Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Madness

I guess part of today's madness goes back to Friday night. We had our extended family here (Megan, MaeMae, and Kali). They brought a wonderful chicken dish. Yummy. After dinner we hung out and watched Monk. Fun. Well, it was fun until I sat down on the sofa and scooted myself back on the couch using my hands. The pain was awful. I told them I thought I broke something. None of us really believed it since I was just sitting down. We put ice on it and tried to get my ring off. No luck.

It didn't hurt so bad the next day til later in the day. I tried to grate cheese, but that really hurt. On Sunday I felt a lot better unitl I drov Dean's car. That hurt really, really bad.

After school today I brought ja home to do chemistry then I went to the doctor. My hand is broken in the palm. Now it hurts really, really bad from the splint. He said it was a very odd injury. I had to go get my wedding ring taken off. I hate having to have it cut off.
hurts my heart.

I am so tired tonight. Discouraged, too. I thought I was losing some weight but not by that scale. My blood pressure was better. I am heading to bed now.

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Becky said...

I pray a job will work out soon!!!! I can't begin to imagine the stress!!! I think all the time "what would we do?"....and we just wouldn't!