Friday, December 19, 2008

Once again I am stunned

Beyond words- Doesn't happen often.
Today Dean goes to the office to get the rest of his belongings and deliver things that belong to the company.

The jerk is there. He tells Dean he has been trying to call him- really? Doubtful, because until 10:45 today Dean has had his Iphone on and has answered numerous calls.

Dean presents him with the letter and statement of monies owed- only to be told that Dean owes him much more than he owes Dean. What?!?!?

Supposedly since the office cost more to build than he wanted to pay, it is Dean's responsibility. I can't even begin to tell you how offbase that is. What a joke. Dean worked up there tons of hours, he did schedules that were scoffed at, the list just goes on and on.

It got so deep in there. The man has no sense what so ever. I am just stunned. He said it was Dean that insisted he be here on May 1- not him. He said Dean was pushing him to do the project that was supposed to start May 1- not sure how that happened since he told Dean in March he would send him the plans so he could be ready to start the project on May 1.

I heard all this- we rode around in a car and talked to him for several hours. I am just amazed that anyone can be like this.

I think what really hurts so much is we liked him so much before this.

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