Monday, April 27, 2009

Made it through Day 1

Well, I made it through day one of my new job. It is very pleasant there. It is very, very quiet. Most church offices I have been in have not been this quiet. Very different for me. I am not a quiet person.

I am tired. I have so much to do on the yearbook, but I am tired. I am not sure when I am going to get it done.

JoyAnna has a dance showcase tomorrow for the school. She doesn't want us to go. She says her dance is stupid and she doesn't want us to see it. I am not sure I like that. As soon as I get off tomorrow, I have to go over and babysit at her job until the dad gets home. Dean will have to take her to the dance thing.

She has a date for prom. He is a very nice young man from the church. It will be a very nice night for them, I hope.

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