Wednesday, June 18, 2008

yes, it is the middle of the afternoon and yes, I am supposed to be packing

Today I have had a million little things to do - like get the dogs some puppy valium for th ride out. I bought these really cool leashes that clip into the seatbelt latches to keep them from escaping when the door opens on the trip.

JoyAnna had a chiro. appt. She wanted an opportunity to visit with him since she is considering that as her career. She knows how much it has helped her and wants to pass that on to others.

I had to rent a truck and blankets. So many little time consuming things especially when you have to call the truck rental at least 10 times. But, that is finally done and at a fairly reasonable rate.

I called the rooofer again today. Told him we are moving on Sunday and it really needs to be done before that. If it had not taken him a month to come clean up I might feel sorry that the dogs have utilized the shingles as thier bathroom facilities. What do you expct when he piled them in the dog pen.

I have managed to pack two boxes today so far. More stuff in the trash.

I am really putting off the attic. The kids were supposed to do that after we were gone. I know I can't put it off any longer. I am going to get more boxs and tackle it when the sun goes down and is not beating down on the roof.

back to it . . .

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