Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a week and a day- surely it lasted MUCH longer than that

Well, let's see what all has been going on. We got the house moved around and it is looking great. Except for Eric's room- I had such big plans. Of course my plans don't usually go as planned.

Our big deal was trying to find a way to bring Eric home. I had no idea that going to consume so much of my time. We tried to rent a truck. That story is really LONG. I can post it later. Because we were having issues finding a truck, I thought maybe we could go trade in our car for something that will pull a trailer. We really need to get rid of the sebring anyway because we owe way too much on it. Dean went in and told them that we had lousy credit and owed too much on the car, but the guy said no problem at all. You know if it sounds too good . . .

He brought home a car- we loved it- it was a chevy traverse. Really wonderful right up til the time we went back to really buy it- then yep, the louy credit and owing too much were a problem after all. Delightful day- not.

That led us up to Wednesday when we finally got a truck about 7:30pm before leaving at 6 am Thursday on the trip.

Dean and I had a nice quiet day- we really enjoyed the xm radio where we could not ever have to switch stations- awesome. It was a really, really long day- we got to shreveport late like 8pm. Dean realized he had left his clothes at home so we had to make a walmart run. I was not happy he wasn't really dressed up for graduation, but he looked fine.

On Friday Eric came over and we went to Ross to look for the prom dress JoyAnna wants in another color. No luck. She did get a few things from Nana B. I found a cute top on clearance 8.00 :) so, I got that to wear to graduation. We went to El Chico's - Nana treated us- even though she can't imagine why we want mexican food when we live in El Paso. Next we headed to Castor to visit Dean's dad and Patti. We visited a while and headed even further into rural LA to eat catfish. Eric pigged out on a giant platter. Dean had catfish and I had a steak- yeah, I know, but I am not that much into fish. It was a really popular place to eat, so we had to wait a really, really long time. It was nice to get to visit while we waited, though.

We got up really early on Saturday and headed to Ruston. I rode with Eric and we got to visit. Tha was really nice. Ranger was really glad to see us. We had no idea how much stuff Eric had accumulated over the years. We filled up the truck- higher than the cab. We also packed the crew cab and Eric's car. Mom, Troy, and Billie came over to the house. Eric said he would like to have bar b q. I picked us up some really yummy sandwiches on whole wheat sourdough.

We met Bill and Shari and Johnny and Patti over at the baskeball arena for graduation. There were 9 of us. I tried to sit on a back row. they said it was for elderly and handicapped- I tried to tell them that everyone else was old or disabled, but they didn't believe me.

I was so proud of Eric. He graduated with a 3.49- barely missing honors. Oh well. We are still so proud of him. I met several of his friends and his Sunday School teacher. They all had such nice things to say about him.

After graduation, we went back to the 708 and picked up Ranger and started ono ur way. We went to the crawfish palace in Haughton where we met Ricky, Sheila and Joey. That made 13 in our party. The place was quite 'happening' it is like a huge screened in porch with ceiling fans. They didn't serve any drinks on ice. They had no forks or spoons. Lots of paper towells on the table. They served the crawfish in huge trays. It was so much fun. I got boiled shrimp - hot but not too spicy. Loved the hot, but was wishing for more spice. It was still pretty dadgum good, though.

It was so much fun to hang out with everyone. The waitress yelled out to everyone that eric was a graduate from tech. He got a pink lei. Pretty fun night.

We got back on the road early this morning- 13 hours is a long, long time in the car. Ranger was not a happy camper when I drove Eric's car. He thought Eric left him. It took forever to get everything unloaded. Tonight Eric is really sick. He is coughing like crazy. I hope tomorrow he feels better.

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