Saturday, March 28, 2009

A nice Saturday

I got to sleep a little late today :) Dean and Eric got up with the dogs. I slept til a little after 8:30 - very, very nice.

My dishwasher is messed up. Not sure why. That means I had to wash a ton of dishes today. While I did that, everyone helped tidy the house. We are still playing catchup from me being sick.

JoyAnna went prom dress shopping with her friends today. While she was doing that, Dean, Eric and I met with Rebecca, a journeygirl missionary stationed here in El Paso. She was with her new fiance. It was great to hear how the IMB really takes care of the journeymen.

After they left, JoyAnna called. They wanted to go downtown, but they couldn't without an adult. I went with them. Joy Anna found her dress. She has been saving her babysitting money. She had shopped and shopped for a dress. Today she finally found one. Her friend Laruen didn't find one today. Maybe tomorrow.

When we got home, Dean and Eric had dinner almost finished. Lauren stayed with us for dinner along with Mae Mae. It was yummy and very casual. They grilled hotdogs and brats. After supper, we went walking. Mae Mae and I went one way with Ranger and Maddie. The girls went the other way with Razzle and Dazzle. We met in the middle. It was really nice to feel like walking again. We did a whole mile tonight.

When Mae Mae started to leave, Ranger decided to escape. It was my fault. I had bragged on him while we were walking. He took off on a run. Dean was finally able to get him to get in the car. It was much better here than in Longview. Not living next to a busy street with fast cars was much better. He just went down a residential street this time. I didn't have an asthma attack, so that was great. Of course I have been having an asthma attack for the last month, but it wasn't nearly as bad as when he got out in Longview.

After that, Mae Mae went home to chat with Megan on the phone. We watched a movie and just chilled out for the evening. Eric got a call late this evening. He has a job interview at Academy tomorrow. Funny thing, one of the jobs he is looking at for IMB is to work at as an adventure specialist and work at a store that sells outdoor things. Maybe another way God is preparing him for his work in the mission field.

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