Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time flies when you work.

Seriously, it seems like the weeks are rushing by. In a way that is really bad. It just is hurrying up the fact that Dean's job is ending. We have had a really busy week. I spent a couple of nights just doing photo orders. I have had quite a few jobs lately. Unfortunately they are all homeschool kids, and I gave big discounts. Oh well. I sold a lot more than if I hadn't.

Last night, we had a big time. Dean, Joy Anna, Lauren and Clay met our friends Kim, Sidney and Bailey at the Diablos game. The teens had a good time even if they didn't sit in the the 3rd row seats we got for them. Next time, we will let them just sit in general admission and save a buck each.

Today, Lauren, JoyAnna and I went to graduation for the homeschoolers. It was very nice, but I am such a ditz. I was trying to get everyone's order ready and packaged. I grabbed my camera and didn't take a flash card- very dumb. One of the siblings was using a canon and was just using the on camera flash. I offered her my flash. She really had no idea how to use the camera, so she handed the whole thing over to me. I didn't realize how blind I was til I picked up a camera that was not adjusted to my eyesight. Wow what a difference.

After graduation, JA and Lauren had practice at church. Dean and I ran a few errands and then came home. I played around with Photoshop trying to learn to animate. I did it! It is so cool. Mark had asked me to try something for church. I have the better photoshop, so I played with here at home. It is so cool. I just need to figure out how to save a media file into a media that we can use at church. I will have to take it to church tomorrow afternoon and let Clay help me. It is crazy when I have to go ask a 16 year old to help me figure it out.

Tonight I was going to stay home by myself. I was actually looking forward to it. Dean had a ticket for the baseball game. He really wanted me to go, too. I decided to go ahead. It was so cold. I thought we were going to freeze. I finally went to Walmart to buy a blanket. The choices for blankets in El Paso in may are limited. I ended up with a disney one - fairies from the tinkerbell movie. Not a real manly blanket. The Diablos won, so that was cool. Now we are just trying to warm up.

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