Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Mexico

Since we were already up really early, we decided to head on up to New Mexico and show Nana B the farmer's market and the mega used book store. We had a lot of fun walking around and looking. I found quite a bargain- the old copies of Emilie Loring and Grace Livingston Hill were only 30 and 37 cents each. I was really excited.

We ran into Uncle Jiggs in the bookstore, so we spent some time browsing around with them. It was a lot of fun just hanging out. Our big purchase of the day was a bag of apples. JoyAnna has been looking for recipes to make an apple dessert for Wednesday when the rest of the family arrives.

After the farmer's market and getting turned around a couple of times, we made it to La Mesilla. We browsed some of the stores before having lunch in La Posta. It is a good place to eat and was the jail where Billy the Kid was housed before he was hung.

Dean felt like he had to go to work, so he did that. We came on and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Billie laid down on my bed to rest. Razzle did not like that at all. Since there is no door, she kept going in there to bark at her.

We had to take the girls to PetSmart for dog food. We so enjoy watching them. We pulled out the harness and of course they go nuts. We had gotten them new ones this week. Razzle had purple and Dazzle had red. We were going to switch them. I don't buy the fact that dogs are color blind because Razzle would not put on the red one. We put the purple one on and she was happy.

We made the mistake of putting them on before we were ready to go. Dazzle kept barking to encourage us to hurry and go.

Oh, before dark, they were out side chasing dragon flies. It was so funny. They were jumping around and trying to catch it. They would not even come in for a treat. Their tongues were dragging the ground.

It was a really laid back type of day.

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