Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Today was his big day. I finally got to talk to him late this evening. He said it was one of the hardest days he had had because of the wind. He called to tell me thanks for all we did to make his day fun. He said they really enjoyed it. His was the first of 5-7 birthdays over the next 2 weeks. He said the cake was great. I am so glad they had fun.

Tomorrow he has a 95 mile ride. The wind will probably be bad again, so please pray for him. They have along hard ride tomorrow. The next day is a shorter ride, then on Monday, they have a day off. That will be a good thing. He shoudl get the parts for his computer on Monday. Maybe he will be up and running again on Tuesday.

We went to eat at the Little Diner today in honor of is birthday. JoyAnna had not had their gorditos before, but Eric had. So, we had them today since he couldn't. They were very good. JoyAnna and I had to get off the beach a little bit. These gordito shells are sort of like the outside of a tamale. We both had 1/2 of the shell and ate the stuffing. yummy.

I suppose tomorrow we have to unpack some more. I have been rather lax about it this week

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