Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday was a long day

It was also a hard day emotionally for me. I was on the phone a lot of the day talking to mom about Nanny. It is so emotional when you think of someone you love dying. Throw into the mix a variety of different personalities and you get way too much friction. Mom babysits kids all day, so she can't be at the hospital and has to get so much of her information 2nd or 3rd hand. She then passes it on to me.

I suggested that Mom call in hospice. I mean seriously, if she is as close to dying as they seem to think, then Hospice is the perfect solution and needs to be called. I am hoping that having Hospice as a part of the situation will help them make decisions based on information and not emotion. I hope it helps ease the tension.

I drove a car full of exchange students to New Mexico for a day of shopping and Mexican food. Neither was a big hit with them. We then decided to try the outlet mall. That was more along the lines of thier kind of afternoon.

JoyAnna was in Longview and got to see all my kids. I got to talk to them on the phone. There I sat in the plaza of Old Mesilla crying because I miss them so badly. Oh well.

Dean came to the mall and we enjoyed just walking and sitting in the food court and talking. We have had no time by ourselves in so long. It was nice. There was a windstorm last night, too. I loved listening to the wind in the trees. Those were the highlights of my day.

Mom picked JoyAnna up and drove back to Lufkin. JoyAnna started having those bad pains again. Here I am 800 miles away and she feels awful. Very hard on a mom. I think it was probably because of having to say goodbye to Steven again.`

I was pretty much emotionally drained when I fell into bed. I had managed to go to sleep when JoyAnna called to tell me they had made it. Then I was wide awake, so I spent some time praying before I fell back to sleep.

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