Thursday, May 21, 2009

monday on wednesday

Today was nuts. Work was fine it was just other things. I have been really frustrated with the yearbook company. I have sent several emails asking for proofs of what we have submitted. Took several weeks to get a response amd then it was not complete. I had asled the kids to resubmit all the pages. Today a board member called them all demanding they do it and send to her. The kids started calling saying she was rude. These kids have worked really hard and I don't appreciate them being treated poorly.

Very frustrating.

We are going to make some changes to the website at work. We also are ordering new software. They said I can't leave. If dean gets a job out of town he'll have to learn to cook for himself. It is nice to feel valuable.

Eric is home. He flew in last night. Ranger was really glad, but he is back to sleeping in my room tonight. He got his real approval, so now it is just a waiting game.

On a lighter and wetter note, it rained today. Not much, but it was nice to see. Of course, the rain makes the swamp cooler not put out as much cool. Oh well rain was nice.

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