Friday, January 30, 2009

friday, finally

this has been a long week. i am avoiding capital letters because my arm is elevated and it is too hard to use the shift key one handed. on wednesday my hand hurt so bad, i callef the dr, he wrote orders for a cast to immobilize 3 fingers. i nearly fainted while they were doing it. not a nice feeling.

thursday we went to the al. it was the last time this year to dress kids. we had a nice lunch afterwards. it was bbq- not bad either, but i sure would have liked sauce from bodacious or big dave's.

today was a long, long, long day. we went to college, then lunch and rest with uncle jiggs and anne, then yearbook, then prom dressing- which almost made us late for play practice, then dinner with the extended family.

tommorrow i am getting up way too early to go do joyanna's babysitting job.

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