Friday, July 18, 2008

Chico and Gussy - Two El Paso Icons

I didn't get to meet either, but I did sample their legacy to the city of El Paso.

We started out at Chico's Tacos. This place is so popular. Finding a parking place is difficult. The line goes from the register in the back out the door. These are not your typical taco. Not even a taco stand taco from the taco stand we like in Longview. Let me see if I can do it justice in the description. An order consists of three rolled tacos (ever seen those taquitos in the frozen section at the grocery?) in a paper boat. They are swimming (literally) in a tomato based soup stock similar to a taco soup, Next, they are covered with a heaping mound of finely grated cheddar cheese. They serve them with a small plastic fork. I think if you took your own fork that might cut the taco, it would be better. Instead, you sort of have to pick them up and bite them off while dripping a good amount of the soup down your chin and onto any thing below. Their green salsa is wonderful dumped on top, but that adds to the degree of difficulty on consuming them.'s_Tacos

They serve these culinary delights with one of Dean's favorite things- crinkle cut fries.

Then, it was on to Gussie's. Gussie was a Mexican lady whose husband left her with a bunch of kids. To make money, she started making and selling tamales. We will have to try the tamales another time. We did experience the 'melt in your mouth' goodness of her cookies and pastries.

A friend told me this morning I am now a true El Pasoan since I have had Chico's and Gussies. Come see us, and we'll take you to experience this. By the way- combined cost for 5 people at both places- 21.00 Gotta love the prices here.

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