Thursday, March 26, 2009

Computers are a pain

I am having computer problems. I am typing this on Dean's borrowed one. Not one I can use regularly. My computer has decided to not stay on. No matter what I do, it goes off before it ever comes on. I desperately need a new one. There is no way I have the money to buy one. With out a computer, I basically have no photo biz.

This is not what I needed right now. This is the only way I have to make money. With out it, I am not going to be able to keep helping with trying to catch up.

I have photo orders to get out and I have a HUGE photoshoot on Sunday night. Of course, I will not have a website either. I don't have the $100 it takes to pay for my hosting site for the next year. It is only still up because I have an order that I haven't been able to process first because of being sick and now my computer.

I am trying to be positive, really I am. The only thing I can think of as positive is how good it would feel to chunk the computer across the room and then stomp on it. :) See, I am trying.

Today, I made a dent in cleaning the house. I have been so sick, it really wasn't worth it to even try to clean. I still have lots to do on it, but it is on its way to better.

I saw something interesting on the news today. We have a 'dustcast' Yep, they discuss the wind and how much dust we are going to have blowing. No wonder I can't breath. I told Dean last night I felt like I was breathing sand. No wonder! I am considering getting some of those masks. Maybe that would help me breathe.

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