Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well now all 4 of us are gainfully employed. Eric is going to work graveyard shift at walmart as a night stocker. He will work 4 nights a week. There are a few things he wants before he leaves on his mission adventure. He would like a new day pack and a good camera. Those are things we can't afford to buy for him. Right now we can't afford much at all. Hopefully things will improve soon, but right now we are stretched so tight. I keep waiting for that pop like when a rubberband is stretched to tight.

I spent my entire lunch on the phone with the irs. That made for not a pleasant break today. Work is going ok, today I was a little scattered. I got a lot done, but just felt a little dicombobulated or something. Tomorrow is a new day. I am so afraid I will forget something important. I write everything down on a tablet and mark it off.

Tomorrow Eric is going to ride to Shreveport with Marie. He is going to stay a little over a week and get to talk at temple about his trip. He will come home on the 19th and then start to work.

Dean had a bad day today. He was accused of making a racial slur. He spent several hours trying to work it out. I felt bad for him.

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