Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday- busy, busy, busy

It is really cooling down here. It is nice. There are times that the air is still and then it can really feel warm. We are not slowing down because of the cool, that's for sure. Wednesday I worked at the thrift store for half a day. JoyAnna and Nana stayed home and made twice baked potatoes and JoyAnna made an apple pie from scratch- even the crust. I woke up really early and was really sleepy in the afternoon. We went over to the Wise house to have dinner with family from CA and FL. The CA relatives were late getting in to the airport, but it worked well as they came in at the same time as the FL relative. We had a yummy dinner. After visiting for a bit, we headed home.

Dean and I have not been sleeping well. Stress, I guess. Several weeks ago I turned off the alarm. Dean had gotten up before 7 every day since. Last night we actually slept. He didn't even wake up to get ready for work until right before 7. I guess we both really needed it. I had to jump up and head to walmart for some rolls and lemonade for the Assistance League lunch. I hurried home and got everything ready got dressed and ready to head out. JoyAnna woke up feeling bad. She stayed here and worked on school work and studied for the psat. That is one week away.

Last Wed when I worked, there was this really cool table on the dock at the Assistance League. I liked it a lot- it called to me, I guess you could say. It is probably 60s, very nice lines, blonde wood, planters on either end. When I worked this Wednesday it was in the store with no tag. I figured they were using it for display. Today I asked someone who works in the pricing. She said it was $25. I was so excieted. I bought it right there. I called Dean and he came to get it. We have it sitting in the living room for right now. We'll find it a home soon. I will take a photo of it.

I had not heard from the exchange program this week. I called this afternoon. They said they have some possibilities- have heard that before. I told them I really did need him to find a home. She said they couldn't help who was picked and who was not. I called Connie. She said she had talked to them today, too. Supposedly they have some potentials in North Dakota. That should go over well with him- not. He doesn't like cold. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are going to Carlsbad to take Aunt Win to meet her son and daughter in law. I wonder if we will see forests to see the changing colors. If not, there is an apple festival next weekend near Cloudcroft- there are forests there- that should be awesome.

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