Saturday, March 21, 2009

Even when the bear cub is 16 . . .

The mama bear is still the mama bear and will go to bat for that bear cub. First off, I have to tell you Joy Anna's hiccups are back. The last few weeks, there have been some scattered out. The last few days there are more and more. Today was a really long and tiring day.

She had to get up early to baby sit. That ended about noon. At 1:30 there was Kali's birthday party. That was followed by a short break at home and then we went to the tram. Megan and I sat on a bench and chatted while the other 6 rode the tram. Neither of us were interested at all.

After that we decided to go to dinner. This is their last week end here. We are trying to soak in as much time with them as possible.

The hiccups have been loud all day today. Loud usually means painful as well. We were sitting at dinner at a table for 8. To my left was a family of 4. They were directly across from Joy Anna. When she would hiccup, all four of them would stare at her. This took actually turning around for the little boy. We all were talking about her hiccups -loudly- trying to get people to realize she was not just being rude. She was getting upset about them staring at her. This makes the hiccups worse. Not a good cycle.

They started talking about what she sounded like. I was getting madder and madder. Finally, as they were getting ready to leave, she hiccuped again. The kid turned and stared. I Leaned over and said very politely "She has the hiccups. She can't help making that sound. They are very very painful for her and it is only worse when people stare at her."

The mother who had had several glasses of wine was livid. She told me that they had no idea what I was talking about. I told her that it was evident by the way they all stared at her that she knew what I was talking about. She then told me I was rude to tell her son anything. This really ticked both me and Joy Anna off. I told her their actions were rude. I just wanted them to know how it hurt her to have people stare.

Joy Anna told her she did know what we were talking about since SHE had been staring at her the whole time, too.

They turned and left. I really hope they think about the feelings of others

We are all really tired of hiccups. I guess we will have to send an email to her english teacher and warn him about the strange sounds she makes.

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