Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Less than a month and Eric will be back in El Paso

I was looking at the calendar today. Eric will be home on the 13th. He will only be here a few days, then he'll head to Ruston for school. I thought the summer was long. Unless I can get him to meet us in Dallas in October when we go to convention, I probably won't see him til Thanksgiving. That is a long time.

Sometimes I just shake my head. I was so comfortable where I was. I had airconditioning, a nice house, just about everyone I love was within 2 hours of me.

I know there is something good going to come of all this.

I am trying to trust God about the house and it selling. I know there is a plan, but believe me, He is not letting me in on it.

Tomorrow we are going to a homeschool family's house. We are going to look at some different curriculum. I sat down and figured the cost of doing Bob Jones whish is what she was doing. There is no way we can do it right now. There are other Christian ones out there. One we found combines history, lit and Bible. The reading are the classics. I think it might be good. We shall see.

If you read Eric's blog, go to the main bike and build site and click on rider blogs. Then go down to Prov- Seattle. Find Brooke's. She has a bunch of photos on hers. Scroll down to the sections sh she says something about her favorite pics - and check out Eric. It is the first one in the section. He looks like he is having so much fun.

I must go to bed now. I am worn out from doing nothing but basking in the heat.

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