Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am really, really sad

We met Marie, Megan and Kali back last summer. Over the last few months, we have gotten really close. Close like there is seldom a day we don't see them. We knew today was coming when Megan and Kali would go to Japan. We were all perfectly happy with them here and our 'El Paso Family' being the three of them plus us.

Today was heartbreaking. Marie's husband and older daughter passed away within 10 weeks of one another about 11 years ago. Today, watching her put Kali and Megan on the airplane was horrible. I can not even imagine her pain.

Sure, Eric is going to be gone for two years, but I have Dean and Joy Anna with me. Please be praying for them. Kali was so upset - she has had her Mae Mae with her all of her life. They have lived together for most of it. Please just be praying for all of them.

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