nice, cool, flash kind of site for the main site. I need to make more money. Maybe if my site looked better, people would actually want me to take their photos. I'll keep thinking about it.

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