Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 4

Woohoo! Made it through a Saturday. Dean and I slept late. Well, late for him. I could have kept sleeping. We piddled around and took our time getting out of the house. We ended up at corner bakery for brunch. Below is a photo of my 13 point breakfast. I am not sure why it is so many as there is fruit and eggwhites, but that is what my app on my Iphone says it is. It was supposed to have cheese and bacon, but I don't think there was anywhere close to that many points of bacon and cheese. Oh well.

After brunch, we had my car cleaned up and then went to the airport to meet the missioners. We had had the Snow's dog while they were gone. After they were all delivered home, Dean and I headed over the mountain for a photo shoot. I got in several points in activity credit out there. The little boy was a whirlwind of activity. I am glad I have lost some weight, but boy, doing a shoot like that reminds me how much easier it would be if I weighed less. I was really Dean went with me as I had a flat when I came out of the theater in the canyon.

We tried to get it fixed, but we couldn't. I only had a few shots left on my memory cards. Taking photos of a whirlwind takes lots more frames. It was a lot of fun though. We went to a couple of places to see if we could find a memory card, but we couldn't. We decided I would just have to make sure I had the shot before shooting it. We were doing that because it was the night of the super moon. We were going out to the desert to take photos. Before we did that, we went to dinner at the Edge of Texas Steak House. That was the best steak I had had since we moved to El Paso. I did great on the food plan. The sirloin was very lean, but very tender. I did not eat the butter or sour cream on my potato. I only had vinegar on my salad. I scraped off the croutons. I did have one small slice of bread with olive oil. I still stayed at my point level for the day!

Tomorrow will be another challenge. We are going to a mexican place for lunch with friends. I am planning to have fruit and one string cheese for breakfast and that will give me more points for lunch. I can do it!

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