Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4

Today we were rather lazy. We considered going into Juarez, but we were not certain as to the safety. There has been a geat deal of violence over there lately. We decided to walk around down town and check out som of the shops. The shops there are very different from the mall. Even the JC Penney's was very different. It is several levels and long and skinnny. It reminded me of the old JC Penney's that had been in Ruston. Dean had asked me if going in there made me feel old. I guess since we remember those old style stores, he must have felt old.

Walking down town is like being in different company. We saw 2 Asians and 1 other non- hispanic. We have decided that shopping there will be the perfct place to look for prom dresses. We saw them for like 40.00

In the afternoon we came home and watched the Design Star Marathon on HGTV, I suggested we have our own Design Star marathon and only be able to use things we have - I was trying to get some stuff unpacked, but alas, it did not work.

After supper, we decided it was time to go look for the best place to view fireworks. JoyAnna really wanted to take the dogs, so we loaded them up. Dean suggsted w go to his partner's house job site and watch from the concret slab. The house is being built way up on the mountain. You can see for miles. Dean thought it would be best to go to the highest slab- which is a bedroom. Walking over the ditches that have been dug to enclose the vent system and climbing up to the slab with no stairs was quite an adventure- especially with 3 dogs.

It was very pretty. Very different view of the fireworks. The wind was blowing, and it was very pleasant. Maybe next year we can watch from the pool :)

Now, JoyAnna and I are watching 1776. That is, if I can stay awake.

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