Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a week!

Is it just Thursday? Feels like maybe next Thursday. :)
JoyAnna had the opportunity to take some free classes at the community college. They are actual college classes that transfer to other colleges. She gets them free because we homeschool. Pretty Cool. But not easy.

We started out on Tuesday morning. We drove out to the local branch- after finding it. We carried what we needed- we thought. No one told us it needed to be notarized. So, we had to come home home and reprint everything, find a notary, fill out all the papers and go back . . .to wait . . .and wait . . .and wait. Then, after we got to the front of the line, we got to wait again.

While waiting we met a lady who goes to the church we have been attending. She was there to take a computer class.

Once we got through with that wait, we were told to go back on Wednesday morning. Okey dokey. Tuesday night JoyAnna made her ritz chicken and some yummy rosemary lemon potatoes.

Wednesday we got up and headed out to the college. We were there a little after 9. We didn't have to wait too long this time. Maybe an hour. I think they just didn't know how to do a homeschool kid at this campus. If they had told us it was going to be such an issue we would have gone across town. The main part of this meeting was getting her acceptance letter and scheduling her placement tests.

Ah, the placement tests. She rocked on the reading and writing tests. She didn't do quite as well on the math. It was ok, because we were not signing up for math classes. She can retest next year if we are still here. That will give her more time with algebra.

This morning we went to the main campus to go through the next steps. Yep, there were more. We went upstairs to the counseling office. Well, we got in line to give her name to the receptionist to be called. That line was an hour. After we sat down, we waited another 30 minutes. Finally a counselor. He signed her up for English and Modern Dance. Half of that, is what she really, really wanted. She was glad for the compostion as she was not crazy about that part of her literature class. You would think we were through, right?

Wrong! After we got the classes she could take, we had to go get another piece of paper notarized. That worked out fine since we thought we were supposed to be at the assistance league to work. Thought was the main word there. We were wrong. We went on in and visited with everyone since it was the day of the meeting and lunch. We had a nice visit, got our paperwork notarized and headed back out to the main campus.

Then we got in yet another line. This one was even longer, but was moving faster. We managed to get done there in about 40 minutes, only to get to the window and them have no idea what to do with her. They sent us back to another lady. She was very, very nice. I get so tickled to hear people here speak. It is part spanish, part english, part I don't know. Crazy. She made some calls, but no luck. Thankfully, I hadn't cleaned out the car and the original unnotarized paperwork was in there. We finally finished and headed out of there with my newly registered college student.

Next we headed over to the aunt and uncle's. They were not there, but she had left her phone bill out for me. We have been checking to see if we can save her some money. Today I called and was able to save her 42 a month. Next, I asked about our bill. I think I have written about it before. They have been charging me for someone else's dish network bill. That means I owe a whole bunch. I have been working on it since July to get it off of it. No luck. After another hour, I still don't have it finished. Hopefully, they are going to get it figured out. Pretty crazy.

We came home and walked and then had grilled cheese, spinach salad and cauliflower with cheese sauce. yummy. Now, JoyAnna is in the dining room working on a cover for the yearbook cover contest. We have been announcing it for weeks. She wasn't going to do one. Last night, she couldn't sleep so she came up with an idea. Now she has to get it ready.

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