Monday, August 11, 2008

Waiting . . .and a little more about Sunday.

We have been waiting forever it seems to get the locksmith out here to unlock the car.

Since I have some time I will go ahead and post a little about the arrival of Bike and Build in Seattle.

Dean and I left early Saturday morning heading toward Seattle. We arrived and rain was the order of the day. We checked into our hotel and watched it rain for a little bit. When the rain slacked off, we made a mad dash to the car and strted out toward Seattle. We had heard so much about Pikes Market, we really wanted to see it. We didn't realize we had waited too late. Everything was closed.

We drove around and looked for a place to eat. After driving around a lot, we stopped and asked a very nice couple on the street if they could recommend a place. They gave us directions to a place called Rays. Thankfully, they exlained there was a pricey downstairs and a more affordable upstairs. We had a table by the window which meant we got to watch the sunset while we ate. Pretty cool. The food was good and we didn't break the budget, either.

Sunday morning dawned beautiful. We were so excited about the arrival of the Bike and Builders. We knew we needed to find something for breakfast. Ironically, the cafe we found was Salvadorean- we had a breakfast similar to what you can find in El Paso.

We arrived at the beach a little early. The email said they would be in around 11-12 and to get there a little early. Parking there is so tough, we decided to head down early. We got there and soon there were lots of parents, siblings, friends, and various other assorted relatives. We waited and waited and waited. Every now and then a parent would get a call stating they were 15, 20, 30, 45, an hour away- there was no rhyme or reason and we finally decided we would just look for them when we saw them coming.

Finally a little after 1, someone got a call they were on the harbor road. That meant they really were close. This was shortly after the drizzle had stopped. I forgot to mention that we had had a little drizzle start up.

I wish I could have shown you a photo, but it wouldnt do justice. We could see a very long way down the beach on a curve, the row of blue jersies, one after the other. Everyone was so excited.

I think the guy is here to unlock the car- more later

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