Friday, June 24, 2011

Soutwest Airlines is really disappointing me!

I am very disappointed with southwest airlines! I cancelled 2 tickets on April 25th because of a weather issue at the destination. (Dean and Rick were going fishing with our friends from Tyler and the river was flooded!)

I was told that I could use the amount for any traveler, not just the ticketed ones. Supposedly on April 29th, Southwest Airlines decided to enforce the policy said to have been in place for 10 months and no longer will allow it.

Eric has been out of the country for nearly 2 years. We were trying to book tickets for Joy Anna and Jeremy to meet Eric and Ashley in Dallas. Joy Anna has school every day (including weekends) the week Eric is in El Paso and can not come down from Santa Fe. This was going to be her opportunity to see him before he moves to North Carolina. It is also her opportunity to get to meet Ashley and Eric to get to meet Jeremy.

We have planned an entire week of family/friends reunion based on the fact that we had these funds to purchase tickets. Now, Southwest Airlines is refusing to let me use the funds.

It is too far for my daughter and her boyfriend to drive because of their commitments at school. If we don't get this worked out, it will be 6 more months before they see each other as he is moving to North Carolina that week!

This is very upsetting! If that was Southwest Airline's policy on April 25th yet not being enforced, why was I not told that it couldn't be done?

Southwest Airlines has a very unhappy customer today. I was promised a call back and all I got was an email! So much for customer LUV!

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