Tuesday, May 5, 2009

time flies

I have worked a little over a week. We are making some changes, but I think it is going to work out fine. The pics from the weekend came in tonight. They ook great. I need to get them packaged and mailed.

JA had church tonight to get ready for the youth service. It is going to be really great. This is the performance they will do while on the mystery trip.

Eric is leaving on Thursday. He will get to see Nana B that night and spend the dauy with her on Friday. He is going to speak at Temple while he is gone. He needs churches committed to pray for him.

Joy Anna wants to surprise Megan for her birthday. She hasn't missed Megan's birthday since 1st grade. She doesn't want to start now. Too bad it is not a week later when we are there.

We are still looking for Dean a job. Time is running out on this one. JA would love to stay here, but nothing here has worked out. I wish we could stay long enough for her to graduate. She could get more time in at EPCC. No job means no stay. I hope $e working and the photo biz picking up woll help us catch up - at least make a dent. I think my stomach would feel better if so. It seems like every day or two something else comes up. Our renter is going to move out. Not sure how we are going to work that up, but we'll figure something.

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