Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dean has hunted and hunted for a job here in EP. Joy Anna would like to stay. I am a tad worried about the violence spilling over. I am just ready to know something. His boss wants him to go to Corpus. Most of the jobs he has applied for her make much more money than the corpus job. When he wrote and asked for the differnece in pay from taking off last week, he told them a compromise number. It is not going to be great pay, but it working for someone you can trust goes a long way.

Hopefully, he will get a response to that. If we do move, I had planned to really set up the photo biz in a big way. I would like to do that, but I may have to get a job. I will have to work around homeschooling JA. Dean doesn't like the idea of me working. I am just so tired of being behind. At the moment we can't afford his medicines. We can't addord the 100 it takes to keep my web site up and running for another year. This has just gotten bad.

Right now, I can't sleep. Everytime I lay down or even slump, my coughing starts with a vengence. I went back to the doctor today at the free clinis. I have walking pneumonia. Dean said quite walking. I have. I have just been a fixture on my corner of the couch. Today the extended family came over for dinner. Marie made a really yummy deep dish pizza. Yesterday we had home made tamales from the lady who works with Dean. they were awesome. My mouth is really sore from several days of sucking on cough drops. I would love some buttermilk to soothe them, but am avoiding dairy because of the cough. She did give me some cough meds. As long as I sit upright I do pretty good with them. Well, it is finally time to take the next one, so I am going to do that and dry to grab a few minutes of sleep. before it wears off.

I have coughed so much my broken hand is really sore. Last night I was miserable. I wanted to cry, but that only stopped my head up more. Tonight it really is a lot better.

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