Monday, June 30, 2008

oh what a day - guess it really is Monday

It did start out ok. It really did.

Then it went down hill-culminating with losing my cell phone. It may cost too much to get the same number, it might be cheaper to just go ahead and get a new phone here. If I do, I will let everyone know the new one.

I was backing out of a parkng space and did check the side mirrors - then I backed into someone. JoyAnna said they pulled in just as I started backing out. I offered to switch information, but she refused. I am guessing she didn't have any insurance, because she sure didn't want to call anyone or share info. There was just a tiny bit of damage to her car. It did make me sick at my stomach though.

Tonight I am going to work on photos for Heather and unpack some more. Maybe just staying in the house woud be the best thing for me tonight. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blessed be the Name

Blessed be your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed be your name

Notice it says "Desert Place" Well this was really all I got out of church this morning.

Today we visited a church near us. We were not very impressed. They had all th wording on the big screen about welcoming visitors, but they were not very welcoming. Even when I looked at someone in the eye and smiled, I didn't get much of a response. Made me sad.

We will try again next Sunday.

After church we went to the Wise house and went to lunch with Uncle Jiggs and Aunt Anne. We tried a wonderful Italian place. The food was great and there was sooooo much of it. I made 3 meals out of mine. After lunch, we finished emptying the storage unit.

I had a major headache so we did a lot of just vegging and movie watching today. A nice quiet Sunday- well, quiet when the dogs are not barking.

Tomorrow JoyAnna and I have a lot of paperwork kind of stuff to do. We need to go get the dresser we bought and maybe look for some more shelving of some kind. We think we might go check out the YWCA to join, too. I have to do something, I am so miserably out of shape. Have to get it under control.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trees, Fairies, and Trolls

We went to New Mexico today. There was a Ren Faire and we decided to give it a try. It was really small, but since it was only 2 bucks to get in it was ok.

One of the arisans made beautiful masks from leather. Beautiful but really pricey.

There were a couple of photogs there- I guess that was their profession. One was from LA and had wonderful fairy photos. Very modern and moody, I guess you would say.

We also found a belly dance studio here in El Paso. They will let JoyAnna take here, so she was really excited. Now she has to decide belly dance or ball room dancing. One of the instructors was from Tyler and worked with my friend Denise at Good Shep.

We had a really pleasant day. Now we are going to take the dogs to Petsmart to get food- that should be tons of fun.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A table full of teens

Since JoyAnna was feeling really blue about not knowing anyone, I put out a plea to the other homeschool parents. We met at Fuddruckers this afternoon for dessert.

There was a whole round booth packed with teen girls. It was great to hear them laughing and talking about typical teen stuff like bands and school and church youth groups.

I think it was really good for her. Tomorrow we are going to go into NM and visit Cloudcroft.


Need I say more? LOL
JoyAnna and I enjoyed the 70% off sale. Yep.
Mervyn's, oh yeah.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Yep, that about sums up our life right now. We have unpacked quite a few, but there are so many, many more.

JoyAnna and I went out yesterday and hit several thrift stores looking for storage items. We ended up with a dresser and a bedside table. Not sure of the time - thinking 40s-60s. Only 60.00 and will give us some much needed storage space. I need to find a couple more things.

Today we are going to unpack more boxes and then go to Fuddruckers to meet some of the homeschool community for dessert. Since JoyAnna is really feeling lonely, we decided to give this a try.

back to boxes

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doesn't that say it all? lol

Maybe right now it does for me.

JoyAnna is so sad. I hate that for her. We sent out an email this morning to see if any teens and their parents that are on the home school list want to meet for lunch tomorrow.

I walk around the ehouse and feel like I am living in a longstay hotel. It just doesn't feel like home even with our stuff around.

I am sad, too - and I don't know why. Yeah, I know the move, but more than that right now.

Maybe I need sleep. Our schdules are really off.

so, yeah, seems to say it all for me today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rain, a trench, and baking

Yep, it rained in El Paso.

It was so nice, we all went and stood on the patio. Ranger, who is not a fan of water, even went out and stood it in. It was a little after 9 and Dean had already gone to bed. Hard to do much else in the heat and when you don't have tv hooked up yet, your options are limited. He got up and came and stood on the patio and felt the coolness.

We needed coolness. JoyAnna and I had been busy all day loading the truck at the storage unit nad unloading it at the house. Alex, Edward's son spent a good portion of the day helping us. We would never have made it without him.

Today, the dogs dug a trench around the patio. Dean was not happy. I teased him and told them they had already adjusted to El Paso and were concerned about the rain (a big deal here since it has a tendency to flood when it does) and since they didnt want the house to flood, they dug a trench.

I am not sure when we are going to get unpacked. It is way too hot to move. I just checked and it is 108.9 but hey, it only feels like 103. I am going to work on photos since I can do that minimal moving and less stirring of the heat.

Matthew 6:19

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal."

This had to become my theme of the day. I have so much stuff and very little could really be called a treasure. But there were a few things . . .

We were doing great unloading the truck. I had been up since 5 and I was tired. Dean was hurrying to get the last few boxes off the truck so he could get to work at a decent time.

I was in the house and he had a stack of boxes on the dolly. A wheel hit the ramp and the boxes bounced and tumbled. I heard glass shatter. I rushed to the door to see a pile of boxes. A broken lid revealed which box it was. Only one thing in there really mattered to me. It was a beautiful crystal bowl I had been given on my wedding day by a cousin. It was one of my favorite things. It had been carted to all th different places we lived and held a place of honor in each one.

I sat on the floor and moved away the debris. I looked up at JoyAnna when I saw the familar shape wrapped in the bubble wap and paper. I told her that was the only thing that mattered in the box. She picked it up and it fell apart- so did I.

I cried and cried and cried. Dean was very apologetic. I knew it was not his fault. I knew it was just something that happened. I had wrapped it well. It was cushioned in several sheets of bubble wrap and then wrapped in heavy paper. It just didn't survive the fall from the height.

I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a thing. Not a person or even a pet. I have the memories of the bowl. I even have a photo of me opening the bowl on my wedding day.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Please let dogs sleep late would be better, but it didn't have the same ring to it.

5:00 am- yep- barking dogs awaken the weary movers.
5:05 am - "Pam, they won't quit playing long enough to take care of business, so I put them back to bed."
5:06 am - Barking dogs again "Argh, I'll just get up with them myself."
5:07 am - I was sitting on the patio step relaxing and watching the dogs run zig zags in the yard. Ranger, of course is the fastest. Dazzle would try to keep up but Razzle would pull her tail and hold her back. They really love the new yard.

It was so peaceful to watch the ski begin to lighten and hear the birds singing.

Sunday Evening "Blowing Dust"

understatement of a lifetime.

About 100 miles out of El Paso, folks started calling to check on us. "We are doing great." "Making good time." and several more positive statements came from the 3 weary travelers.

And . . . then . . . it hit.

Not all of a sudden or anything, but man, when it hit- it hit.

The state of Texas allows you to drive 80 mph out in the far west between El Paso and the ends of th earth. That, however, is not possible when you ar dealing with 60mph cross winds. It was blowing my car, so I was thankful I was not in the truck. We slowed to a crawl delaying our arrival in El Paso.

Had I not been so tired and ready to crawl into bed, I would have stopped and taken photos of the majesty that was the scenery. I marveled at the creation all around me. The ski was an everchanging plethera of colors and textures. Beautiful.

The wind really caused the gas gauge to drop. We pulled into a gas station on the far, far east of EP. We fought our way into the building to use the bathroom. I asked the man behind the counter if it was always this windy. He laughed . . and laughed. Finally, he said, "no, it has not blown like this in a couple of months." Wow, makes me look forward to spring. Not.

Dean was leaning against the truck when I came out- I think he was trying to no be blown away. He grinned really big. I screamed at him (just so I could be heard over the wind) "I love you." He laughed and yelled back, "welcome to El Paso."

Monday, June 23, 2008


oh what a day. We headed off in grand style.
Dean in a 17ft uhaul pulling an 8ft trailer - loaded to the brim. In the cab, was the cat in a kennel, her litter box, and a variety of things including my bamboo plant.

Me and JoyAnna in my car - loaded to the brim. 3 dogs in the back seat, Joy Anna and all of her 'stuff' in the front seat, the trunk with the kennel and a million other things.

It wasn't very many miles until Dazzle got scared of the construction area bumps and jumped into the front seat with JoyAnna. There she decided to spend the next 750 plus miles. She didn't even like the sound of the blinker. Thank goodness for puppy valium.

We all did amazingly well on needing to stop until we needed gas at Weatherford. We figured out a system we thought would work well. It did- for that stop. I would fill the car while JoyAnna went in. Then she would get the leashes attached while I went in. Next, we would take all three dogs out. We made good use of the grassy pet area. We managed to hang on to all three dogs and get them back into the car.

Then came the cat. I put her in the grass and hoped she wouldnt realize that the collar and leash would easily slip over her head. She didn't, but she was not interested in the grassy area. So, out came the litter box, but she was not interested in that either. Back it all went and she would just have to wait.

The next time we needed to stop did not go nearly as well. Not sure why in the world someone would see 2 people holding 3 dogs and bring their's over to visit. You would think they would realize dogs are going to be too busy taking care of the other dog's business to take car of their own.

The dogs did really well. Once the only place we could find to stop was a walmart parking lot. We found some dirt (we were in West Texas by then) and they enjoyed romping around.

The cat did great, too. She only bit Dean once during the day. She would walk around the inside and look out the window or sit beside him. She would get tired and go back to her kennel.

The pet part went much better than anticipated.

It's crying time again

Ok, I really tried hard not to cry. I decided it was easier if I didn't look at the house. Just focus on getting the stuff out and loading the car. The floors never got finished, so it was easier to sweep them and not look at the house and think of all the memories.

Boy, were there memories there. I refuse to think of them tonight either. One day soon I hope to get to the place where I can think of the memories and the fact that they are tied to the house will be secondary. For right now, it is just not like that.

That's enough of that.

Saturday- the BIG packing day

Bill, Dean and I got an early start. We loaded and loaded. I took off for a bit to go get Joy Anna and to go get tissue typed in honor of Miranda.

When we got home, the Barnes were there to help. We ate some Golden Chick and got going again. By this time, the house was not looking like our house. There was nothing at all in the living room.

It wasn't long until the house had filled up with company. It was great as everyone pitched in and we made lots of progress. Sheila and Cheryle helped me tackle the attic. They were real troopers. It was quite an ordeal. We made so much progress, but there was still some that we just ran out of time and room. Yep, we ran out of room. We had added a trailer and still ran out. I guess that means we will have to go back soon.

We did have a really nice day with all of our friends and family. We would never have made it without them. I can't even tell how much they helped us.

Saturday night after everyone left, I still needed to go by the school and pack some things. We visited with two families for just a few minutes. That made 3 of our families we saw on Saturday. I sure am going to miss all my kids from school.

I did not do nearly as well not crying today with all the people that were here. Wonder how long before I am 'cried out'?

50 million things to do before I sleep

Ok, this post is several days late, but it was what I was thinking and doing on Friday.

I never ever imagined I would have so many things to do and take care of before leaving. I can't even begin to list all the things I did.

The one thing I enjoyed was seeing the friends that stoppped by and chatting with those that called me. I really tried hard not to cry. I did pretty good in front of people.

Our dear friend Bill was a life saver for me. He took off from work and picked Dean up at the airport for me. They made great time and were back in time to take JoyAnna to Megan's party. Dean was in the mood for some good ol' cajun food. We ended up at Dudley's and the shrimp was good, but not as good as the bread pudding and whiskey sauce. Yum, Yum.

Bill spent the night, so when we got back to the house we all just chilled and watched some television. It was nice to just be still for a bit. We all enjoyed chatting, and we read Eric's blog and looked at his photos.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I know it is the middle of the night and I should be sleeping

Ranger wishes I could sleep, too. He thinks it is his job to stay right beside me. Because I can't sleep, he can't either- well at least not soundly. He has to keep an eye on me.

I tried out the puppy valium on the puppies today. I used the smallest dose. I think we need to do the next dose up on Sunday. I wish I had mommy valium that woud let me keep working, but just make it not so difficult to pack.

I have packed so many boxes for the truck. I am almost finished with everything in the main house. Yes, I am still putting off the attic. I know I can't put it off anymore. Tomorrow, I will conquer it. I also have to go to school and do some stuff in my room. I can't leave it like that for the next person. I have some books and things I want to bring with me. Books that were my kids and JoyAnna pulled them out to bring home.

Today I saw Kung Fu Panda. It was a good story line. The graphics were wonderful. It was nice to sit with Steven and enjoy the show. When he thinks it is going to get scary, he puts his fingers in his ears. We told him to keep his eyses open so he doesn't miss anything, though. I think sometimes I am like that. I think it is going to be scary and I just dont do it. I guess that is how I feel about the attic and the move in general.

Tomorrow I will make more progress. Hopefully, I will make it with less tears.

I think if the house would sell, I would feel better. The thought of having a rent and a mortgage is really scary and no amount of hiding my eyes or covering my ears is going to help that.

off I go to bed so Ranger can rest. He has helped me pack every box. I know he must be really tired.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

yes, it is the middle of the afternoon and yes, I am supposed to be packing

Today I have had a million little things to do - like get the dogs some puppy valium for th ride out. I bought these really cool leashes that clip into the seatbelt latches to keep them from escaping when the door opens on the trip.

JoyAnna had a chiro. appt. She wanted an opportunity to visit with him since she is considering that as her career. She knows how much it has helped her and wants to pass that on to others.

I had to rent a truck and blankets. So many little time consuming things especially when you have to call the truck rental at least 10 times. But, that is finally done and at a fairly reasonable rate.

I called the rooofer again today. Told him we are moving on Sunday and it really needs to be done before that. If it had not taken him a month to come clean up I might feel sorry that the dogs have utilized the shingles as thier bathroom facilities. What do you expct when he piled them in the dog pen.

I have managed to pack two boxes today so far. More stuff in the trash.

I am really putting off the attic. The kids were supposed to do that after we were gone. I know I can't put it off any longer. I am going to get more boxs and tackle it when the sun goes down and is not beating down on the roof.

back to it . . .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home again- or is it?

We left El Paso this morning, well make that we tried to leave. We were in the 1st 30 to board. After we sat down, no one else came on board. I knew there were 30 more also in A boarding, so we started to wonder what was going on. Then there was an announcement that there was a storm in Dallas, so we would be sitting on the tarmack for at least an hour. Well, ok.

Visions of the 100s of passengers stranded in the last year with no a/c, food, toilets, etc, flashed through my mind. The temp was already 100 at 10:45 when we boarded. Southwest, however was much better. They had everyone close th window shades and turned up the a/c. They also said that we could get off the plane if we wished.

I decided that was a good thing as I had been too cheap to pay the big bucks for a book at the airport, but now I was desperate. Thankfully, they had a used book section. I snatched up a book and headed back to the plane. After 90 minute delay we took off for a flight that lasted less than 90 minutes.

Getting back into Dallas was nice. I had curly hair again. I guess I forgot to mention I have no curls in El Paso. Slightly wavey is all I get there. Gas was 20 cents cheaper and the afternoon high was about 30 degrees cooler than EP thanks to that thunderstorm.

I think the thing I remember about driving here to the Covington house is GREEN. Trees, grass, trees, grass . . . well, you get the picture. The lushness of the green was simply amazing to me. Ok, so the humidity made my clothes stick to me and I was sweating like the proverbial pig, but it was just so green.

I am trying really hard to not just LOVE being here in the house. I soaked in the tub already. I really, really missed it. I am going to really, really miss it. The tub there is barely long enough for me to stretch out my legs, let alone relax and enjoy a nice long soak. Sitting here in the real air conditioning with the gentle breezes of the ceiling fans. Ok, can't think about it, or I will cry. I am not sure how I am going to manage pulling out of the driveway on Sunday morning. It will be hard to drive with tears. It is early and I am exhausted. Think I will head to bed and get an early start on the attic tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Driving in Spanish

I know I can't really drive in Spanish, but sometimes today I felt like I was in a whole other world. Consider this: I learned to drive in Waskom (home of what 30 roads?) I have lived 25 years in Tyler/ Longview. I have driven some in Shreveport and Dallas.

El Paso is 10 times larger in population than Longview. I can't even imagine how much larger in area. In case you don't know, El Paso is built around a mountain. There is on road that takes you on a very winding path from one side to the other on the southern end. That is called Scenic Drive and is aptly named. Joy Anna can not do that drive without dramamine. We have had to find alternate routes.

One of those routes is the interstate. I-10. This morning, someone pulled in front of us on the interstate and stopped. Thankfully, Eric has really good breaks, and the person behind me was able to swerve to the right. Our house is so east to get to from I-10 if you are going West on the interstate. JoyAnna and I found out today that you can not exit on Resler from the West, nor can you get on the interstate at Resler heading West. Very good information to know.

This afternoon JoyAnna and I decided to head into New Mexico in search of the perfect birthday gifts for 3 friends. There is a wonderful old town there that has shops and good places to eat. After shopping, we decided to come back via I-10 since that would be quicker than the scenic routes. Wrong.

We have not idea what held up traffic, but we sat for over 40 minutes. Thankfully, there were several 18 wheelers between us and the sun. When we finally got to a turn around we did just that dspite it saying it was for emergncy use only. At that point, as far as one could see in the distance there were cars parked on the interstate. When we turned around, we passed 3 miles of parked cars.

Driving today has been quite an experience.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Refrigerators and Small Doors

The house had no refrigerator, so off we went to Sears. Dean picked out a very nice one with the idea that we will use it as an extra or put it in Eric's kitchen or something along those lines. That was the plan.

I guess as Americans are getting fatter, our refrigerators have to get fatter to accommodate all the food we eat. I thought we were fatter from eating out, but what do I know.

The front door was wider than the back so off we went to the front door. A winding path and up a step and finally we got it in - to the dining room. No way was that baby going in the kitchen. We were too tired to deal with it that night, so we plugged it in and waited until the next day when Dean would have the tools to take off the doors. Good plan.

Only problem was the ice and water in the door makes it really hard to get the freezer door off. No problem, right? We'll just wiggle it through. Wrong.

Out comes the measuring tape. The back door is an inch wider than the door from the dining room. Back on the rickety dolly, out the front door, down the step, along the winding path, into the garage, up the step and into the door- half way.

Finally, we opened the door and shimmied and twisted until it was all the way in.

Did I mention the fridge was marked used but was still on the crate? I asked Dean why he thought they returned it. He said "They probably couldn't get it through their door."

We are strongly considering selling the refrigerator to the landlord.

Swamp Coolers

In case you don't know, a swamp cooler is a version of an air conditioner. Now, I am not sure why they call them that. I doubt there is anything similar to a swamp for a few hundred miles, and the one here at this house does little to cool, thus my confusion over the name.

A swamp cooler sits on top of the house and water runs into it and on to something called pads. I understand from my landlord, that my house has the pads that are made of cardboard. Supposedly, these are a vast improvement over the ones made from straw that older units have.

Most you know know Dean is a little hard of hearing. Well, we might as well just not try to talk at all anymore. The swamp cooler is not a real quiet operation. Throw in 2 stand fans and a shop fan in order to move the air, and I am certain a 747 would be quieter.

Last night we decided to stay in the house for the first time. I am not sure how JoyAnna got cold, since our room was a downright toasty.

The repairman is supposed to come by on Monday to check it out. The landlord said that any unit would have a hard time when it is 105.

Dean went up on the roof tonight and looked at it. He has so much experience with swamp coolers. Anyway, he did discover the panel was off of the unit. He put it back and it has really cooled down this evening. Maybe that took care of the problem. If not, Joy Anna and I may spend our days at Barnes and Noble.

Pink Mountains

I know the song says purple mountains, but here they are actually pink in the late evening. The sunsets here are amazing. But if you spend all your time looking at the sunsets, you miss the pink reflecting on the mountains. I took a picture tonight, but the timing was not exact, so I don't think I did the pink justice. I suppose I will have many more opportunities to catch them in all their pink glory.

I hope I never take for granted the beauty around me.

House Hunting in El Paso

Thursday morning dawned nice and hot. I mean HOT!

Joy Anna and I set off to find the perfect house for us. We started by finding the much acclaimed Bagel Shop. We ordered bagels and got to work reading the paper and studying the map. Next came driving around and around and around. I think every street in El Paso is really a circle.

Then we started the phone calls from the paper. I was beginning to think I was going to have to mortgage the kids in order to get a house where we could keep the animals. I was even beginning to consider lying and saying we only had one pet - a hamster. This really narrowed down the potential houses.

Finally, success! We called Dean and had him meet us at a house. We waited for the owner to get there. And waited. And waited. Did I say it was HOT in the morning? It was now scorching. After a quick call to the office, we were told they couldn't be there for a while longer, we drove in more circles. Wow, success again. This one was cheaper. The backyard left a lot to be desired. But, hey, it is cheaper. We were able to see it before we met the owner of the first house. It was ok, we could live there, but it was just not the best option.

At the peak of the hot day - not sure what is hotter than scorching, but whatever it is, we were experiencing it - the owner arrived.

Within a few minutes we were the proud renters of a 1970s Ranch fully equipped with 2 trees in the back yard, a patch of grass, and some very rocky landscaping in the front.

I have posted pics on my site under family and friends.

El Paso

Well here I am in El Paso. The last week has been an adventure to say the least. I last posted on Friday night, so I will just try to summarize the last 9 days or so.

Saturday was the wedding. It was very nice. Heather was a beautiful bride. I know the photographer is not really supposed to cry at the wedding, but if it is your niece, it is allowed. It was great to see everyone, though it was really sad that Dean and Eric were not there. Joy Anna and I both got our hair cut for the wedding. Mine was basically just thinned out, while hers is absolutely adorable. It is short and choppy. Of course it now takes her the longest time to make it look like she wants it to look.

Sunday afternoon I went to see Nanny at the hospital before I left to come home. I know this is the probably the last time I will be in Lufkin until Thanksgiving. So, saying good bye to her was hard. The ride home was really long. Me and 3 dogs. Fun, fun. Not. They were not really bad, but I know they are not enjoying the ride. The ride to El Paso is going to be even more fun.

It was so quiet at the house overnight. Just me and the animals. JoyAnna had stayed with mom. Monday I was busying getting a lot of things done around the house. JoyAnna called me on Monday night crying. She had decided she needed to go to El Paso with me. That was not what w had planned so it took some adjusting. Billie, my mother in law, graciously went to Lufkin to get her on her way back from Austin. It was way out of her way, but it allowed me to get some things done at home on Tuesday.

Wednesday we got up early to get the house ready- just in case anyone wanted to show it while we were gone. Whitney is staying there while we are gone.

JoyAnna slept most of the way to the airport. We managed to get there and grab McDonald's just before we took off. Th flight was ok, but it did get a tad bumpy just as we hit the wind of El Paso. Dean was waiting for us at the airport. We drove around a little and then had dinner with the relatives he has been staying with. After that, we drove around some more to check out the areas of town where we could look for houses.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Middle of the night ramblings

yep, once again I am wide awake in the middle of the night. My feet hurt. For some reason it is so hard to sleep when you feet hurt. I bought new shoes today. Maybe that will help me sleep tomorrow night.

Yesterday, well day before yesterday now, was our anniversary. I so missed being with Dean. Even if we had done nothing special, I would have liked to have at least been with him. I went to see my Nanny on Thursday night when we got in to town. She was very negative about everything. When the move came up she informed me that had she been in my place she would have refused to go. How do you just give up on 26 years. Dean seems so much happier, too. That makes a huge amount of difference.

Eric is all excited about his trip. When I talked to him today he was really upbeat about everything. I hope he has inernet often enough to at least let us know how he is doing. Amazing thing internet. What in the world did we do before?

Heather's wedding rehearsal went very well tonight. The food was great at the Italian place. I hope everything goes well tomorrow too. I really worry I will not do the wedding justice with the photographs. That would be so sad.

well, I really need to try and sleep - maybe being up for a while will still my brain long enough to let me fall asleep.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wow, it is Wednesday

This week is zipping by. I have so much to do - photogrpahy mostly- and I just don't feel creative. Hard to make things look great when you feel blah. Not sure what I can do to change that. Maybe just thinking about it differently - like it is a job really and even when you don't feel like doing it, you have to do it.

I was hoping that some of the money would come in so Dean could say yes to the house. That would get me that much closer to El Paso.

Eric made it to Rhode Island last night. Our family is now spread out over 3 time zones. Kind of crazy.

Joy Anna and I had to go shopping for bookes yesterday. We were both completely out since we had sent most of out books to El Paso.

I think I will go hop in the shower and get ready to face the day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yep it is Monday- All day long

I got up early to try to beat the heat in the attic. Didn't work well. I did get 6 more bags out - 3 to the thrift store and 3 to the trash. Progress. Tomorrow I will do it again.

I am extremely frustrated with insurance companies this week. We pay them on time and they take MONTHS to pay us back for something. Very frustrating. Until they pay us back, we can't afford to pay the money down on the house in El Paso. It is going to be at least one, maybe 2, before the house insurance stuff is settled. That means I will probably be here for at least another week. I have to be here to get the check and pay the roofer, etc.

Guess that gives me more early mornings to get the attic packed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first Blog!

I decided to start blogging. That way I wont fill up my friends' inboxes with family updates and my day to day ramblings. If anyone wants to see what we are up to, they can click on here.

I will still send out emergency prayer requests and the Christmas letters that are usually at least a month late.

Today has been an odd day. The roofers were here again, so it is hard to say the day was quiet. I tidied the house and did a few things I needed to do, so it is hard to call it lazy. I guess odd describes it best.

I sort of feel in limbo. Dean and Eric are in El Paso which seems a million miles away today. They have found us a rental house. It is more than we wanted to pay, but the location and the house have swayed us into paying more. It is a decent size house. It is built into the mountain and is the highest one in the neighborhood- nothing is behind us except more mountain. I hope I feel incredibly creative there on the back patio looking up at the mountain. I havent been feeling exceptionally creative, so that would be a good thing.

Dean is ready for me to get to El Paso. We had hoped I would go out a week from tomorrow. I think now that is pushing it. The house hasn't sold. That means 2 house payments. The deposits for the pets is per pet- I have 4 because of Ranger being with us. The dollar signs are overwhelming me .

Eric is leaving on Tuesday. I find it sort of strange I spent so much effort getting him the money he needed to be gone for over 2 months. I know he is excited. He and Dean went for a 40 mile ride today. I think Eric has now added riding in New Mexico to his list of states for the summer. He will have a long list of states by August 10.

Joy Anna and I are having Pizza King again tonight. Our times to do that are numbered, so we sneak off there everytime we get a chance.