Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday JoyAnna!

Ok, this is really making me feel old and sad. I told Dean last night that she really only has one more birthday 'at home' - I guess that realy depends on what she does for college, but still.

It is really crazy to think that my baby is 16. She is a really beautiul and wonderful person.

We went to dinner with Aunt Anne and Uncle Jiggs - JoyAnna wanted prime rib. She had no eaten much all day long, but then was not extremely hungy. I should have shared with her. She is on ADD meds again and they mess up her appetite. They do seem to have helped her hiccups. She didn't take it on Saturday and had hiccups quite a bit, but she did really enjoy her supper that night. Oh well, she has prime rib for lunch today.

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