Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A visit to the Vet

Moving to a new city means you need to find lots of new things. One of those is a vet. I called a couple of weeks ago to get heart worm preventative and found out that all three animals needed to be chipped. Great. Another expense I was not expecting.

I made an appointment for the whole herd to go to the vet. Pouncie needed a rabies shot, and the girls needed a parvo shot. Taking Pouncie at anytime is an adventure. Last time was so bad, they had to gas her and clamp her in a pet taco to just give her the rabies vaccine. We have had them use welding gloves to bring her to the car.

I had always thought if we were the only ones in there, she might do better. This afternoon that might have happened, but there were two emergencies. That meant the waiting room was full. There we go - JoyAnna and two bouncing, panting, hyper dogs, Me and a cat in a soft kennel. The Scales are in the waiting room, and we battled to get the dogs weight. Less than 30 pounds each- barely - only 3 times what we were told they would be. Anyway, back to the visit.

They decided to let us go on in since we are sort of taking over the whole joint.

The Doctor was great. He sat down on the floor and both girls climbed in his lap. He examinded right there on the floor. He said they looked great. Just Beautiful.

Then the cat kennel was put on the table. She actually let him touch her in the kennel. Then of course she had to come out. I got her out, and he got to touch her - for about a second. Then the growling started. He told her no, but that didn't help. When she started to attack her, he put her in the kennel where she promptly lashed out at him. They decided it would be better to go ahead and give her some gas and take care of her that way. I agreed completely.

Then came the shots and chips for the girls. It is confusing enough to have their names like they are, but we finally got it all figured out as to who was who and which one got which chip. Dazzle was first. She got a shot and went nuts- and it was the smaller needle. Then came the chip- well she was screaming before they ever got to her-she just saw it coming. I was cracking up, because she is JUST like JoyAnna when it comes to that.

Then it was Razzle's turn. Everytime she squeeked, Dazzle kissed her. It was so sweet. Razzle is usually the sensitvie one.

After the girls were finished, and I filled out enough paperwork to buy a house, I went out to pay. Pouncie had been gone for a while. I saw her kennel sitting down the hall. Then I heard her. She was so not happy- she was growling louder than most big dogs. Way too funny.

We made it home and I put her in my room, so she can relax and chill out some.

We made it though.

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