Monday, March 14, 2011

How do I let four months pass?

Well, it has happened again. I huge jump in time from the last time I posted on this blog. So much has happened.

We had a rather slim Christmas when it came to gift giving. Our renter had bounced his rent check and refused to pay it. That left us in the hole for a whole lot! A dear friend showed up one day and blessed us with $200.00. Exactly what I needed to pay the IRS their monthly bill.

Praise God, our house sold! Once again, God proved His timing and not ours. December 30 - 2 weeks from the day we were leaving for India. We paid off bills, we caught up on our giving commitment to our church, we donated to a mission organization to which we have close ties, and we paid for our trip. What an answer to prayer.

Our trip to India was amazing. If you want to read about it, you can check out There are lots of photos since I sort of like photography and Dean and I decided to invest in a the new Canon 5d before we left. It really takes some nice photos.

We came home on the last day of January. We started right back into the daily grind. I had been really stressing over work before I left for India. I thought it was because I was trying to do things in advance. When I came home, I stressed because I felt like I was behind even though I had worked so hard to have things done before I left. I had really wanted to quit back last fall. I didn't quit, but I did go part time. I thought that was going to work. I finally gave my notice this week. I feel relieved in a way. I so want to be able to be creative and take beautiful photos without feeling pressured- pressure I put on myself. I am so good at putting pressure on myself for so many, many things. So, now in two weeks, I will have that freedom. I am trying not to pressure myself even though I know I need to have a certain number of photo jobs in order to make up for the money I will not be bringing in.

I have been very, very sick. I think it started as the flu, but rapidly progressed into a respiratory issue. My asthma is horrible. I am going to a different doctor tomorrow. I saw my regular doctor last week. I am thinking I might have pneumonia. I am in a lot of pain.

I am reading Made to Crave. I need a lifestyle change. Maybe this will motivate me to do that.

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