Sunday, March 22, 2009

how hot is it?

Ok here I am still trying to be positive. I must confess it is very hard when I am coughing constantly. It doesn't help that it is really hot, too.

Remember the hold comedy routine when someone would say "it is so hot" and the crowd would say "how hot is it?" That is sort of how I was saying it is so hot.

“How hot is it?” You ask. Well, it is so hot that the ice in the fridge door melts. Yep, melts down the door. When it cools off at night, it refreezes and clogs up the dispenser. The next day it repeats itself. Craziness.

I missed church today. I keep coughing and coughing. I didn't want to be a distraction or pass on my germs. I took a nice long nap this afternoon. The fan was blowing full blast. I woke up to find Razzle, Dazzle and Pouncy snoozing with me.
I did a job search today - again. So many of the jobs Dean has applied for and hears nothing. Is this just telling us to on to Corpus? When we decided to come here it was based on pros and cons lists. We each made one. Today I was thinking about another contrasting list. Things we like here and things we liked better back east.

Aside from the big thing - the house - there are lots of other things on the lists. In El Paso we like the sunsets, the mountains, the wide open skies. We like our church, having Anne and Jiggs here, and hanging out with Marie, Megan, and Kali. We like that there hardly any bugs - no waterbugs is a huge plus. We do miss green as in trees and grass. We miss our friends a lot. We miss only 2 hours max to our moms.

Sometimes I wonder why we came. Sometimes I wonder why we can't go back. I know there are a lot of people we met and a lot of things we did that enriched our lives. Had we not come we would have missed them but never have known we were missing them. Maybe God is teaching us something. I am thinking we must be remedial learners as we haven't learned it yet. And so we keep on job hunting and praying about what the next step will be.

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