Monday, November 17, 2008

I need a new car- well not a new one, but more than anything a bigger one. When we only made short trips, a car was ok. Now that a trip home is going to be 24 hours of driving round trip, we really need more space and comfort.

We went yesterday to look. Because of not getting paid like we are supposed to and not being caught up from before we rented the house.

We also owe so much on mine. Oh well
It seems that every week it gets harder for Dean at work. He keeps going. He works way over 40 hours a week, but now is told too bad you are on salary. Isn't it great? So many things this guy promised Dean have never happened. I hate the situation. I hate this for Dean. He shouldn't be this miserable.

Today I think I figured it out. This guy is always screwing someone over, so he thinks everyone is out to screw him over. Dean is not like that.

Please just keep praying.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A rat in my room?

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am absolutely, positively terrified of rats. Just the thought can send me over the edge. Seeing one, well, it is not a pretty sight when I see one.

Yesterday I kept hearing this odd noise coming from my room. I walked back there and the floor lamp was tilted over and the noise was coming from that corner. I was not happy. I closed the door and called Dean. He told me to open the door and let the dogs and the cat go in. I did. No more noise. So, I wasn't sure what was going on.

This morning I am sitting her quietly about to work on my novel, which by the way has almost 30,000 words now, and I hear the same noise. So does the cat. Off she goes to check it out.

I look out the back door, thinking I might need an escape. I don't see either dog. Just then, Razzle comes around the house- right from where that noise is coming from. I run out the back door to see. Dazzle has a piece of cable wire in her mouth and is pulling it out of the hole that goes into my room. I cracked up laughing. A 26 pound black and white mouse who moos in her sleep. I feel much better now :)

blah and blah

You know we came here with such high hopes. Life was going to be good. We would have a little extra money that would enable us to go see the area. We weren't planning on exotic vacations in faraway places. No, we just wanted to be able to experience the area around here.

We did at first, then as we got stretched further and further financially, we just sit at home.

I am really having a hard time not hating someone over all this. Not Dean. I know he thought we were doing the right thing.

Dean's tools got stolen this week. The guy has no insurance. So, now we are out about 1000 on tools, we are making so much less than he told us, and he still owes us a lot for the convention.

We just keep kicking. I hope we are like that frog in the bucket and we end up making butter and are able to jump out. Right now, it feels like we are drowning.

So, now, we might have an opportunity for a new job. It would be in even a different town. Another move. We have been weighing the pros and cons. The cons for leaving are leaving Dean's aunt and uncle. That would really be sad. Oh well, we just keep praying.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Catch up

I have been really busy on the novel this week, so not much blogging.

Thursday we volunteered at AL. That was nice, but doing the full day makes you a little tired. We did some around the house on Thursday night and Friday morning because JoyAnna was having a slumber party on Friday night.

She had 3 really sweet friends over. They decided to cook instead of going out, so we made Thi food and brownies and popcorn. We rented movies, so they all piled on the couch and watched movies and munched.

I had stayed right on track on word count until that day. That one, I missed totally. Saturday I tried to catch up, but we were lazy and laid around and watched movies. On Sunday, I made huge progress. I caught up, did Sunday's, Monday's and all but 7 words of Tuesday's! It really helps when the book gets exciting to write faster :)

Today I have a long list of things to do. I will sit down tonight and write some.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ok, today was really odd

I got up this morning and got ready for the AL. Uncle Jiggs took JoyAnna and me to lunch aftwerwards. Then I had to go to the doctor. That was not a good thing. He was really nice. I liked him. I didn't like what I learned there. My blood pressure was really, really bad. So was my pulse. Then my EKG was not right. It was abnormal. Hopefully, this is just stress related. I am back on lexapro to see if that will help with the stress and anxiety.

I know a lot of it is stress from Dean's job and worrying about him and money and everything else. I hope the meds help. I don't want to have to take a ton of other stuff.

so, I need to destress.

I have been writing today, but for the first time, I am behindon my word count. I have too much to do tomorrow to catch up. Maybe I will work a little more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surely it can't be Tueday already

I haven't posted since Saturday- oops. Sunday we headed to NM to visit the Renesaince Fair at the partk. There were lots and lots of booths, but we didn't buy anything. We just walked around and looked. It was a little disapointing since there were so few people in costumes. Joy Anna was hoping it would be more like the one she went to in Houston.

After walking through it, we went to Old Mesilla and walked around the Day of the Dead thing they were having. You sort of hate to call day of the dead a festival. There were lots of alters and some art booths. All the booths centered around skulls, so we didn't buy anything there either.

I did work on my novel some more on Sunday night. 575 words ahead of schedule.

Monday was sort of quiet. I haven't been feeling so hot emotionally, so I finally called and made a dr's appt for this week. My Rx has been out for a while. Hopefully, the new insurance will pay better on it than the last one did.

I did writer more on the novel monday, too.

JoyAnna babysat again and made enough to finish paying for her Wii. She was really in a rotten mood. She was homesick. No fun at all. Dean and I went to the store to get something else and came home and surprised her with the wii. She was already asleep at 7:30. I told her to get up to try the peppermint I had gotten her. She was really excited when she walked in the living room.

Today I am not feeling well. My stomach is not right. Not sure what is up with that. Probably the situation here, the election, all rolled into one.

thankfully, no matter who wins, God is still in control.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Novel Writing has started!

I did not make it to the kick off last night. I had really good intentions. It had been such an emotionally draining day yesterday that I just went to bed. It was just an overwhelming day.

Today I started the novel. I have over 2000 words, so it is a good start. I will keep you updated.