Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yep. That is a description of me in one word. It is like everything is happening at once. In the next week I have to get my taxes done, get my team to finish the yearbook, and get so much done before the dinner theatre.

Tonight I got my new website up and running. I really couldn't afford to do it, but I decided I couldn't afford not to. I had not renewed my old one. They had not removed it, but it is not fair to use it if I haven't renewed. I have had several photoshoots in the last few weeks and no way to display them. If I can't display them, I can't sell them. If I can't sell them, there is no sense in taking them.

Although I am not exactly sure where we are moving, I started packing up things. Things like winter clothes. Tomorrow I should pack, but I am going to have to work on my other list of things and housework. If something comes up here in EP we are still going to move to a place with real airconditioning. I know the utilities will be more, but I can't make another year with just a swamp cooler.

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