Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Dean worked again today. JoyAnna doesn't want to go to church without him, so we didn't go again. We woke up to rain. It has rained the majority of the day. Even had some thunder which is not a common thing here.

We did the grocery shopping today. We are going to be adventurous and try out some new recipes. Three soups -One is from a friend, one from a magazine, one an old favorite. We are going to make twice bakeds for the family get together on Wednesday night. JoyAnna is also going to make an apple pie for then. Tomorrow we are going to try out a ham and tomato pie. Yeah, JoyAnna found it, but I'm game. Maybe we'll have that and tomato basil soup. Sounds pretty yummy. We are trying to not eat out too much. It is just too costly with 5 of us.

Ake was gone til really late last night. He got home at 11:45. Today he slept til nearly one. Tomorrow I will take him to school. That will be a relief for him to be somewhere where he is not just sitting in a room. Maybe this week they will find a house for him. We can hope.

We are going to eat at the Little Diner with the extended family. I know we said we are not going out much, but we are doing this because of the family thing. He doesn't want to go, so I got everything together for him to make fried rice. Dean feels really bad that we don't take him, but he would rather stay here since we are going to eat mexican.

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