Monday, September 8, 2008

Goodness, what a day.

Today was our first official day of 'homeschool' and like most things in our lives, it did not go according to plan. JoyAnna was up and getting ready for school when I was about to take Ake to school. Just before we walked out of the house, Uncle Jiggs called and said Aunt Ann had had a heart attack yesterday. Needless to say, school took a quick back seat. JoyAnna got into regular clothes and we rushed out of the house. Ake said "today is busy."

We made it home about lunch time. JoyAnna manged to get through her lessons fairly quickly. We did school, just not on the time frame we had planned.

Ann is doing really well. We saw her this evening and she is going to get to come home tomorrow.

I am working like crazy on presentations for the design awards for the architecture office. It is fun, but very time consuming. Not knowing the projects makes it more difficult. In the past, I have done them for projects Dean has worked on. That makes it a lot easier for me to do. They are due tomorrow, and I really need to be working on them, so I guess I will do that.

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