Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What time is Day and What time is Night?

You know those signs that say Day Speed Limit 80 and Night Speed Limit 65? When does day stop and start? No, I am not just wondering about odd and crazy things. This morning Eric was pulled over at 6:25 am for going 80 in an Day Speed Limit of 80. The officer informed him that it was 8 minutes before sunrise, therefore he had violated the speed limit. He was then issued a ticket for $250.00.

His mama was not happy. I, of course, got online and started looking up the law. The driver's ed book the state publishes says nothing about when day starts and stops. It does say that you must use your head lights until 30 minutes before sunrise and must turn them on at 30 minutes after sunset. If you can turn your headlights off 30 minutes before sunrise, why would you have to wait until sunrise to go the day speedlimit? I wrote a letter to the Justice of the Peace asking that the ticket be dropped since the day/night/ sunrise is so ambiguous.

The rest of my day was really long and quiet. Tonight we went to the airport to pick up Ake, our exchange student from Thailand. He is very nice. I need to learn to speak slower. Tomorrow we are going to go grocery shopping. We are also going to take public transportation. I have never used it. I can not put him on a bus without some idea as to where to get off of the bus. Should be interesting.

Tomorrow night we have a get together to meet the other kids. That should be fun.

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