Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days 5-7

Oops! I got a little busy. I have had so many photo shoots! I am super excited about that, but I slipped up on posting on my blog. So . . . . . .I am going to go back to Sunday, Day 5.

We were planning to meet our friends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. To allow me to eat what I wanted, I had grapefruit for breakfast. I had planned on having fajitas or something grilled. Didn't work. We found out that they did not allow ordering off the menu until after 12. That meant my only option was the brunch buffet. Yeah. Not the best situation. I managed to get some eggs, a little bbq style shredded chicken, and a tortilla. Thankfully, they had lots of yummy fruit. I did splurge on a piece of toast. I only had half- really was probably like a 1/4 of a hamburger bun size (just the top) but it had butter on it. I survived. I did another aerobic photoshoot in the late afternoon and then for dinner, we met Rick and Suzy at Road house. I had salad, kbobs, and a dry baked potato. I know it is weird, but I like them that way.

Monday, day 6. I started the Made to crave Bible study with three friends. We met at 9,. I needed to go to walmart before the class, so I spent 8 points on a burrito from McDonald's. I also had a diet coke. I try so hard not to have them, but they feel so good on my throat. My throat has been really hurting the last couple of weeks. For lunch, I enjoyed another piece of the cabbage casserole. Yummy. Dinner was grilled chicken and veggies, a salad, and some refried beans. Overall, it was a good food day for me. I had another photoshoot, too!

Tuesday, day 7. Breakfast was my usual egg, canadian bacon and ff cheese. I really enjoyed the 2 cups of chai that was only 1 point. It was grand. I went to work at the office. I started training my replacement. She is going to be great. I am so excited that I have the opportunity to actually do photography. I am also going to really work hard on Zizi Jewelery. Hopefully, that will really make a financial difference for me. Lunch was at Ripe. I had the grilled veggie sandwich without bread and a salad. I did eat two tiny little shortbread cookies. It was minimal in points. I said 10 to be on the safe side. We were rushing like crazy for dinner because there were so many meetings tonight. We went to eat Mexican. I enjoyed my enchiladas. The book says 10 points for chicken enchiladas. Again, it seems like the book over does the points. But, I use it anyway.

Tonight I placed a great order from my shoot on Saturday night. I also ordered some photos of Joy Anna and Jeremy. Really cute.

Made it through week one! Score! I did well, I think. I hope the scale shows it tomorrow, but even if it doesn't, I am excited that I am making changes for me. Healthier eating, moving more . . . . . . . . . .

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