Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week has flown

Here it is late Thursday. I have not accomplished nearly as much as I had intended to accomplish. I did fine at work, but at home and my other commitments, I haven't made much progress. Tomorrow night is JoyAnna's prom. She doesn't even have earrings. What a mom I am. I also just thought about a flower for her date. I didn't do that. I need to deal with that bright and early in the morning.

I am so busy with so many things. Why I am doing this?

We so need the money - from the job and photography. I am so worried about what is going to happen with Dean's job.

If I stay at the church for three months, I can get insurance. If I get insurance, maybe I can get meds again. Maybe then I won't feel like crying all the time. If Dean gets a different job, then will we have to start over waiting for insurance?

I can be so calm at work, then I come home and the reality of the bills and all hits me in the face. Makes me have a bad evening.

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